JOYE Frederic (Switzerland)

7 tournaments
51 results
Player ID: 240002
Rated 3 in Switzerland and 84 in Europe and T425 in the World
Latest rating: 1852
WOF online rating: 1800, view profile on Vint.ee
2024-03-10: Swiss Othello Championships (Switzerland)
JOYE Frederic05-59JUIGNER Arthur
BERG Matthias56-08JOYE Frederic
BORASSI Michele41-23JOYE Frederic
JUIGNER Arthur37-27JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic20-44BERG Matthias
JOYE Frederic20-44BORASSI Michele
2023-11-032023-11-05: WOC_2023(World)
OTAKA Tomoki42-22JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic49-15ULVEDAL JENSEN Elisabeth Caohuimin
TVEDT Sverre31-33JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic29-35TURNER Ian
STENBERG Veronica29-35JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic21-43WETTERGREN Niklas
DOUDA Tomas18-46JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic41-23ZHU Linyun
JUODELE Marius43-21JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic33-31SCOGNAMIGLIO Paolo
SCHOTTE Tom27-37JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic28-36PIHLAJAPURO Lari
DUFOUR Daniel42-22JOYE Frederic
2023-03-12: Swiss Championships(Switzerland)
JOYE Frederic29-35KASHIWABARA Takuji
MEUWLY Laurent06-58JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic35-29JUIGNER Arthur
BERG Matthias42-22JOYE Frederic
2022-10-282022-10-30: WOC_2022(World)
JOYE Frederic25-39PIHLAJAPURO Katie
ULVEDAL JENSEN Elisabeth Caohuimin00-64JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic52-12SLABOV Kirill
GANZES Ankhbayar35-29JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic52-12PLOWMAN Mark
VAN DAMME Brecht21-43JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic22-42ROSE Brian
JOYE Frederic21-43VYAS Mehul
JOYE Frederic43-21SLADEK Vitek
OHMORI Keita33-31JOYE Frederic
GIGLIUCCI Chiara14-50JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic35-29DEXTER Helen
2022-05-28: Championnat de Suisse(Switzerland)
JOYE Frederic15-49JUIGNER Arthur
BORASSI Michele58-06JOYE Frederic
JUIGNER Arthur35-29JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic10-54BORASSI Michele
2019-03-24: Swiss championship(Switzerland)
JUIGNER Arthur38-26JOYE Frederic
BORASSI Michele42-22JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic42-22JUIGNER Felix
JOYE Frederic15-49JUIGNER Arthur
JOYE Frederic20-44BORASSI Michele
JUIGNER Felix28-36JOYE Frederic
2018-07-07: Championnat de Suisse(Switzerland)
JUIGNER Arthur39-25JOYE Frederic
BUTIN Pierre40-24JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic16-48BORASSI Michele
JUIGNER Felix22-42JOYE Frederic
JOYE Frederic27-37KASHIWABARA Takuji