BEYER Guenther (Germany)

18 tournaments
192 results
Player ID: 70003
Rated 8 in Germany and T181 in Europe and T726 in the World
Latest rating: 1532
WOF online rating: 1800, view profile on Vint.ee
2024-07-062024-07-07: German Championship(Germany)
BEYER Guenther25-39ROSSLER Daniel
MURAWSKI Stefan17-47BEYER Guenther
BERG Matthias49-15BEYER Guenther
ROSSLER Daniel50-14BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther46-18MURAWSKI Stefan
BEYER Guenther02-62BERG Matthias
BEYER Guenther43-21MURAWSKI Stefan
MURAWSKI Stefan20-44BEYER Guenther
2024-04-132024-04-14: EGP Wroclaw(Poland)
BEYER Guenther24-40MURAWSKI Stefan
KUCZWARA Antonina19-45BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther17-47KASHIWABARA Takuji
ZDROJEWSKI Stanislaw45-19BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther36-28KUJAWA Ewa
BADSTED Palle28-36BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther33-31BUKA Michal
TASTET Marc49-15BEYER Guenther
PECZKOWSKI Pawel49-15BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther16-48NOWAK Dominik
2023-11-032023-11-05: WOC_2023(World)
NAGANO Yasushi48-16BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther46-18ENGIN Enis
ODKHUU Enkh-Erdene05-59BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther22-42SCHOTTE Tom
TASTET Marc32-32BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther24-40TURNER Ian
GIGLIUCCI Chiara38-26BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther36-28DARCK Nancy
BEYER Guenther22-42SAPRASERT Nalinporn
KIATNARONGROB Dispong24-40BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther15-49ASPENRYD Henry
ULVEDAL JENSEN Elisabeth Caohuimin19-45BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther40-24REUNES Nick
2023-08-05: German Championship 2023(Germany)
VALLUND Henrik45-19BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther52-12CZYMARA Andreas
MURAWSKI Stefan31-33BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther30-34NEUHAUS Sven
ROSSLER Daniel40-24BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther25-39SCHMIDT Sebastian
2023-04-292023-04-30: European Othello Championship 2023(Finland)
LONNQVIST Tom22-42BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther27-37TASTET Remi
POYSTI Markku55-09BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther02-62SHIFMAN Leonid
JOHANSSON Erik41-23BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther40-24ULVEDAL JENSEN Elisabeth Caohuimin
BEYER Guenther52-12DUFOUR Noa
BEYER Guenther40-24LAUFER Shachar
DVIVON Konstantin45-19BEYER Guenther
SHIFMAN Micky33-31BEYER Guenther
2022-07-30: German National Championship 2022(Germany)
BLIJLEVEN Mireille15-49BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther14-50ROSSLER Daniel
DE GRAAF Wendy50-14BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther28-36BERG Matthias
NEUHAUS Sven32-32BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther28-36HOBO Roel
DE GRAAF Jan C.48-16BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther41-23MURAWSKI Stefan
DE GRAAF Jasmijn13-51BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther23-41NEUHAUS Sven
NEUHAUS Sven15-49BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther08-56NEUHAUS Sven
2022-07-02: 1 European Othello Championship(Italy)
PEIPONEN Janne52-12BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther21-43PACE Alessandro
VECCHI Maria Serena04-60BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther49-15BARSOTTI Paolo
FROSONI Claudio18-46BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther25-39LUNARI Raimondo
BEYER Guenther29-35RINALDI Marco
LAI Fabrizio41-23BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther51-13SHAMIR Barry
BOE Alexander38-26BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther08-56DUFOUR Mark
2021-09-11: German Championship(Germany)
BEYER Guenther16-48AFFATIGATO Carlo
MURAWSKI Stefan38-26BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther52-12ABE Tomoko
SOMMER Christian20-44BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther36-28GAERTNER Joerg
NEUHAUS Sven25-39BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther34-30CZYMARA Andreas
BERG Matthias44-20BEYER Guenther
ROSSLER Daniel30-34BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther38-26AFFATIGATO Carlo
2019-11-30: German Championships(Germany)
BEYER Guenther46-18MURAWSKI Stefan
VALLUND Henrik57-07BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther62-02CZYMARA Andreas
BERG Matthias61-03BEYER Guenther
MURAWSKI Stefan28-36BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther29-35VALLUND Henrik
CZYMARA Andreas43-21BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther09-55BERG Matthias
2018-05-26: Deutsche Meisterschaft(Germany)
BEYER Guenther31-33MURAWSKI Stefan
ROSSLER Daniel51-13BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther40-24BERG Matthias
GAERTNER Joerg25-39BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther28-36VALLUND Henrik
BACH Gunnar42-22BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther15-49CZYMARA Andreas
MURAWSKI Stefan36-28BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther19-45ROSSLER Daniel
BERG Matthias29-35BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther39-25GAERTNER Joerg
VALLUND Henrik28-36BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther14-50BACH Gunnar
CZYMARA Andreas19-45BEYER Guenther
2013-08-17: German Championships 2013(Germany)
BEYER Guenther29-35ROSSLER Daniel
ZIMMERMANN Frank36-28BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther15-49GAERTNER Joerg
RENNEKAMP Billy01-63BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther32-32BACH Gunnar
BERG Matthias56-08BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther35-29MURAWSKI Stefan
2012-11-032012-11-04: Koln International pre-WOC(Germany)
SNEEK Marcel39-25BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther36-28SHIFMAN Leonid
BADSTED Palle29-35BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther24-40YANG Kelvin
ROSSLER Daniel46-18BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther13-51FRANSEN Martin
EVERS Leo21-43BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther22-42VYAS Mehul
MURAWSKI Stefan24-40BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther03-61HOBO Roel
BEYER Guenther28-36OFFERZIER Beate
2012-08-042012-08-05: Deutsche Meisterschaft(Germany)
ROSSLER Daniel33-31BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther37-27OFFERZIER Beate
BEYER Guenther18-46ELGER Marlis
BEYER Guenther27-37BACH Gunnar
CZYMARA Andreas35-29BEYER Guenther
ULBRICHT Tobias29-35BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther50-14MURAWSKI Stefan
BEYER Guenther12-52BERG Matthias
SCHMIDT Sebastian40-24BEYER Guenther
BACH Gunnar64-00BEYER Guenther
2011-09-172011-09-18: German Championships 2011(Germany)
JAHKE Eckhard24-40BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther19-45ULBRICHT Tobias
SCHMIDT Sebastian41-23BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther42-22LOTZ Hartwig
BACH Gunnar23-41BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther20-44ROSSLER Daniel
OFFERZIER Beate10-54BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther09-55BERG Matthias
WINKLER Lars10-54BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther20-44BOHNERT Hans
2011-06-252011-06-26: EGP Koln(Germany)
BEYER Guenther27-37BARRASS Iain
HOBO Roel42-22BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther54-10DE GRAAF Corrie
FRANSEN Martin31-33BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther18-46SNEEK Marcel
BEYER Guenther31-33VAN DE ZANDE Josbert
DE GRAAF Jan C.52-12BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther36-28WINKLER Lars
MODELLATORE Tonya26-38BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther31-33VAES Dimitri
ROSSLER Daniel46-18BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guentherwon againstOFFERZIER Beate
2010-08-082010-08-09: Koln International(Germany)
HELMES Jiskalost toBEYER Guenther
BEYER Guentherlost toSNEEK Marcel
BEYER Guentherlost toROSSLER Daniel
FRANSEN Martinwon againstBEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther32-32BOHNERT Hans
HOBO Roelwon againstBEYER Guenther
BEYER Guentherwon againstDE GRAAF Corrie
BEYER Guentherwon againstOFFERZIER Beate
DE GRAAF Jan C.won againstBEYER Guenther
WINKLER Larslost toBEYER Guenther
BEYER Guentherlost toMODELLATORE Tonya
BOHNERT Hanswon againstBEYER Guenther
SOMMER Christianwon againstBEYER Guenther
2009-10-10: Deutsche Meisterschaft 2009(Germany)
BEYER Guenther24-40SCHMIDT Sebastian
MODELLATORE Tonya41-23BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther39-25MEIBOM Arne
ROSSLER Daniel42-22BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther58-06WEBER Gertrud
BERG Matthias31-33BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther59-05MIRALLES DIAZ Maria
HOEHNE Andreas52-12BEYER Guenther
IGLESIAS Astrid29-35BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther18-46YE Liya
2009-06-062009-06-07: EGP Koeln(Germany)
BEYER Guenther09-55FRANSEN Martin
BLUM Gerhard35-29BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther48-16WEBER Gertrud
KRACZYK Roman31-33BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther21-43ORTIZ George
HOBO Roel39-25BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther46-18OFFERZIER Beate
GAERTNER Joerg39-25BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther18-46ROSSLER Daniel
YE Liya32-32BEYER Guenther
BEYER Guenther51-13STRIEGAN Oliver
ELGER Marliswon againstBEYER Guenther
BEYER Guentherwon againstGAERTNER Joerg