KIM Dongil (Korea)
9 tournaments
50 results
Rated 17 in Korea and T787 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T974 in the World
Latest rating: 1617
2017-06-18: 3st myeongin(Korea)
KIM Donghyeon25-39KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil33-31NAM Sungwoo
KIM Kwanyoon44-20KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil23-41SEO Youjoon
HA Seungsup48-16KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil36-28PARK Jonghyun
SOHR Jaeyoung55-09KIM Dongil
2017-01-22: 26st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
KO Junhyoung40-24KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil39-25KIM Donghyeon
HA Seungsup42-22KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil50-14JEON Gunsoo
SOHR Jaeyoung37-27KIM Dongil
2016-04-24: 2nd Myeong-in(Korea)
KIM Dongil10-54SHIN Dukchul
HA Seungsup44-20KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil21-43KIM Donggyu
KIM Dongil37-27LEE Chun Ae
OH Joung-Mok47-17KIM Dongil
KIM Kwanyoon49-15KIM Dongil
2016-02-21: 25st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
KIM Dongil63-01KIM Yerin
KIM Daeil32-32KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil16-48YOON Taegyoung
KIM Donghyeon40-24KIM Dongil
LEE Mikael35-29KIM Dongil
2015-10-03: 1st Korea Masters(Korea)
HA Seungsup54-10KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil26-38KIM Donggyu
KIM Dongsu35-29KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil33-31KIM Seongchan
SHIN Dukchul56-08KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil13-51CHUNG Jihoon
HONG Seonguk40-24KIM Dongil
2015-07-26: 24st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
KIM Dongil13-51KIM Donghyeon
KIM Jungsoo53-11KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil35-29AHN Hwimin
SHIN Dukchul53-11KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil38-26LEE Mikael
2015-04-19: 23th Korea Othello championship(Korea)
LEE Sejin11-53KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil33-31HA Seungsup
KIM Dongil34-30AHN Hwimin
KIM Donghyeon02-62KIM Dongil
2015-03-01: 10st Korea Othello Yipdan(Korea)
KIM Dongil46-18KIM Gyejin
KO Junhyoung25-39KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil20-44LEE Taeeung
HONG Hyungbum32-32KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil53-11HA Hyosik
2014-04-27: 21th korea othello championship(Korea)
KIM Donggyu29-35KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil55-09PARK Pokhee
LEE Geuncheol27-37KIM Dongil
KIM Dongil12-52OH Joung-Mok
CHUNG Jihoon61-03KIM Dongil