RUBY Kevin (USA)

4 tournaments
37 results
Player ID: 20038
Rated 18 in USA and 36 in North&South America and T1305 in the World
Latest rating: 1319
WOF online rating: 1652, view profile on Vint.ee

Kevin Ruby is the #19 rated player in America. He started playing Othello competitively in 2018 and has participated in two tournaments so far. He will be playing his first World Othello championship this year, WOC 2019 in Tokyo!



2020-04-07: US open 2020(USA)
GOWDER Conor11-53RUBY Kevin
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki48-16RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin21-43CHITRA Yohanes
RUBY Kevin48-16DITMER Jonathan
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
RUBY Kevin56-08BUDIARDJA Katerin
SANO Yoko58-06RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin23-41LINDE Mathias
TANA Patcharaporn36-28RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin15-49SASHKA Chinzorig
PALMER Bertram34-30RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin45-19ERDENEBAT Narantuya
BATTULGA Namkhai35-29RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin48-16WANG Zi Xiao
DE GRAAF Wendy39-25RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin57-07NIELSEN Alberte Josefine
RUBY Kevin42-22MILANKOV Samuel
MURAWSKI Stefan29-35RUBY Kevin
2019-05-182019-05-19: 2019 US Open(USA)
RUBY Kevin15-49MORENO Borja
DRUK Erez44-20RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin42-22LAU Derek
LAU Shunki09-55RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin33-31KOMPEL Alex
RUBY Kevin10-54CHITRA Yohanes
NAMAZU Yuki43-21RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin11-53FU Jacky
BISHOP Robert40-24RUBY Kevin
2018-04-212018-04-22: 2018 US Open(USA)
RUBY Kevin13-51SANO Yoko
ROSE Brian55-09RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin12-52WEBER Art
CHITRA Yohanes60-04RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin19-45ROSE Julia
ROSE Joseph56-08RUBY Kevin
SEELEY Ben52-12RUBY Kevin
YIU Edmund49-15RUBY Kevin
RUBY Kevin14-50FU Jacky
RUBY Kevin01-63CHEN Albert
MORENO Borja53-11RUBY Kevin