LEE Chun Wai (Hong-Kong)

11 tournaments
105 results
Player ID: 4128
Rated 2 in Hong-Kong and 128 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T147 in the World
Latest rating: 2134

Chun Wai Lee is rated #4 in Hong Kong and played his first World Othello championship as late as 2018, even though he has been active competitively since 2006. He reached 28th place in WOC 2018 Prague, Czech Republic; a commendable effort in a tournament with over 80 players!

2021-10-03: Hong Kong open(Hong-Kong)
WONG Ka Ho17-47LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai39-25TSOI Chun Yip
MADRONA Mario44-20LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai37-27YANG Kelvin
LI Chun Wan28-36LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai46-18FU Velma
CHOW Ka Ming33-31LEE Chun Wai
CHOW Ka Ming22-42LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai21-43LI Chun Wan
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
LAM Maverick33-31LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai62-02NOH Euichan
ZHAO Jing24-40LEE Chun Wai
DE GRAAF Jan C.35-29LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai24-40AUNCHULEE Rujipas
MA Derek19-45LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai26-38KOH Bo Chao Alex
SHIFMAN Micky40-24LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai62-02SHIFMAN Leonid
DE CAMARGO Lucas21-43LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai31-33DONG Zhen
KRACZYK Roman19-45LEE Chun Wai
2019-07-13: Hong Kong WOC Qualify Tournament(Hong-Kong)
LEE Chun Wai50-14WEN Zeshun
MA Derek15-49LEE Chun Wai
TAN Wai Kuen Johnny28-36LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai35-29LI Chun Wan
LEE Chun Wai47-17MADRONA Mario
DONG Zhen29-35LEE Chun Wai
WONG Chi Wah20-44LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai37-27TSOI Chun Yip
LAM Maverick08-56LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai26-38CHOW Ka Ming
LEE Chun Wai50-14FU Velma
YANG Kelvin32-32LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai38-26LEE Chun Kui
2019-04-14: Hong Kong Othello Open 2019(Hong-Kong)
LEE Chun Wai59-05IP Wai Sing
CHUNG Lau Kin05-59LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai41-23LI Chun Wan
LAM Maverick33-31LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai37-27ZENG Yanbo
LEE Chun Wai33-31CHOW Ka Ming
DONG Zhen46-18LEE Chun Wai
LAM Maverick12-52LEE Chun Wai
MADRONA Mario30-34LEE Chun Wai
2018-10-102018-10-12: WOC 2018(World)
TSUCHIYA Shotaro27-37LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai52-12ROSE Brian
LEE Chun Wai13-51SEELEY Ben
WETTERGREN Niklas32-32LEE Chun Wai
NOWAK Dominik39-25LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai25-39TASTET Marc
TASTET Remi14-50LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai32-32SHIFMAN Ilya
PATTARAKUL Nida13-51LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai38-26LITSAS Andreas
LEADER Imre41-23LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai28-36KORTENDIJK Albert
2018-06-02: 2018 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
LEE Chun Wai64-00LAM Ching Yu Sandra
CHAN Cheuk Wing14-50LEE Chun Wai
SONG Yan44-20LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai32-32LI Chun Wan
LEE Simon18-46LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai46-18CHOW Tsun Hong
TSOI Chun Yip17-47LEE Chun Wai
KOH Bo Chao Alex21-43LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai28-36SONG Yan
2012-08-26: Hong Kong Championship(Hong-Kong)
TSOI Chun Yip34-30LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai37-27YAN Leong Woo
LI Chun Wan31-33LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai24-40NG Yen Lee
MADRONA Mario18-46LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai36-28FANG Randy
DONG Zhen34-30LEE Chun Wai
2011-09-23: Hong Kong Championship(Hong-Kong)
LEE Chun Wai57-07CHUNG Ka Chai
LEE Simon04-60LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai38-26CHAN Lik Fung
TSOI Chun Yip24-40LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai44-20MADRONA Mario
CHOW Ka Ming38-26LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai37-27LI Chun Wan
CHOW Ka Ming30-34LEE Chun Wai
2010-10-05: Hong Kong Othello Championship 2010(Hong-Kong)
LEE Chun Wai28-36CHAN Lik Fung
LI Chun Wan35-29LEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wai43-21LEE Shui Man
LEE Chun Wai49-15MAK Chi Ho
FU Velma20-44LEE Chun Wai
MADRONA Mario32-32LEE Chun Wai
2006-10-01: Hong Kong International Tournament(Hong-Kong)
LEE Chun Waiwon againstTSOI Chun Yip
VAN DEN BIGGELAAR Nickywon againstLEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wailost toKAZIMIERCZUK Mariusz
YAN Leong Woolost toLEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Wailost toKRACZYK Roman
KWOK Wing Keilost toLEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Waiwon againstMA Wing Yin
PECZKOWSKI Pawellost toLEE Chun Wai
2006-07-17: Hong Kong Championship 2006(Hong-Kong)
LEE Chun Waiwon againstTAN Wai Kuen Johnny
LEE Chun Waiwon againstWONG Chi Wah
WONG Hing Yeewon againstLEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Waiwon againstCHAN Chi Wai
LEE Chun Waiwon againstTSOI Chun Yip
CHOW Ka Mingwon againstLEE Chun Wai
LEE Chun Waiwon againstLI Chun Wan
LEE Chun Wai28-36PIHLAJAPURO Katie
LEE Chun Wai45-19LI Chun Wan