7th Singapore National (Singapore)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

    4131, CHEW,  Ching Wuen,        SGP, 5,   363
  250003, KOH,   Bo Chao Alex,      SGP, 5,   342
    4132, CHONG, Wun Leong Sky,     SGP, 4,   357
  250006, LEONG, Chee Kit,          SGP, 4,   352
  250005, GOH,   Jun Jie Anthony,   SGP, 4,   321
  250053, CHUA,  Zi Wei,            SGP, 4,   295
  250001, KOH,   Bo Xiang,          SGP, 3.5, 357
  250049, PAW,   Su Lin Kenneth,    SGP, 3.5, 344
    4138, LEE,   Choon Foong,       SGP, 3,   329
  250008, LIN,   Wei Hao Roy,       SGP, 3,   320
  250065, LOW,   Wee Hao Eddie,     SGP, 3,   302
  250024, NG,    Hui Wen,           SGP, 3,   296
  250104, TAN,   Yan Shao,          SGP, 3,   283
 +250115, LIM,   Xin Yi,            SGP, 3,   261
  250007, WU,    Jinfeng,           SGP, 2,   285
 +250116, CHUA,  Woon Yang,         SGP, 2,   262
  250111, LEE,   Fredrik,           SGP, 2,   250
 +250117, ONG,   Wei Shiuan Wilson, SGP, 2,   239
  250108, WONG,  Ci Siang,          SGP, 1,   223
 +250118, TAN,   Jenna,             SGP, 0,   219


Here are all results.

2014-08-03: 7th Singapore National(Singapore)
KOH Bo Chao Alex33-31CHEW Ching Wuen
NG Hui Wen44-20CHONG Sky
LEONG Chee Kit46-18TAN Yan Shao
CHUA Zi Wei16-48KOH Bo Xiang
LEE Choon Foong43-21LEE Fredrik
CHUA Woon Yang36-28GOH Jun Jie Anthony
LIN WEI HAO Roy55-09TAN Jenna
ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson16-48PAW Su Lin Kenneth
LOW Wee Hao Eddie38-26LIM Xin Yi
WONG Ci Siang12-52WU Jin Feng
PAW Su Lin Kenneth28-36KOH Bo Chao Alex
LOW Wee Hao Eddie23-41LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Xiang40-24NG Hui Wen
WU Jin Feng19-45LEE Choon Foong
CHUA Woon Yang18-46LIN WEI HAO Roy
CHONG Sky55-09LEE Fredrik
GOH Jun Jie Anthony40-24TAN Jenna
CHEW Ching Wuen57-07ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson
TAN Yan Shao37-27WONG Ci Siang
LIM Xin Yi23-41CHUA Zi Wei
KOH Bo Chao Alex39-25KOH Bo Xiang
LEONG Chee Kit34-30LEE Choon Foong
CHEW Ching Wuen37-27GOH Jun Jie Anthony
NG Hui Wen23-41PAW Su Lin Kenneth
TAN Yan Shao19-45LOW Wee Hao Eddie
CHUA Zi Wei39-25WU Jin Feng
LEE Fredrik38-26CHUA Woon Yang
TAN Jenna23-41LIM Xin Yi
ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson36-28WONG Ci Siang
LEONG Chee Kit28-36KOH Bo Chao Alex
CHONG Sky45-19LOW Wee Hao Eddie
KOH Bo Xiang30-34CHEW Ching Wuen
LEE Choon Foong28-36CHUA Zi Wei
PAW Su Lin Kenneth32-32LIN WEI HAO Roy
GOH Jun Jie Anthony51-13ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson
WU Jin Feng35-29CHUA Woon Yang
LEE Fredrik31-33NG Hui Wen
LIM Xin Yi15-49TAN Yan Shao
WONG Ci Siang44-20TAN Jenna
KOH Bo Chao Alex23-41CHONG Sky
CHEW Ching Wuen34-30LEONG Chee Kit
CHUA Zi Wei21-43PAW Su Lin Kenneth
LIN WEI HAO Roy32-32KOH Bo Xiang
NG Hui Wen28-36LEE Choon Foong
TAN Yan Shao20-44GOH Jun Jie Anthony
LOW Wee Hao Eddie34-30WU Jin Feng
CHUA Woon Yang46-18WONG Ci Siang
ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson28-36LIM Xin Yi
TAN Jenna29-35LEE Fredrik
CHONG Sky29-35CHEW Ching Wuen
LEE Choon Foong27-37KOH Bo Chao Alex
PAW Su Lin Kenneth26-38LEONG Chee Kit
GOH Jun Jie Anthony41-23LOW Wee Hao Eddie
KOH Bo Chao Alex50-14CHUA Woon Yang
WU Jin Feng28-36NG Hui Wen
LEE Fredrik26-38TAN Yan Shao
WONG Ci Siang22-42LIM Xin Yi
TAN Jenna24-40ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson
LIM Xin Yi26-38NG Hui Wen
NG Hui Wen35-29LIM Xin Yi
CHEW Ching Wuen31-33LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit10-54CHEW Ching Wuen
KOH Bo Chao Alex36-28CHONG Sky
CHONG Sky31-33KOH Bo Chao Alex
LEONG Chee Kit30-34CHONG Sky
CHONG Sky49-15LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Chao Alex36-28CHEW Ching Wuen
CHEW Ching Wuen28-36KOH Bo Chao Alex