UEDA Toshihumi (Japan)

7 tournaments
47 results
Player ID: 7017
Rated T470 in Japan and T534 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T638 in the World
Latest rating: 1839
2019-12-15: 57_Hokkaido_open(Japan)
UEDA Toshihumi46-18SATO Tetsuya
UEDA Toshihumi39-25KIMURA Yamaji
TAKENOBU Kosuke43-21UEDA Toshihumi
NOZAKI Jyunetsu46-18UEDA Toshihumi
UEDA Toshihumi52-12INAGA Aoi
OKABAYASHI Noguchi41-23UEDA Toshihumi
GOH Jun Jie Anthony42-22UEDA Toshihumi
2018-12-16: 55_Hokkaido_open(Japan)
UEDA Toshihumi35-29MOURI Mayuna
KIYONOBU Kenta47-17UEDA Toshihumi
SASAKI Sohei59-05UEDA Toshihumi
UEDA Toshihumi40-24OKABAYASHI Noguchi
TAKAHASHI Satomi51-13UEDA Toshihumi
KIMURA Yamaji42-22UEDA Toshihumi
UEDA Toshihumi36-28NOZAKI Jyunetsu
2014-12-21: 47_Hokkaido_open(Japan)
UEDA Toshihumi37-27SHIRAISHI Katsuyoshi
TAKENOBU Kosuke44-20UEDA Toshihumi
UEDA Toshihumi48-16SATO Tetsuya
UEDA Toshihumi56-08KOSHIRO Ryuta
TAKAHASHI Satomi38-26UEDA Toshihumi
SASAKI Sohei41-23UEDA Toshihumi
UEDA Toshihumi50-14KIYONOBU Kenta
YAMADA Yukie44-20UEDA Toshihumi
2009-12-20: 37_Hokkaido_open(Japan)
SAGAWA Syuntaro40-24UEDA Toshihumi
KOO Shingo48-16UEDA Toshihumi
INOUE Sugimoto38-26UEDA Toshihumi
UEDA Toshihumi54-10TOMIZUKA Haruka
UEDA Toshihumi59-05TAKAHASHI Satomi
KIYOYUKI Kenji46-18UEDA Toshihumi
2009-06-21: 37_Japan_Champ_Pupa_prelim(Japan)
UEDA Toshihumi36-28WATANABE Take
OKABAYASHI Noguchi43-21UEDA Toshihumi
OGURA Katsutoshi36-28UEDA Toshihumi
UEDA Toshihumi47-17SATO Tetsuya
UEDA Toshihumi35-29YAMAZAKI Kohei
SASAKI Sohei33-31UEDA Toshihumi
2008-12-21: Hokkaido_Open_A(Japan)
UEDA Toshihumi36-28NISHIMURA Tomoaki
YAMAZAKI Kohei46-18UEDA Toshihumi
MORI Ryuichi37-27UEDA Toshihumi
UEDA Toshihumi44-20OGURA Katsutoshi
SAGAWA Syuntaro38-26UEDA Toshihumi
KIYOYUKI Kenji37-27UEDA Toshihumi
2008-02-17: The Hokkaido expert game(Japan)
MORI Ryuichilost toUEDA Toshihumi
YOSHIDA Ryotawon againstUEDA Toshihumi
KOO Shingolost toUEDA Toshihumi
TAKENOBU Kosukewon againstUEDA Toshihumi
TAKAHASHI Satomiwon againstUEDA Toshihumi
IZUKA Mitikowon againstUEDA Toshihumi
UEDA Toshihumiwon againstYAMAGISHI Kyouko