3 Beijing Open (China)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

          ID,  NAME              , COUNTRY, SCORE
        4097,  SONG, Yan,     CHN, 9.0
        7148,  HU, Yingchong,     CHN, 6.0
        7184,  FANG, Yuqi,     CHN, 5.5
        7129,  WANG, Weiwei,     CHN, 4.0
        7229,  WANG, Yaning,     CHN, 4.0
        7188,  WANG, Wei,     CHN, 3.5
        7103,  CHEN, Xu,     CHN, 3.5
        7182,  LUO, Jihua,     CHN, 3.5
        7186,  JIA, Baolong,     CHN, 3.0
      +60006,  Tang, Haijun,     CHN, 3.0
        7230,  FU, Yi,     CHN, 3.0
        7223,  JI, Zihui,     CHN, 2.0
        7231,  MENG, Debiao,     CHN, 2.0
        7213,  LIU, Yaqing,     CHN, 1.0


Here are all results.

2014-10-03: 3 Beijing Open(China)
LUO Jihua36-28LIU Weixing
JI Zihui19-45SONG Yan
CHEN Xu22-42HU Ying Chong
WANG Weiwei32-32FANG Yuqi
WANG Wei30-34JIA Baolong
TANG Haijun19-45WANG Yaning
MENG Debiao34-30LIU Yaqing
SONG Yan48-16LUO Jihua
HU Ying Chong43-21WANG Yaning
JIA Baolong37-27MENG Debiao
LIU Yaqing37-27WANG Weiwei
FANG Yuqi35-29JI Zihui
LIU Weixing16-48CHEN Xu
WANG Wei35-29TANG Haijun
HU Ying Chong28-36SONG Yan
FANG Yuqi42-22JIA Baolong
LUO Jihua31-33MENG Debiao
CHEN Xu48-16LIU Yaqing
WANG Yaning35-29WANG Wei
WANG Weiwei40-24TANG Haijun
JI Zihui16-48LIU Weixing
SONG Yan49-15FANG Yuqi
MENG Debiao15-49HU Ying Chong
JIA Baolong38-26CHEN Xu
WANG Yaning23-41WANG Weiwei
LIU Yaqing22-42LUO Jihua
LIU Weixing29-35WANG Wei
TANG Haijun34-30JI Zihui
JIA Baolong25-39SONG Yan
WANG Weiwei33-31HU Ying Chong
LUO Jihua16-48FANG Yuqi
CHEN Xu24-40WANG Yaning
WANG Wei45-19MENG Debiao
TANG Haijun42-22LIU Weixing
JI Zihui36-28LIU Yaqing
SONG Yan53-11WANG Weiwei
FANG Yuqi33-31WANG Wei
HU Ying Chong47-17JIA Baolong
WANG Yaning31-33JI Zihui
CHEN Xu32-32LUO Jihua
LIU Yaqing27-37TANG Haijun
MENG Debiao05-59LIU Weixing
TANG Haijun23-41SONG Yan
HU Ying Chong51-13FANG Yuqi
WANG Wei32-32WANG Weiwei
JIA Baolong30-34WANG Yaning
LUO Jihua33-31JI Zihui
MENG Debiao19-45CHEN Xu
LIU Weixing39-25LIU Yaqing
WANG Weiweilost toSONG Yan
FANG Yuqi25-39HU Ying Chong
WANG Weiweilost toFANG Yuqi
HU Ying Chong29-35SONG Yan