CZYMARA Andreas (Germany)

4 tournaments
41 results
Player ID: 70017
Rated 7 in Germany and 183 in Europe and T886 in the World
Latest rating: 1416
2021-09-11: German Championship(Germany)
CZYMARA Andreas35-29ABE Tomoko
SOMMER Christian51-13CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas10-54GAERTNER Joerg
NEUHAUS Sven18-46CZYMARA Andreas
ROSSLER Daniel46-18CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas03-61BERG Matthias
BEYER Guenther34-30CZYMARA Andreas
MURAWSKI Stefan17-47CZYMARA Andreas
2019-11-30: German Championships(Germany)
CZYMARA Andreas04-60BERG Matthias
MURAWSKI Stefan33-31CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas14-50VALLUND Henrik
BEYER Guenther62-02CZYMARA Andreas
BERG Matthias51-13CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas38-26MURAWSKI Stefan
VALLUND Henrik37-27CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas43-21BEYER Guenther
2018-05-26: Deutsche Meisterschaft(Germany)
CZYMARA Andreas12-52ROSSLER Daniel
GAERTNER Joerg25-39CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas13-51BACH Gunnar
MURAWSKI Stefan41-23CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas12-52BERG Matthias
VALLUND Henrik34-30CZYMARA Andreas
BEYER Guenther15-49CZYMARA Andreas
ROSSLER Daniel55-09CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas17-47GAERTNER Joerg
BACH Gunnar46-18CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas26-38MURAWSKI Stefan
BERG Matthias41-23CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas20-44VALLUND Henrik
CZYMARA Andreas19-45BEYER Guenther
2012-08-042012-08-05: Deutsche Meisterschaft(Germany)
CZYMARA Andreas30-34BACH Gunnar
ULBRICHT Tobias26-38CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas16-48SCHAAF Michael
GAERTNER Joerg43-21CZYMARA Andreas
CZYMARA Andreas28-36MURAWSKI Stefan
CZYMARA Andreas35-29BEYER Guenther
SCHMIDT Sebastian59-05CZYMARA Andreas
BERG Matthias49-15CZYMARA Andreas
ROSSLER Daniel49-15CZYMARA Andreas