FUJII Koichi (Japan)Japanese name(s): 藤井宏一
16 tournaments
73 results
Rated 845 in Japan and T1010 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1306 in the World
Latest rating: 1219
2018-04-15: 12_Hiroshima_open(Japan)
IMAMURA Kunihiko33-31FUJII Koichi
HIRASHIMA Naoki52-12FUJII Koichi
KUWAHARA Yoshiteru50-14FUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichi50-14YAMAMOTO Junichi
2016-08-28: 11_Shikoku_open(Japan)
FUJIWARA Toyoshima54-10FUJII Koichi
KUROGI Yuta38-26FUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichi44-20SHIMOKAWA Atsuji
FUJII Koichi40-24TAZIMA Hisayuki
HIRASHIMA Naoki42-22FUJII Koichi
2015-06-14: 43_All_Japan_Hiroshima_prelim(Japan)
IMAMURA Kunihiko40-24FUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichi35-29SUNADA Mayumi
YANAGIHARA Shigemi40-24FUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichi38-26KAWAKI Matruko
2014-07-13: 42_All_Japan_Championship(Japan)
WATANABE Keiichiwon againstFUJII Koichi
MAEZIMA Tomikowon againstFUJII Koichi
KOBAYASHI Makotowon againstFUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichiwon againstUMEZAWA Shiho
OKAZAKI Taichiwon againstFUJII Koichi
YOSHIKAWA Chiakiwon againstFUJII Koichi
2014-06-01: 42_All_Japan_Shikoku_prelim_A(Japan)
OKAMURA Hiroaki44-20FUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichi40-24YAMASHITA Shotaro
YANAGIHARA Shigemi45-19FUJII Koichi
IMAMURA Kunihiko41-23FUJII Koichi
2013-05-26: 41_All_Japan_Shikoku_prelim_B(Japan)
NAGI Michiko38-26FUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichi33-31MITANI Hiroshi
FUJII Koichi35-29ASARI Kouji
YANAGIHARA Shigemi37-27FUJII Koichi
KAWAKI Matruko43-21FUJII Koichi
2013-01-06: Shikoku_expert_prelim_A(Japan)
YANAGIHARA Shigemi43-21FUJII Koichi
NOMURA Yusuke36-28FUJII Koichi
NAGI Michiko33-31FUJII Koichi
2011-07-17: 39_Japan_Champ(Japan)
IZUMI Takashiwon againstFUJII Koichi
KANASAWA Koutawon againstFUJII Koichi
KINOSHITA Tsutomuwon againstFUJII Koichi
ASOU Daisukewon againstFUJII Koichi
DOJUN Makikowon againstFUJII Koichi
2011-06-05: 39_Japan_champ_Shikoku_prelim_final(Japan)
FUJII Koichi41-23MORIWAKI Megumi
FUJII Koichi33-31MATSUI Takashi
OKAMURA Hiroaki40-24FUJII Koichi
KANEDA Nobuo42-22FUJII Koichi
2010-06-06: 38_Japan_Champ_Shikoku_prelim(Japan)
ARAKI Nobuhiko37-27FUJII Koichi
OKAMURA Hiroaki42-22FUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichi34-30YANAGIHARA Shigemi
FUJII Koichi40-24MINATO Masakun
2009-07-19: 37_Japan_Champ(Japan)
OHIKE Yoshinoriwon againstFUJII Koichi
KIMURA Keigowon againstFUJII Koichi
ENOMOTO Hiroyukiwon againstFUJII Koichi
NAGAO Hirotowon againstFUJII Koichi
ABE Ryuutawon againstFUJII Koichi
SANO Hidekazuwon againstFUJII Koichi
2009-06-28: 37_Japan_Champ_Shikoku_prelim(Japan)
YANAGIHARA Shigemi44-20FUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichi35-29KUKATSU Yutsuka
OKAMOTO Junya42-22FUJII Koichi
NAMI Yoneda35-29FUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichi43-21MATSUI Takashi
FUJII Koichi36-28OKAMURA Hiroaki
2008-06-01: Shikoku qualifying for Japan championships(Japan)
OKUDA Tsuyoshiwon againstFUJII Koichi
NAGI Masahidewon againstFUJII Koichi
KAWAKI Matrukolost toFUJII Koichi
MATSUI Takashiwon againstFUJII Koichi
HAMAMOTO Keikeiwon againstFUJII Koichi
KANEDA Nobuowon againstFUJII Koichi
1996-07-28: 24th All Japan(Japan)
MURAKAMI Takeshiwon againstFUJII Koichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstFUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichiwon againstYAMADA Ken'Ichi
1995-07-30: 23rd All Japan(Japan)
KANEDA Shigeruwon againstFUJII Koichi
MATSUZAWA Takashiwon againstFUJII Koichi
FUJII Koichiwon againstIBATA Kensuke
1994-07-31: 22nd All Japan(Japan)
TAKIZAWA Nobuyukiwon againstFUJII Koichi
ENOMOTO Hiroyukiwon againstFUJII Koichi
HASHIMOTO Yasuhirowon againstFUJII Koichi