2019 Taiwan Championship (Taiwan)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

  420000, CHANG, Chun Yi, TWN,  5, 197, 0
 +420027, CHEN, PO YUN, TWN,  4, 212, 0
 +420034, LIN, MARK, TWN,  3, 190, 0
 +420031, YAN, HONG SYUAN, TWN,  3, 177, 0
 +420026, KE, CHING TSUNG, TWN,  3, 167, 0
 +420035, LIN, HAN SYUN, TWN,  3, 163, 0
  170003, YANG, Kelvin, HKG,  2.5, 202, 2031
 +420029, HUANG, CHAO YI, TWN,  2.5, 161, 0
 +420030, CHENG, CHIH MIEN, TWN,  2, 144, 0
 +420032, CHANG, SHU MING, TWN,  2, 130, 0
 +420037, LEE, CHEN YU, TWN,  2, 130, 0
 +420036, CHENG, YUNG YIN, TWN,  2, 114, 0
 +420028, CHEN, HSIU HUNG, TWN,  1, 133, 0


Here are all results.

2019-04-28: 2019 Taiwan Championship(Taiwan)
HUANG Chao Yi40-24CHANG Shu Ming
CHENG Chih Mien37-27YAN Hong Syuan
KE Ching Tsung23-41CHANG Chun Yi
CHENG Yung Yin08-56YANG Kelvin
LIN Han Syun42-22CHEN Hsiu Hung
LIN Mark48-16LEE Chen Yu
LEE Chen Yu25-39KE Ching Tsung
YAN Hong Syuan44-20LIN Mark
YANG Kelvin64-00LIN Han Syun
CHANG Shu Ming52-12CHENG Yung Yin
CHANG Chun Yi54-10CHENG Chih Mien
CHEN Po Yun53-11HUANG Chao Yi
LIN Mark34-30YANG Kelvin
LIN Han Syun29-35YAN Hong Syuan
HUANG Chao Yi50-14LEE Chen Yu
CHEN Hsiu Hung14-50KE Ching Tsung
CHANG Chun Yi34-30CHEN Po Yun
CHENG Chih Mien31-33CHANG Shu Ming
CHANG Shu Ming05-59LIN Mark
CHEN Hsiu Hung28-36CHENG Chih Mien
CHENG Yung Yin20-44LIN Han Syun
YANG Kelvin32-32HUANG Chao Yi
YAN Hong Syuan31-33CHANG Chun Yi
KE Ching Tsung19-45CHEN Po Yun
HUANG Chao Yi28-36KE Ching Tsung
LEE Chen Yu35-29CHEN Hsiu Hung
CHEN Po Yun44-20YANG Kelvin
CHENG Chih Mien30-34CHENG Yung Yin
LIN Han Syun48-16CHANG Shu Ming
LIN Mark29-35CHANG Chun Yi