Indian Othello Championship 2012 (India)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

    ID,	  NAME,		Firstname,	COUNTRY,     score,    disc-count
  350000,	CHOUDHARY,	Ashok,		IND,		11,	530
  350002,	VYAS	,	Mehul,		IND,		 8,	397
  350001,	PANIGRAHI,	Somnath,	IND,		 7,	368
  350016,	SHARMA,		Anirudh, 	IND,	     2.5,240
 +350026,	CHANDRA,	Debojyoti,	IND,		 2,	199
  350011,	PAUL,		Tuhin,		IND,	     1.5,189
  350008,	JANA,		Debajit,	IND,		 0,	51
  350003,	ROY, 		Amar,		IND,		 0,	40
  350007,	HALDER,		Goutam,		IND,		 0,	34


Here are all results.

2012-09-22: Indian Othello Championship 2012(India)
VYAS Mehul19-45CHOUDHARY Ashok
CHOUDHARY Ashok27-37VYAS Mehul
VYAS Mehul13-51CHOUDHARY Ashok
SHARMA Anirudh26-38PANIGRAHI Somnath
SHARMA Anirudh04-60CHOUDHARY Ashok
CHOUDHARY Ashok46-18SHARMA Anirudh
PANIGRAHI Somnath22-42VYAS Mehul
VYAS Mehul35-29PANIGRAHI Somnath
CHANDRA Debojyoti21-43VYAS Mehul
PAUL Tuhin20-44PANIGRAHI Somnath
CHOUDHARY Ashok45-19SHARMA Anirudh
VYAS Mehul40-24PAUL Tuhin
SHARMA Anirudh25-39PANIGRAHI Somnath
CHOUDHARY Ashok35-29CHANDRA Debojyoti
VYAS Mehul34-30SHARMA Anirudh
PAUL Tuhin27-37CHANDRA Debojyoti
VYAS Mehul17-47CHOUDHARY Ashok
CHANDRA Debojyoti15-49PANIGRAHI Somnath
PAUL Tuhin32-32SHARMA Anirudh
VYAS Mehul30-34PANIGRAHI Somnath
CHANDRA Debojyoti29-35SHARMA Anirudh
CHOUDHARY Ashok43-21PAUL Tuhin
VYAS Mehul39-25ROY Amar
ROY Amar15-49PAUL Tuhin
VYAS Mehul48-16PAUL Tuhin
PANIGRAHI Somnath49-15SHARMA Anirudh
JANA Debajit28-36SHARMA Anirudh
PANIGRAHI Somnath41-23JANA Debajit
CHOUDHARY Ashok42-22CHANDRA Debojyoti
HALDER Goutam18-46CHANDRA Debojyoti