Taiwan Othello Championship 2020 (Taiwan)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  420000, CHANG, Chun Yi, TWN,  6, 277, 2305
  420027, CHEN, Po Yun, TWN,  5, 252, 2263
  420037, LEE, Chen Yu, TWN,  4, 210, 1510
  420026, KE, Ching Tsung, TWN,  4, 209, 1722
  420031, YAN, Hong Syuan, TWN,  3, 228, 1864
 +420039, WANG, Shih Hao, TWN,  3, 220, 0
  420028, CHEN, Hsiu Hung, TWN,  3, 199, 0
  420012, CHIANG, Jou Chen, TWN,  3, 194, 1852
 +420043, YANG, Chia Hsuan, TWN,  3, 159, 0
 +420042, WU, Yuan Kang, TWN,  3, 148, 0
 +420040, ZHONG, Jia Hong, TWN,  2, 170, 0
 +420041, TANG, Kun Pao, TWN,  2, 148, 0
 +420044, CHEN, Wei Hao, TWN,  1, 130, 0


Here are all results.

2020-06-14: Taiwan Othello Championship 2020(Taiwan)
WANG Shih Hao58-06CHEN Wei Hao
KE Ching Tsung56-08WU Yuan Kang
ZHONG Jia Hong23-41CHEN Hsiu Hung
LEE Chen Yu20-44CHEN Po Yun
TANG Kun Pao19-45CHANG Chun Yi
YANG Chia Hsuan07-57CHIANG Jou Chen
CHEN Po Yun44-20KE Ching Tsung
CHANG Chun Yi39-25YAN Hong Syuan
CHIANG Jou Chen00-64WANG Shih Hao
WU Yuan Kang44-20ZHONG Jia Hong
CHEN Wei Hao17-47TANG Kun Pao
CHEN Hsiu Hung43-21YANG Chia Hsuan
WANG Shih Hao08-56CHANG Chun Yi
KE Ching Tsung44-20LEE Chen Yu
YAN Hong Syuan47-17CHIANG Jou Chen
CHEN Hsiu Hung16-48CHEN Po Yun
TANG Kun Pao30-34WU Yuan Kang
ZHONG Jia Hong39-25CHEN Wei Hao
CHEN Po Yun22-42CHANG Chun Yi
YAN Hong Syuan29-35KE Ching Tsung
CHIANG Jou Chen56-08TANG Kun Pao
LEE Chen Yu43-21ZHONG Jia Hong
WU Yuan Kang07-57CHEN Hsiu Hung
YANG Chia Hsuan05-59WANG Shih Hao
CHANG Chun Yi50-14KE Ching Tsung
WANG Shih Hao07-57CHEN Po Yun
CHEN Hsiu Hung23-41CHIANG Jou Chen
WU Yuan Kang18-46LEE Chen Yu
TANG Kun Pao04-60YAN Hong Syuan
CHEN Wei Hao15-49YANG Chia Hsuan
CHANG Chun Yi45-19CHEN Hsiu Hung
CHEN Po Yun37-27YAN Hong Syuan
KE Ching Tsung40-24WANG Shih Hao
CHIANG Jou Chen23-41LEE Chen Yu
YANG Chia Hsuan37-27ZHONG Jia Hong
CHEN Wei Hao27-37WU Yuan Kang
KE Ching Tsung52-12LEE Chen Yu
CHEN Po Yun30-34CHANG Chun Yi