ENDO Yoshiki (Japan)Japanese name(s): 遠藤佳樹
8 tournaments
50 results
Rated T54 in Japan and T62 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T68 in the World
Latest rating: 2235
2019-11-24: 48_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
ENDO Yoshikiwon againstTSUCHIDA Daisuke
ENDO Yoshikiwon againstSATANI Tetsu
OKAMOTO Kazukiwon againstENDO Yoshiki
ISHIKAWA Hikaruwon againstENDO Yoshiki
ENDO Yoshikiwon againstSHIKI Shimomura
YAKUSHIJI Kentawon againstENDO Yoshiki
2019-10-22: 48_All_Japan_Ibaraki_prelim(Japan)
ENDO Yoshiki35-29NARA Souma
ENDO Yoshiki38-26HACHIHATA Nobuyasu
ENDO Yoshiki50-14KIKUCHI Junichi
TAKIZAWA Nobuyuki33-31ENDO Yoshiki
ENDO Yoshiki37-27IZUMI Takashi
ENDO Yoshiki37-27KITAMURA Momona
ENDO Yoshiki38-26KIKUCHI Takafumi
ENDO Yoshiki45-19WATABE Naoto
ENDO Yoshiki39-25HACHIHATA Nobuyasu
2019-09-15: 13_Tsuchiura_open(Japan)
ENDO Yoshiki53-11URA Satoru
ENDO Yoshiki41-23KIKUCHI Takafumi
IZUMI Takashi34-30ENDO Yoshiki
ENDO Yoshiki35-29TAKAHASHI Akinari
ENDO Yoshiki45-19IZUMI Takashi
ENDO Yoshiki44-20KIKUCHI Takafumi
2019-08-18: 197_Nagareyama_open(Japan)
NANASE Yuuma40-24ENDO Yoshiki
KATORI Michihiro34-30ENDO Yoshiki
ENDO Yoshiki39-25NARUMI Hisatoshi
ENDO Yoshiki33-31MITANI Koutarou
ENDO Yoshiki50-14YAMANAKA Masayuki
ENDO Yoshiki37-27TSUCHIKANE Rinku
2019-03-31: 8_Tsuchiura_open(Japan)
ENDO Yoshiki55-09HIRABAYASHI Daiki
ENDO Yoshiki63-01SEKI Reiko
ENDO Yoshiki41-23INOUE Toshihiro
ENDO Yoshiki56-08TSUSAKI Shouta
ENDO Yoshiki49-15SEKI Tatsuya
ENDO Yoshiki38-26IZUMI Takashi
2014-04-19: 152_Nagareyama_open(Japan)
HISHIYAMA Yuichi43-21ENDO Yoshiki
ENDO Yoshiki35-29SUGUWARA Kiyoshi
ENDO Yoshiki35-29TOMI Kazuko
KANDA Yoshihiro37-27ENDO Yoshiki
ENDO Yoshikiwon againstKITANO Takumi
ENDO Yoshikiwon againstOKAMA Ayumi
2013-08-11: 3_Tsukuba_open(Japan)
ENDO Yoshiki45-19NAKAMURA Keiko
ENDO Yoshiki51-13OKUNO Masakazu
ENDO Yoshiki34-30SANO Joichiro
ENDO Yoshiki32-32MIYAZAKI Yuji
DEMACHI Koichiro35-29ENDO Yoshiki
ENDO Yoshiki32-32IZUMI Takashi
2012-03-18: 137_Nagareyama_open(Japan)
KAMIKURA Daisuke40-24ENDO Yoshiki
ENDO Yoshiki41-23IWATA Hiroyuki
ISHIZAWA Naoki56-08ENDO Yoshiki
TANAKA Atsushi36-28ENDO Yoshiki
MIYAKOSHI Orita44-20ENDO Yoshiki