LEE Chen Yu (Taiwan)
3 tournaments
16 results
Rated 5 in Taiwan and 578 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 720 in the World
Latest rating: 1700
2020-06-14: Taiwan Othello Championship 2020(Taiwan)
LEE Chen Yu20-44CHEN Po Yun
KE Ching Tsung44-20LEE Chen Yu
LEE Chen Yu43-21ZHONG Jia Hong
WU Yuan Kang18-46LEE Chen Yu
CHIANG Jou Chen23-41LEE Chen Yu
KE Ching Tsung52-12LEE Chen Yu
2019-06-02: Taiwan Othello Open 2019(Taiwan)
YAN Hong Syuan45-19LEE Chen Yu
LEE Chen Yu16-48CHIANG Jou Chen
LU Kai Yi31-33LEE Chen Yu
LEE Chen Yu13-51YANG Kelvin
KE Ching Tsung23-41LEE Chen Yu
LEE Chen Yu11-53HUANG Chao Yi
2019-04-28: 2019 Taiwan Championship(Taiwan)
LIN Mark48-16LEE Chen Yu
LEE Chen Yu25-39KE Ching Tsung
HUANG Chao Yi50-14LEE Chen Yu
LEE Chen Yu35-29CHEN Hsiu Hung