NAM Sungwoo (Korea)

13 tournaments
86 results
Player ID: 30043
Rated 12 in Korea and 592 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 863 in the World
Latest rating: 1153
2022-05-28: 29th Korea Othello Championship(Korea)
LIM Sungtae23-41NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo24-40AHN Taeyoung
KIM Yoonsoo33-31NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo48-16AN Yihwan
NAM Sungwoo29-35SOHR Jaeyoung
KWAK Yujin40-24NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo26-38KWAK Eunwoo
2019-09-28: 5th Korea Myung-In(Korea)
NAM Sungwoo41-23LEE Chunae
NAM Sungwoo08-56AHN Taeyoung
SOHR Jaeyoung40-24NAM Sungwoo
SON Jinhyeok05-59NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo15-49KIM Youngbum
KIM Taeyeon23-41NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo28-36JANG Hyunwoo
2018-07-07: 4th MyungIn (Korea)
NAM Sungwoo43-21HA Seungsup
HONG Hyungbum21-43NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo14-50OH Joungmok
KIM Taeyeon35-29NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo40-24KIM Youngbum
NAM Sungwoo33-31KIM Kwanyoon
SON Jinhyeok42-22NAM Sungwoo
2018-01-07: 2 King of Kings(Korea)
KIM Dongkwon47-17NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo40-24SHIN Donghyeon
SHIN Dongmyung43-21NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo33-31HONG Jaeseong
MOON Sungcheol21-43NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo26-38SON Beomkeun
KIM Kwanyoon51-13NAM Sungwoo
2017-08-26: 1st Incheon open(Korea)
KIM Youngsuk33-31NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo24-40KIYONOBU Kenta
NAM Sungwoo23-41LEE Chunae
PARK Jonghyun15-49NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo28-36KAMIKURA Daisuke
LEE Geuncheol33-31NAM Sungwoo
KIM Yusun05-59NAM Sungwoo
2017-06-18: 3st myeongin(Korea)
PARK Jonghyun16-48NAM Sungwoo
KIM Dongil33-31NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo13-51LEE Chunae
NAM Sungwoo48-16KIM Donghyeon
NAM Sungwoo30-34CHO Wonyong
KIM Gyejin12-52NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo22-42KIM Kwanyoon
2017-01-22: 26st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
LEE Mikael15-49NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo21-43LEE Kwangwook
KO Junhyoung42-22NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo29-35HAN Junho
SHIN Donghyeon30-34NAM Sungwoo
2016-12-18: 1st AR(Korea)
KO Bongju14-50NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo55-09LEE Hojun
KIM Younggun23-41NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo25-39LEE Kwangwook
KIM Seongchan64-00NAM Sungwoo
2016-11-022016-11-04: WOC 2016 (Mito)(World)
NAM Sungwoo05-59WADA Masaki
FU Jacky54-10NAM Sungwoo
YAP Siew Kun41-23NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo32-32HAGLUND Harri
PALLADINO Domenico28-36NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo46-18SNEEK Linda
PUZZO Luigi38-26NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo11-53BARRASS Iain
NAM Sungwoo16-48CLUZON Gilles
BUKA Michal34-30NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo49-15AARSLAND LUNDE Kristin
BRYANT Alexandra14-50NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo34-30KIM Seongchan
2016-06-26: 1st King of Kings(Korea)
AHN Hwimin19-45NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo14-50SOHR Jaeyoung
NAM Sungwoo20-44KIM Seongchan
LEE Chunae46-18NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo15-49HONG Seonguk
CHUNG Jihoon37-27NAM Sungwoo
2016-04-24: 12st Yipdan(Korea)
KIM Donghyeon28-36NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo39-25KO Junhyoung
CHO Wonyong28-36NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo44-20SHIN Dongmyung
SHIN Donghyeon40-24NAM Sungwoo
2016-03-20: 1st Daejeon Othello Open(Korea)
NAM Sungwoo24-40SOHR Jaeyoung
KIM Sunghyeon45-19NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo06-58HAN Junho
SHIN Donghyeon33-31NAM Sungwoo
KIM Seongchan56-08NAM Sungwoo
2016-02-21: 25st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
NAM Sungwoo37-27KIM Seongchan
HA Seungsup36-28NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo11-53IGARASHI Toshiyuki
JEON Gunsoo14-50NAM Sungwoo
NAM Sungwoo36-28KIM Donghyeon