ZHU Linyun (China)
7 tournaments
47 results
Rated 17 in China and T432 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T520 in the World
Latest rating: 1864
2020-09-06: China national open championship(China)
ZHANG Zhiheng35-29ZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyun53-11CHEN Yanming
ZHANG Minglong26-38ZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyun40-24CHEN Xun
LI Chang26-38ZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyun46-18YU Tao
JIA Baolong44-20ZHU Linyun
JIA Baolong29-35ZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyun12-52LI Chang
2019-11-18: 7 Beijing Open(China)
ZHU Linyun36-28JIA Baolong
BAO Zongbo22-42ZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyun27-37CHEN Xun
ZHU Linyun07-57SONG Yan
LI Lin24-40ZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyun39-25ZHANG Zhiheng
HU Ying Chong48-16ZHU Linyun
2018-11-25: (Broadway cup) - 11 Guangzhou Open(China)
CHEN Zhengyi35-29ZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyun51-13HE Siming
ZHU Linyun21-43DONG Zhen
HUA Zhibin57-07ZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyun41-23LI Chang
2012-07-22: 5th Shanghai Othello Open(China)
HUANG Helouwon againstZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyunwon againstHONG Yulan
WANG Zhenwon againstZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyunwon againstWEN Zeshun
ZHU Linyunwon againstQIN Jingmin
ZHU Linyunwon againstYANG Ren
KANG Lewon againstZHU Linyun
2008-07-12: 4th Shanghai Open(China)
WANG Guanlost toZHU Linyun
SONG Yanwon againstZHU Linyun
KANG Lewon againstZHU Linyun
SHEN Stanwon againstZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyunlost toZHANG Lantian
HUANG Helouwon againstZHU Linyun
2006-07-09: 3rd Shanghai Open(China)
ZHOU Jianwon againstZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyunwon againstLU Chunlei
KANG Lewon againstZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyunwon againstWANG Yun
FENG Lingwon againstZHU Linyun
ZHAO Jingwon againstZHU Linyun
2005-07-31: 2nd Shanghai Open(China)
XU Minwon againstZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyunwon againstZHOU Lijia
DRAGON Woodwon againstZHU Linyun
SHUI Yibinwon againstZHU Linyun
HUANG Helouwon againstZHU Linyun
WANG Guanwon againstZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyunwon againstMOMO Love