ABE Yoichi (Japan)

27 tournaments
142 results
Player ID: 12504
Rated T860 in Japan and T1023 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1330 in the World
Latest rating: 1278
2019-11-10: year_forgetting_conference_2019(Japan)
ARAKI Yasuyuki60-04ABE Yoichi
KAWATA Tetsu42-22ABE Yoichi
HASEGAWA Toshi33-31ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi38-26KISHIMOTO Seita
ABE Yoichi50-14SHINODA Zenda
SHINODA Yuki46-18ABE Yoichi
2019-09-15: 13_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
KURITA Huzio43-21ABE Yoichi
ISHIGAMI Etsuo35-29ABE Yoichi
YUKA Takaaki51-13ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi38-26HASEGAWA Toshi
IWASAKI Masaaki39-25ABE Yoichi
ONODA Katsuo45-19ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi34-30FUJITA Koichi
2019-04-25: 30_Shizuoka_Festival_13_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
ABE Yoichi33-31ISHIGAMI Etsuo
SATO Reiko51-13ABE Yoichi
YUKA Takaaki52-12ABE Yoichi
ONODA Katsuo49-15ABE Yoichi
HASEGAWA Toshi37-27ABE Yoichi
2018-09-16: 12_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
HASEGAWA Toshi46-18ABE Yoichi
FUJITA Koichi55-09ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi44-20MAKITA Shoichi
ONODA Katsuo54-10ABE Yoichi
KURITA Huzio45-19ABE Yoichi
SUGIYAMA Mitsuaki60-04ABE Yoichi
2018-04-21: 29_Shizuoka_festival(Japan)
KURITA Huzio54-10ABE Yoichi
MAEZIMA Tomiko48-16ABE Yoichi
ENOMOTO Hiroyuki54-10ABE Yoichi
ONODA Katsuo46-18ABE Yoichi
YUKA Takaaki39-25ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi35-29KAWATA Tetsu
2018-04-08: Shizuoka_championship_2018(Japan)
ITO Azumi56-08ABE Yoichi
ARAKI Yasuyuki63-01ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi33-31OZAKI Yoshito
KAWATA Tetsu38-26ABE Yoichi
2018-01-14: New_Year_conference(Japan)
TESAKI Satoru64-00ABE Yoichi
NAKAYAMA Takahiro51-13ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi39-25OKABE Michiaki
ABE Yoichi49-15SUZUKI Auri
2017-11-12: year_forgetting_conf_2017(Japan)
SANO Hirotaka60-04ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi33-31OKABE Michiaki
ISOO Tsugu58-06ABE Yoichi
HASEGAWA Toshi56-08ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi44-20NAMIKI Aoi
2017-09-17: 11_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
FUJITA Koichi52-12ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi35-29MAKITA Shoichi
YUKA Takaaki50-14ABE Yoichi
ONODA Katsuo46-18ABE Yoichi
2017-08-12: 89_Hamamatsu_meeting(Japan)
FUJITA Koichi36-28ABE Yoichi
YUKA Takaaki45-19ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi33-31FUJIMOTO Masaki
MIZUNO Keigo51-13ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi44-20FUJIMOTO Kenta
UMEGAE Yuuya33-31ABE Yoichi
2017-06-18: 45_All_Japan_Tokai_prelim(Japan)
NAMIKI Aoi51-13ABE Yoichi
KAWATA Tetsu41-23ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi43-21UKAI Takane
YUKA Takaaki49-15ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi37-27OZAKI Yoshito
MUKAI Daisuke53-11ABE Yoichi
2017-04-22: 28_Shizuoka_festival(Japan)
KURITA Huzio45-19ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi32-32YOSHIKAWA Chiaki
SATO Masuo46-18ABE Yoichi
SUGIYAMA Mitsuaki61-03ABE Yoichi
2016-09-18: 10_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
MAEZIMA Tomiko55-09ABE Yoichi
ONODA Katsuo39-25ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi38-26OKABE Michiaki
SATO Masuo53-11ABE Yoichi
HASEGAWA Toshi40-24ABE Yoichi
2016-06-26: 44_All_Japan_Tokai_prelim(Japan)
ABE Yoichi41-23FUJIMOTO Kenta
SATO Masuo60-04ABE Yoichi
OZAKI Yoshito52-12ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi45-19OKABE Michiaki
ABE Yoichi34-30HASEGAWA Toshi
ABE Yoichi46-18NAMIKI Aoi
2016-04-09: Shizuoka_championship_2016(Japan)
ABE Yoichi47-17MURAMATSU Shouta
IWASAKI Masaaki41-23ABE Yoichi
HASEGAWA Toshi37-27ABE Yoichi
FUJITA Koichi52-12ABE Yoichi
MAKITA Shoichi42-22ABE Yoichi
2016-01-10: New_Year_conference(Japan)
SATO Masuo59-05ABE Yoichi
WATANABE Keiichi60-04ABE Yoichi
SANO Hirotaka46-18ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi33-31OKABE Michiaki
MIZUNO Keigo55-09ABE Yoichi
2015-07-05: 3_Shizuoka_open(Japan)
HASEGAWA Toshi42-22ABE Yoichi
TANAKA Atsushi42-22ABE Yoichi
OZAKI Yoshito50-14ABE Yoichi
KAWATA Tetsu33-31ABE Yoichi
IWASAKI Masaaki59-05ABE Yoichi
SANO Hirotaka62-02ABE Yoichi
2015-06-28: 43_All_Japan_Tokai_prelim(Japan)
ABE Yoichi45-19KAWATA Tetsu
SATO Masuo46-18ABE Yoichi
OZAKI Yoshito51-13ABE Yoichi
ENOMOTO Hiroyuki45-19ABE Yoichi
YOSHIKAWA Chiaki52-12ABE Yoichi
MUKAI Daisuke46-18ABE Yoichi
HASEGAWA Toshi47-17ABE Yoichi
2014-04-26: 25_festival_othello_conf(Japan)
MAEZIMA Tomiko45-19ABE Yoichi
HASEGAWA Toshi50-14ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi62-02KAZAMA Toichi
YOSHINO Nobuko35-29ABE Yoichi
FUJITA Shouta44-20ABE Yoichi
2014-01-19: new_year_conference(Japan)
ABE Yoichi39-25KAWATA Tetsu
KAWAMURA Yoshihiro51-13ABE Yoichi
OZAKI Yoshito48-16ABE Yoichi
KOBAYASHI Tome61-03ABE Yoichi
NONAKA Daisuke45-19ABE Yoichi
2013-09-15: 5_Silver_tournament(Japan)
MAEZIMA Tomiko33-31ABE Yoichi
SUZUKI Toyoharu46-18ABE Yoichi
OTA Tokiko36-28ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi48-16NAKANO Sumiko
FUJITA Koichi48-16ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi48-16HASEGAWA Hideko
2013-05-18: 24_festival_othello_conf(Japan)
SATO Masuo50-14ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi54-10FUJITA Shouta
YOSHINO Nobuko49-15ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi43-21FUJITA Toshiko
ABE Yoichi49-15OKABE Michiaki
2013-04-21: Shizuoka championship 2013(Japan)
ARAKI Yasuyuki59-05ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi36-28OKABE Michiaki
TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki55-09ABE Yoichi
OZAKI Yoshito49-15ABE Yoichi
2012-09-16: 4_Silver_tournament(Japan)
MAEZIMA Tomiko41-23ABE Yoichi
NISHIO Yoko47-17ABE Yoichi
HAYASHI Ayako36-28ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi48-16NAKANO Sumiko
2012-05-19: 23_festival_Othello_conf(Japan)
ABE Yoichi44-20KOBAYASHI Tome
YUKA Takaaki51-13ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi44-20FUJITA Shouta
KURITA Huzio39-25ABE Yoichi
OKABE Michiaki46-18ABE Yoichi
2012-01-22: new_year_conf(Japan)
ABE Yoichi45-19OHHASHI Takekazu
NAGAO Hiroto54-10ABE Yoichi
KURITA Huzio33-31ABE Yoichi
NAGAYA Toshiko47-17ABE Yoichi
ABE Yoichi33-31ETSUKO Satoshi
2011-12-04: year_forgetting_conf_2011(Japan)
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki46-18ABE Yoichi
KOBAYASHI Tome48-16ABE Yoichi
KAWATA Tetsu47-17ABE Yoichi
SUZUKI Toyoharu46-18ABE Yoichi