Kolkata Othello Championship (India)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

    ID,	  NAME,		Firstname,	COUNTRY,     score,    disc-count
  350003,	ROY, 		Amar,		India,		8,	379
  350016,	SHARMA,	        Anirudh,       	India,		7,	423
  350011,	PAUL,		Tuhin,		India,		4,	283
  350041,	ROY,		Jesica,		India,		4,	255
  350017,	GHOSH,		Partha Sarathi,	India,		3,	162
 +350053,	MONDAL,		Avijit,		India,		2,	125
  350038,	DAS,		Sanjit,		India,		2,	139
  350045,	NANDY,		Sourav,		India,		2,	155
  350042,	SINGHA,		Indrajit,	India,		1,	126
  350044,	DAS,		Indradev,	India,		0,	065


Here are all results.

2023-03-18: Kolkata Othello Championship(India)
SHARMA Anirudh21-43ROY Amar
ROY Amar40-24SHARMA Anirudh
ROY Jesica09-55PAUL Tuhin
ROY Amar37-27PAUL Tuhin
PAUL Tuhin20-44ROY Amar
SHARMA Anirudh46-18ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica38-26SHARMA Anirudh
SHARMA Anirudh55-09ROY Jesica
SHARMA Anirudh64-00ROY Jesica
DAS Indradev12-52DAS Sanjit
SINGHA Indrajit16-48NANDY Sourav
MONDAL Avijit01-63ROY Amar
PAUL Tuhin33-31GHOSH Partha Sarathi
MONDAL Avijit15-49ROY Jesica
NANDY Sourav28-36DAS Sanjit
ROY Amar31-33SHARMA Anirudh
GHOSH Partha Sarathi44-20DAS Indradev
PAUL Tuhin55-09SINGHA Indrajit
SHARMA Anirudh39-25PAUL Tuhin
DAS Sanjit15-49ROY Amar
NANDY Sourav19-45GHOSH Partha Sarathi
ROY Jesica52-12DAS Indradev
SINGHA Indrajit23-41MONDAL Avijit
GHOSH Partha Sarathi03-61SHARMA Anirudh
ROY Amar34-30PAUL Tuhin
DAS Sanjit10-54ROY Jesica
NANDY Sourav50-14MONDAL Avijit
SINGHA Indrajit53-11DAS Indradev
SHARMA Anirudh54-10NANDY Sourav
ROY Jesica26-38ROY Amar
PAUL Tuhin38-26DAS Sanjit
SINGHA Indrajit25-39GHOSH Partha Sarathi
MONDAL Avijit54-10DAS Indradev