DONG Zhen (China)
26 tournaments
236 results
Rated 8 in China and T213 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T256 in the World
Latest rating: 2038
WOF online rating: 1946, view profile on Vint.ee

Zhen Dong is the #10 rated player in China. She has been competitively active since 2007 and is one of the top female players. She finished in 7th place in Meijin-sen(women) in 2013. She played her first World Othello championship in 2014 Bangkok, Thailand reaching 17th place. She also participated in WOC 2016 Mito, Japan.


7th place Meijin-sen(women) in 2013

2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
HOBO Roel44-20DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen40-24SHIFMAN Ilya
BLIJLEVEN Mireille32-32DONG Zhen
YANG Kelvin36-28DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen31-33AHN Taeyoung
DONG Zhen40-24NOH Euichan
CHONG Sky18-46DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen32-32SANO Yoko
CHAN Ivan09-55DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen39-25DE CAMARGO Lucas
DONG Zhen29-35CHEN Po Yun
LEE Chun Wai31-33DONG Zhen
FU Velma29-35DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen23-41WILLIAM Joanna
2019-07-13: Hong Kong WOC Qualify Tournament(Hong-Kong)
DONG Zhen40-24YANG Kelvin
DONG Zhen24-40LI Chun Wan
WONG Chi Wah32-32DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen44-20MA Derek
LAM Maverick29-35DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen29-35LEE Chun Wai
TAN Wai Kuen Johnny25-39DONG Zhen
MADRONA Mario46-18DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen13-51FU Velma
HON Otto04-60DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen34-30TSOI Chun Yip
CHOW Ka Ming30-34DONG Zhen
IP Wai Sing17-47DONG Zhen
2019-05-26: 2019 Guangzhou Trials(China)
DONG Zhen64-00TAN Wenjin
MA Derek35-29DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen37-27LI Chun Wan
LAM Maverick40-24DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen37-27WEN Zeshun
DONG Zhen37-27LIN Lanbo
HU Ying Chong51-13DONG Zhen
CHEN Xu44-20DONG Zhen
2019-04-14: Hong Kong Othello Open 2019(Hong-Kong)
DONG Zhen35-29MAK Wai Tung
TSOI Chun Yip45-19DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen33-31YANG Kelvin
LI Chun Wan56-08DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen54-10LEE Chun Kui
FU Velma19-45DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen46-18LEE Chun Wai
2018-11-25: (Broadway cup) - 11 Guangzhou Open(China)
DONG Zhen29-35LAM Maverick
HUANG Gang18-46DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen35-29MA Derek
ZHU Linyun21-43DONG Zhen
QIU Yifeng28-36DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen31-33MADRONA Mario
2018-06-02: 2018 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
DONG Zhen42-22MA Derek
DONG Zhen24-40CHOW Ka Ming
FU Velma33-31DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen46-18HON Otto
MAK Wai Tung35-29DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen50-14WONG KA Ho
2017-11-19: (Broadway cup) - 10 Guangzhou Open(China)
DONG Zhen40-24WEN Zeshun
CHEN Kai30-34DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen32-32ZENG Yanbo
LAM Maverick28-36DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen29-35FENG Ling
LI Chang12-52DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen39-25GUO Guangcheng
DONG Zhen33-31LAM Maverick
FENG Ling29-35DONG Zhen
2017-08-26: 1st Incheon open(Korea)
KAWATA Miho17-47DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen38-26SHIN Dongmyung
DONG Zhen22-42SAWADA Takehiko
KIM Kwanyoon24-40DONG Zhen
KIM Dongkwon23-41DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen30-34YAMAMOTO Takashi
DONG Zhen24-40ASAHINA Satoshi
2017-07-16: Hong Kong Othello Championship 2017(Hong-Kong)
YANG Kelvin18-46DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen31-33LI Chun Wan
KONG Peter21-43DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen37-27TSOI Chun Yip
MA Derek33-31DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen40-24MAK Wai Tung
DONG Zhen32-32MA Derek
LI Chun Wan38-26DONG Zhen
2017-07-09: Singapore National Othello Championship 2017(Singapore)
DONG Zhen51-13CHOY Zheng Da
YAP Siew Kun25-39DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen39-25MAK Wai Tung
LI Chun Wan17-47DONG Zhen
SONG Yan29-35DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen24-40KOH Bo Chao Alex
LAM Maverick34-30DONG Zhen
LOW Wee Hao Eddie26-38DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen12-52SONG Yan
2016-11-022016-11-04: WOC 2016 (Mito)(World)
MARCONI Francesco17-47DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen24-40TAKANASHI Yusuke
KOH Bo Xiang40-24DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen44-20LEE Chun Ae
DONG Zhen31-33CHANG Chun Yi
FELDBORG Karsten25-39DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen18-46LI Chun Wan
LEADER Imre40-24DONG Zhen
HOBO Roel33-31DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen19-45VORACEK Miroslav
STENBERG Veronicalost toDONG Zhen
DONG Zhen40-24KINOSHITA Hisako
2015-09-13: 2015 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
TSOI Chun Yip24-40DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen24-40LI Chun Wan
LAM Maverick38-26DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen32-32LUM LOK PUI Vincent
MAK Wai Tung24-40DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen51-13CHAN LIK Fung
LI Chun Wan41-23DONG Zhen
LAM Maverick23-41DONG Zhen
2014-11-062014-11-08: WOC 2014 (Bangkok)(World)
ARNOLD Roy15-49DONG Zhen
DELAUNAY Arnaud44-20DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen39-25HUGHES Scott
VORACEK Miroslav33-31DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen35-29HIDAYAT Romy
FU Jacky15-49DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen22-42CHEW Ching Wuen
INTARANOP Warawut11-53DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen26-38AUNCHULEE Rujipas
DONG Zhen40-24VINAR Matt
DONG Zhen26-38WILLIAM Joanna
2014-06-01: 1st Hangzhou Open(China)
ZHAO Jing28-36DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen16-48HU Ying Chong
WEN Zeshun21-43DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen41-23WANG Yun
HUANG Shilin15-49DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen41-23FENG Ling
SHI Peipei19-45DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen46-18FENG Ling
DONG Zhen21-43HU Ying Chong
2014-01-162014-01-17: Othello World Cup 2014(World)
DONG Zhen47-17LIN Wei Hao Roy
MURAKAMI Takeshi44-20DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen30-34MARCONI Francesco
LEE Choon Foong35-29DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen37-27MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim
DONG Zhen44-20VINAR Matt
VORACEK Miroslav20-44DONG Zhen
CHONG Sky34-30DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen39-25WILLIAM Joanna
DONG Zhen53-11LAM Maverick
DONG Zhen38-26YAP Siew Kun
2013-08-25: Hong Kong Championship(Hong-Kong)
MAK Wai Tung32-32DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen34-30LI Chun Wan
LEE Chun Kui28-36DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen36-28FANG Randy
LAM Maverick42-22DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen45-19WONG Chi Wah
CHUNG KA Chai28-36DONG Zhen
LI Chun Wan27-37DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen31-33LAM Maverick
2013-07-14: 8th Guangzhou Othello Open(China)
ZHAO Jingtao19-45DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen20-44CHEN Kai
LI Zhonghong29-35DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen30-34GUAN Jinchao
QIN Jingmin38-26DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen44-20ZHAO Hongguang
XIE Weiwei21-43DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen54-10LUO Jihua
ZHOU Jian47-17DONG Zhen
QIN Jingmin17-47DONG Zhen
2013-03-31: 34_Meijin(Japan)
YANG Kelvinwon againstDONG Zhen
DONG Zhenwon againstNISHIMURA Tatsuyuki
DONG Zhenwon againstOHTAKE Kosuke
MABUCHI Yutawon againstDONG Zhen
DONG Zhenwon againstNAGAMATSU Ryota
DONG Zhenwon againstASAHINA Satoshi
2013-03-30: 34_Meijin_women(Japan)
DONG Zhenwon againstSATO Reiko
KINOSHITA Hisakowon againstDONG Zhen
SANO Yokowon againstDONG Zhen
DONG Zhenwon againstHORIUCHI Keiko
DONG Zhenwon againstSAITO Aya
DONG Zhenwon againstTATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
2013-01-242013-01-27: Othello World Cup(World)
TAMENORI Hideshiwon againstDONG Zhen
KOZUKA Katsuhikowon againstDONG Zhen
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstDONG Zhen
WILLIAM Joannawon againstDONG Zhen
TSOI Chun Yipwon againstDONG Zhen
DONG Zhenwon againstKANG Le
DONG Zhenwon againstYAMANAKA Mami
DONG Zhenwon againstSHINOHARA Ryo
DONG Zhenwon againstTOKI Yugo
DONG Zhenwon againstLEE Choon Foong
DONG Zhenwon againstFRONMARK Marcus
FELDBORG Karstenwon againstDONG Zhen
WU Katiewon againstDONG Zhen
2012-08-26: Hong Kong Championship(Hong-Kong)
DONG Zhen25-39LAM Maverick
CHUNG KA Chai12-52DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen55-09CHOI YANG Yang
WONG Chi Wah25-39DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen33-31TSOI Chun Yip
MAK Wai Tung35-29DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen34-30LEE Chun Wai
TSOI Chun Yip37-27DONG Zhen
2011-09-23: Hong Kong Championship(Hong-Kong)
DONG Zhen29-35LEONG Woo
YANG Kelvin27-37DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen48-16CHUNG KA Chai
WONG Chi Wah27-37DONG Zhen
LI Chun Wan38-26DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen18-46FANG Randy
DONG Zhen42-22YAU David
2010-10-05: Hong Kong Othello Championship 2010(Hong-Kong)
DONG Zhen44-20LI Chun Wan
WU Katie19-45DONG Zhen
CHAN LIK Fung37-27DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen43-21WONG Chi Wah
FANG Randy31-33DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen23-41MADRONA Mario
DONG Zhen41-23FU Velma
MADRONA Mario48-16DONG Zhen
DONG Zhen36-28WU Katie
2009-05-02: 1st Chongqing Open(China)
HU Ying Chongwon againstDONG Zhen
LEE Choon Foong32-32DONG Zhen
FENG Lingwon againstDONG Zhen
DONG Zhenwon againstZHAO Jingtao
DONG Zhenlost toHU Ying Chong
DONG Zhenwon againstLEE Choon Foong
2008-08-03: 5th Guangzhou Open(China)
CHEN Kaiwon againstDONG Zhen
LI Chun Wanwon againstDONG Zhen
DONG Zhenwon againstWONG Chi Wah
DONG Zhenwon againstQIN Jingmin
ZHOU Jianwon againstDONG Zhen
DONG Zhenwon againstYU Jinlei
2007-10-022007-10-03: 1st Tianjin Open(China)
DONG Zhenwon againstCHEN Junshou
DONG Zhenlost toZHOU Jian
DONG Zhenwon againstWANG Wuquan
JIANG Bofengwon againstDONG Zhen
DONG Zhenwon againstXU Min
SONG Yanwon againstDONG Zhen
DONG Zhenwon againstQIN Jingmin