HA Seungsup (Korea)

25 tournaments
138 results
Player ID: 7573
Rated 11 in Korea and T540 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T758 in the World
Latest rating: 1451
2023-02-18: 5th Korea King of Kings(Korea)
HA Seungsup19-45SOHR Jaeyoung
AHN Taeyoung50-14HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup26-38KIM Jungsoo
JANG Hyunwoo50-14HA Seungsup
2018-09-01: The 2nd Incheon Open(Korea)
HA Seungsup17-47KIM Dongkwon
KIM Jungsoo56-08HA Seungsup
HONG Hyungbum39-25HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup49-15FU Velma
YAMAKAWA Takashi44-20HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup49-15KIM Dongsu
2018-07-07: 4th MyungIn (Korea)
NAM Sungwoo43-21HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup35-29PARK Jonghyun
KIM Kwanyoon40-24HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup35-29SON Jinhyeok
HONG Hyungbum09-55HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup42-22KIM Taeyeon
OH Joungmok51-13HA Seungsup
2018-04-27: 27th Korea Championships(Korea)
HA Seungsup36-28KIM Dongkwon
KIM Kwanyoon37-27HA Seungsup
KIM Jungsoo17-47HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup35-29SHIN Dongmyung
OH Joungmok42-22HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup20-44KIM Youngbum
HA Seungsup23-41KIM Taeyeon
2017-06-18: 3st myeongin(Korea)
CHO Wonyong30-34HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup30-34KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Donggyu16-48HA Seungsup
LEE Chunae44-20HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup48-16KIM Dongil
SOHR Jaeyoung46-18HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup59-05KIM Donghyeon
2017-01-22: 26st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
HA Seungsup19-45SON Beomkeun
HAN Junho27-37HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup42-22KIM Dongil
LIM Jinsuk34-30HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup13-51MOON Sungcheol
2016-04-24: 2nd Myeong-in(Korea)
LEE Chunae35-29HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup44-20KIM Dongil
KIM Kwanyoon47-17HA Seungsup
HONG Jaeseong42-22HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup50-14KIM Donggyu
SHIN Dukchul42-22HA Seungsup
2016-02-21: 25st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
KWON Younghwa14-50HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup36-28NAM Sungwoo
LEE Kwangwook42-22HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup17-47OH Joungmok
KIM Jungsoo34-30HA Seungsup
2015-10-03: 1st Korea Masters(Korea)
HA Seungsup54-10KIM Dongil
OH Joungmok53-11HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup12-52HONG Seonguk
KIM Donggyu32-32HA Seungsup
KIM Seongchan24-40HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup24-40SHIN Dukchul
KIM Dongsu27-37HA Seungsup
2015-07-26: 24st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
LEE Mikael31-33HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup12-52KIM Soowon
LEE Yongeun25-39HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup50-14KIM Donggyu
SHIN Dukchul52-12HA Seungsup
2015-04-19: 23th Korea Othello championship(Korea)
HA Seungsup54-10SHIN Dongmyung
KIM Dongil33-31HA Seungsup
KIM Hyeon Ah23-41HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup26-38CHUNG Jihoon
2014-04-27: 21th korea othello championship(Korea)
KIM Taehwa01-63HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup57-07LEE Geuncheol
KIM Donggyu15-49HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup22-42CHUNG Jihoon
OH Joungmok39-25HA Seungsup
2013-08-04: 20st KOREA Othello Championship(Korea)
HA Seungsup10-54OH Joungmok
HONG Seonguk19-45HA Seungsup
YOON Jinseok19-45HA Seungsup
OH Joungmok41-23HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup38-26HONG Seonguk
HA Seungsup54-10YOON Jinseok
2013-03-31: 19st KOREA Othello Championships(Korea)
HA Seungsup38-26GIM Dongsung
CHO Yoon-Jeong09-55HA Seungsup
OH Joungmok32-32HA Seungsup
GIM Dongsung23-41HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup48-16CHO Yoon-Jeong
HA Seungsup19-45OH Joungmok
2011-10-03: 18th Korean Championships(Korea)
OH Joungmok44-20HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup22-42HONG Seonguk
KIM Kyungjoong37-27HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup24-40OH Joungmok
HONG Seonguk50-14HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup36-28KIM Kyungjoong
2011-08-28: 17th Korean Championships(Korea)
KIM Hyosuk25-39HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup46-18KIM Wangnyeon
HA Seungsup19-45OH Joungmok
KIM Kyungjoong30-34HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup54-10LEE Geuncheol
OH Joungmok49-15HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup25-39OH Joungmok
2010-05-30: 16th KoA Championships 2010(Korea)
KIM Dongsu44-20HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup23-41OH Joungmok
KIM Kyungjoong12-52HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup42-22KIM Dongsu
OH Joungmok43-21HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup49-15KIM Kyungjoong
OH Joungmok45-19HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup22-42OH Joungmok
2010-02-21: 15th KoA Championships 2010(Korea)
MADRONA Mario41-23HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup38-26JUNG Taejoon
OH Joungmok45-19HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup34-30KIM Hyunshik
KWON Younghwa45-19HA Seungsup
2009-07-26: 14th KoA Championships 2009(Korea)
SEO Youjoon32-32HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup25-39LEE Kwangwook
LEE Geuncheol00-64HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup29-35OH Joungmok
2009-05-31: 13rd KoA Championships 2009(Korea)
HA Seungsup27-37HWANG Yoonjoo
OH Joungmok38-26HA Seungsup
HONG Seonguk43-21HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup31-33YU Yoseop
LEE Kwangwook16-48HA Seungsup
2009-03-29: 12th KoA Championships 2009(Korea)
HA Seungsup17-47OH Joungmok
LEE Geuncheol00-64HA Seungsup
HA Seungsup20-44KIM Hyunshik
HONG Seokwoo08-56HA Seungsup
2008-05-25: 10th Korean Othello Open(Korea)
OH Joungmokwon againstHA Seungsup
HA Seungsuplost toJUNG Taejoon
HA Seungsuplost toLEE Kwangwook
KIM Kwansoowon againstHA Seungsup
HA Seungsuplost toYU Yoseop
2008-03-31: 9th Korean Othello Open(Korea)
PARK Parkyongwon againstHA Seungsup
HA Seungsuplost toKWON Younghwa
CHOI Yongwanlost toHA Seungsup
HA Seungsuplost toOH Joungmok
2007-05-21: 7th Korean Othello Open(Korea)
YU Yoseopwon againstHA Seungsup
HA Seungsuplost toKIM Yeongdae
LEE Jiseungwon againstHA Seungsup
HA Seungsuplost toLEE Chunae
SEO Youjoonwon againstHA Seungsup
2007-03-25: 6th Korean Othello Open(Korea)
HA Seungsuplost toHONG Seonguk
LEE Jiseungwon againstHA Seungsup
HA Seungsuplost toOH Joungmok
YU Yoseopwon againstHA Seungsup