FENG Ling (China)

13 tournaments
111 results
Player ID: 7112
Rated 6 in China and T130 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T150 in the World
Latest rating: 2132
2023-04-29: Hangzhou open(China)
FENG Lingwon againstSHI Peipei
ZHU Linyunlost toFENG Ling
FENG Lingwon againstZHOU Ming
FENG Linglost toWANG Zhen
MIYAZAKI Junwon againstFENG Ling
HUANG Xiaolonglost toFENG Ling
FENG Linglost toDU Zhouzi
FENG Ling32-32WANG Zhen
2017-11-19: (Broadway cup) - 10 Guangzhou Open(China)
FENG Ling51-13HUANG Jingxiong
ZENG Yanbo21-43FENG Ling
FENG Ling31-33LAM Maverick
GUO Guangcheng24-40FENG Ling
DONG Zhen29-35FENG Ling
FENG Ling49-15CHEN Kai
HUA Zhibin18-46FENG Ling
ZENG Yanbo16-48FENG Ling
FENG Ling29-35DONG Zhen
2017-10-05: 20171005_6_Shanghai_Open_CHN.(China)
FENG Ling33-31LI Chang
KANG Le21-43FENG Ling
ZHAO Jing26-38FENG Ling
FENG Ling33-31CHEN Shaodi
DU Zhouzi34-30FENG Ling
FENG Ling40-24SHI Peipei
QIU Yifeng30-34FENG Ling
ZHAO Jing11-53FENG Ling
FENG Ling25-39DU Zhouzi
2014-06-01: 1st Hangzhou Open(China)
FENG Ling37-27NI Jingyu
FENG Ling36-28QIU Yifeng
WANG Yun29-35FENG Ling
FENG Ling30-34HU Ying Chong
KANG Le20-44FENG Ling
DONG Zhen41-23FENG Ling
FENG Ling42-22HUANG Shilin
DONG Zhen46-18FENG Ling
KANG Le24-40FENG Ling
2013-10-04: 2nd Beijin Othello Open(China)
FENG Ling53-11LIU Chang
CHEN Xingda00-64FENG Ling
FENG Ling27-37ZHAO Jingtao
SHI Peipei27-37FENG Ling
FANG Yuqi25-39FENG Ling
FENG Ling42-22WANG Wuquan
SONG Yan39-25FENG Ling
FENG Ling33-31SHI Peipei
FENG Ling28-36SONG Yan
2013-07-14: 8th Guangzhou Othello Open(China)
FENG Ling31-33LIN Lanbo
LIAO Yinfeng09-55FENG Ling
WONG Chi Wah08-56FENG Ling
FENG Ling33-31LUO Jihua
FENG Ling15-49SONG Yan
LI Zhonghong41-23FENG Ling
2012-07-22: 5th Shanghai Othello Open(China)
FENG Lingwon againstYANG Ren
FENG Lingwon againstWANG Zhen
FENG Lingwon againstKANG Le
YANG Kelvinwon againstFENG Ling
FENG Lingwon againstHUANG Helou
ZHAO Jingwon againstFENG Ling
FENG Lingwon againstNI Jingyu
FENG Ling39-25WANG Zhen
FENG Ling23-41KANG Le
2009-05-02: 1st Chongqing Open(China)
FENG Linglost toZHAO Jingtao
FENG Lingwon againstDONG Zhen
HU Ying Chonglost toFENG Ling
LEE Choon Foongwon againstFENG Ling
FENG Lingwon againstLEE Choon Foong
HU Ying Chongwon againstFENG Ling
FENG Linglost toHU Ying Chong
2008-10-02: 2nd Tianjin Open(China)
FENG Lingwon againstZHAO Jin
FENG Lingwon againstHU Ying Chong
FENG Lingwon againstCHEN Xu
FENG Lingwon againstKANG Le
FENG Lingwon againstCHEN Suhui
FENG Lingwon againstJIANG Bofeng
KANG Lelost toFENG Ling
CHEN Xuwon againstFENG Ling
2007-10-022007-10-03: 1st Tianjin Open(China)
FENG Lingwon againstCHUI Long
SONG Yanwon againstFENG Ling
JIANG Bofengwon againstFENG Ling
FENG Lingwon againstWANG Wuquan
FENG Lingwon againstCHEN Junshou
FENG Lingwon againstQIN Jingmin
KANG Lewon againstFENG Ling
SONG Yanwon againstFENG Ling
FENG Lingwon againstJIANG Bofeng
2006-07-152006-07-16: 1st Beijing Open(China)
FENG Lingwon againstCHEN Kai
FENG Lingwon againstWU Fen
FENG Lingwon againstCHEN Min
JIANG Bofengwon againstFENG Ling
FENG Lingwon againstXU Min
FENG Lingwon againstSHUI Yibin
FENG Lingwon againstMAK Wai Tung
SHUI Yibinlost toFENG Ling
FENG Lingwon againstMAK Wai Tung
MAK Wai Tunglost toFENG Ling
2006-07-09: 3rd Shanghai Open(China)
FENG Lingwon againstZHOU Jian
ZHAO Jingwon againstFENG Ling
FENG Lingwon againstXU Min
FENG Lingwon againstSHUI Yibin
FENG Lingwon againstZHU Linyun
FENG Lingwon againstWANG Guan
FENG Lingwon againstXU Min
FENG Lingwon againstZHAO Jing
2005-05-02: 3rd Guangzhou Open(China)
MAK Wai Tungwon againstFENG Ling
FENG Lingwon againstLI Peijie
FENG Lingwon againstZHANG Hong
FENG Lingwon againstWONG Chi Wah
FENG Lingwon againstTSOI Chun Yip
FENG Linglost toGONG Jingshi
FENG Lingwon againstSHUI Yibin
MAK Wai Tunglost toFENG Ling
CHEN Kailost toFENG Ling