CHAN Ivan (Australia)

10 tournaments
67 results
Player ID: 260035
Rated 6 in Australia and 452 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T604 in the World
Latest rating: 1675
WOF online rating: 1616, view profile on Vint.ee
My Othello Journey

Although I started playing Othello when I was a young child, I actually started playing against human in the 2019 Australian National, in which I was awarded the Rookie Award. 

In the same year (2019), I received a call-up from Matt Vinar, the captain of the Australian Othello Team, to represent my country for the first time in the World Othello Championship held in Tokyo, Japan. The atmosphere was electric and I realised that I had eventually found the community that I was destined to belong to. I trully admire these Othello players' wisdom, generosity and passion...you can find the whole lot of positive energy around!

Since then I've also made so many Othello friends all over the world. Without Othello, I wouldn't have thought that my friendship scope could be so diverse and broadened!

My highlight was that I humbly and luckily beat my idol and Australian national icon Matt Vinar in the final of the inaugural Melbourne Open 2021.  It was my first title victory, and I hope it won't be the last. 


2024-04-27: Australian Nationals (Australia)
MILANKOV Samuel16-48CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan39-25SKEWES Eugene
HUGHES Scott54-10CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan48-16GOODMAN Hayden
VILLALON Alexander17-47CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan09-55VINAR Matt
2023-12-09: Melbourne Xmas Open 2023(Australia)
KUMAGAI Nina22-42CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan48-16NARULITA Siska
VINAR Matt41-23CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan41-23MCINNES Rianah
GOODMAN Hayden41-23CHAN Ivan
2023-06-23: Asia Pacific Othello Championship 2023(Mongolia)
CHAN Ivan31-33KIM Taeyeon
MUNKH-ERDENE Todmunkh10-54CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan49-15BANZRAGCH Garmaa
BATSUKH Margad01-63CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan44-20BATTULGA Namkhai
SOUDA Shun57-07CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan41-23BAYASGALAN Tuguldur
KIM Jungsoo17-47CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan15-49SAJI Kouya
CHAN Ivan44-20ALTANSUKH Tushigbayar
TUVDUU Erdenezaya50-14CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan48-16BATSUKH Bolortuul
2023-04-14: Australian Nationals(Australia)
CHAN Ivan46-18MCINNES Rianah
CAIRNS Phil21-43CHAN Ivan
MILANKOV Samuel23-41CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan18-46HUGHES Scott
HAIN Anthony21-43CHAN Ivan
2022-08-13: Melbourne Open 2022(Australia)
CHAN Ivan21-43VINAR Matt
SKEWES William15-49CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan12-52MILANKOV Samuel
SKEWES Eugene18-46CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan35-29CHAN Denise
2022-04-23: Australian Nationals 2022(Australia)
CHAN Ivan55-09GRADIL Daniela
WILLIAM Joanna56-08CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan23-41CHAN Denise
SKEWES William11-53CHAN Ivan
MILANKOV Shauna20-44CHAN Ivan
2022-04-22: Australian Nationals 2021 Playoff Final 4(Australia)
VINAR Matt47-17CHAN Ivan
WILLIAM Joanna47-17CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan07-57HUGHES Scott
2021-12-18: Melbourne Open(Australia)
SKEWES William14-50CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan58-06CHAN Denise
MILANKOV Dylan11-53CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan51-13SKEWES Eugene
VINAR Matt58-06CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan42-22VINAR Matt
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
CHANG Chun Yi59-05CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan22-42KRACZYK Roman
NOH Euichan55-09CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan46-18NAMAZU Misa
BUDIARDJA Katerin21-43CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan38-26PLOWMAN Luke
CHAN Ivan22-42KWEK Jin Xiang
PLOWMAN Mark25-39CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan09-55DONG Zhen
BATTULGA Namkhai41-23CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan31-33BATZORIG Erdenesuvd
ERDENEBAT Narantuya47-17CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan32-32NIELSEN Alberte Josefine
2019-08-10: Australian national(Australia)
VINAR Matt45-19CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan45-19ERDENEBILEG Shinetuya
CHAN Ivan24-40GUIBAL Fab
BANZRAGCH Garmaa07-57CHAN Ivan
CHAN Ivan33-31HATZI Thomas John