LIU Yaqing (China)
10 tournaments
70 results
Rated 32 in China and T1004 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1289 in the World
Latest rating: 1310
2017-04-29: 7th Tianjin Open(China)
LIU Yaqing13-51CHEN Shaodi
LIU Yaqing16-48JI Zihui
WANG Weiwei30-34LIU Yaqing
JIA Baolong44-20LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing13-51YU Tao
LIU Yaqing12-52SONG Yan
LIU Yaqing30-34CHEN Xu
2016-05-02: 5 Beijing open(China)
JIA Baolong48-16LIU Yaqing
KANG Le46-18LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing16-48WANG Weiwei
LIU Yaqing15-49JI Zihui
LIU Yaqing18-46CHEN Xu
YU Tao48-16LIU Yaqing
2015-07-18: 20150718 4th Beijing Open(China)
WANG Bing42-22LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing39-25YU Tao
WANG Wei32-32LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing15-49JI Zihui
LIU Yaqing21-43WANG Weiwei
WANG Wuquan31-33LIU Yaqing
2015-05-02: 6th Tianjin open (China)
JIA Baolong33-31LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing40-24HE Jintao
LUO Jihua23-41LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing26-38JI Zihui
LIU Yaqing16-48HU Ying Chong
CHEN Xu33-31LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing20-44TANG Haijun
2014-10-03: 3 Beijing Open(China)
MENG Debiao34-30LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing37-27WANG Weiwei
CHEN Xu48-16LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing22-42LUO Jihua
JI Zihui36-28LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing27-37TANG Haijun
FU Yi39-25LIU Yaqing
2014-05-02: 5th Tianjin Open(China)
MENG Debiao22-42LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing18-46HUANG Shilin
CHEN Xu48-16LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing59-05LIU Wensen
JI Zihui29-35LIU Yaqing
JIA Baolong42-22LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing26-38ZHOU Chuan
2013-10-04: 2nd Beijin Othello Open(China)
LIU Yaqing23-41CHEN Xu
FU Yi21-43LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing36-28JIA Baolong
LIU Yaqing23-41WANG Wuquan
LIU Chang29-35LIU Yaqing
ZHU Jiadong23-41LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing13-51CHEN Xingda
2013-04-30: 4th Tianjin Othello Open(China)
YANG Ren21-43LIU Yaqing
HU Ying Chong37-27LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing20-44CHEN Xu
LIU Yaqing37-27NI Jingyu
ZHAO Jingtao43-21LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing18-46WANG Wei
LIU Yaqing33-31TENG Xiaoyao
2013-01-12: Beijing Spring Tournament(China)
HU Ying Chong35-29LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing36-28ZHU Jiadong
WANG Wei46-18LIU Yaqing
WU Qi49-15LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing37-27WANG Wuquan
CHEN Xiaowei56-08LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing50-14WANG Hailong
LIU Yaqing58-06TENG Xiaoyao
SONG Yan64-00LIU Yaqing
2012-10-03: 3th Tianjin Othello Open(China)
LIU Yaqing40-24WU Qi
WANG Wuquan44-20LIU Yaqing
JIA Baolong54-10LIU Yaqing
LIU Yaqing43-21ZHOU Chuan
WANG Wei60-04LIU Yaqing
ZHAO Jingtao51-13LIU Yaqing
WU Qi40-24LIU Yaqing