Balark open 07/23 (India)

Here is the registered standings after the swiss-system or the round-robin.
This list may not take into account playoffs, semi-finals, finals, bye or withdrawn games...
Due to number changes, the names may not be correct in the list below.

      ID, Name, First name, Points, tie-break

    ID,	  NAME,		Firstname,	COUNTRY,     score,    disc-count
  350002, 	VYAS,	 	Mehul,		India,		7,	395
  350054, 	KANJARIYA, 	Jeram,		India,		5,	232
  350049, 	PARMAR, 	Rajendra Sinh,	India,		4,	211
  350057, 	JADEJA, 	Jayendra Sinh,	India,		3,	194
  350062, 	CHAVDA, 	Jaypal,		India,		3,	180
  350055, 	PANDYA, 	Shailesh,      	India,		3,	139
  350051, 	MOTIVARAS,	Hardik,       	India,		2,	167
  350052, 	KHANDLA, 	Bhagirath,	India,		2,	141
  350056, 	DHAPA, 		Sanjay,		India,		2,	135
  350065, 	PARMAR, 	Anil,		India,		1,	129
  350064, 	JANI,		Mayurdhvaj,	India,		1,	108
  350070, 	BIJANI, 	Prabhat,	India,		0,	081


Here are all results.

2023-07-09: Balark open 07/23(India)
KANJARIYA Jeram09-55VYAS Mehul
VYAS Mehul57-07JADEJA Jayendra Sinh
PARMAR Rajendra Sinh17-47KANJARIYA Jeram
MOTIVARAS Hardik62-02PANDYA Shailesh
DHAPA Sanjay16-48KHANDLA Bhagirath
BIJANI Prabhat25-39JANI Mayurdhvaj
JADEJA Jayendra Sinh03-61VYAS Mehul
PARMAR Anil21-43PARMAR Rajendra Sinh
VYAS Mehul58-06MOTIVARAS Hardik
KHANDLA Bhagirath19-45PARMAR Rajendra Sinh
JANI Mayurdhvaj16-48KANJARIYA Jeram
BIJANI Prabhat10-54CHAVDA Jaypal
DHAPA Sanjay48-16PARMAR Anil
PANDYA Shailesh10-54JADEJA Jayendra Sinh
PARMAR Rajendra Sinh09-55VYAS Mehul
CHAVDA Jaypal08-56KHANDLA Bhagirath
JADEJA Jayendra Sinh52-12DHAPA Sanjay
PARMAR Anil50-14JANI Mayurdhvaj
PANDYA Shailesh41-23BIJANI Prabhat
VYAS Mehul52-12KANJARIYA Jeram
KHANDLA Bhagirath11-53JADEJA Jayendra Sinh
BIJANI Prabhat06-58PARMAR Rajendra Sinh
MOTIVARAS Hardik24-40CHAVDA Jaypal
DHAPA Sanjay44-20JANI Mayurdhvaj
PARMAR Anil23-41PANDYA Shailesh
KHANDLA Bhagirath07-57VYAS Mehul
JADEJA Jayendra Sinh25-39PARMAR Rajendra Sinh
KANJARIYA Jeram47-17BIJANI Prabhat
CHAVDA Jaypal49-15DHAPA Sanjay
JANI Mayurdhvaj19-45PANDYA Shailesh