ITO Azumi (Japan)Japanese name(s): 伊藤忍
26 tournaments
152 results
Rated 303 in Japan and T348 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T405 in the World
Latest rating: 1955
2018-11-25: 47_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
OSIHI Akirawon againstITO Azumi
ISOBE Masakiwon againstITO Azumi
TESAKI Satoruwon againstITO Azumi
ITO Azumiwon againstNARUMI Hisatoshi
HIROTA Zizyunyawon againstITO Azumi
ONISHI Masaakiwon againstITO Azumi
2018-11-18: year_forgetting_conference_2018(Japan)
ITO Azumi53-11KAWATA Tetsu
ITO Azumi39-25FURANSU Ibanderu
ITO Azumi35-29ARAKI Yasuyuki
ITO Azumi37-27SATO Reiko
ITO Azumi36-28ENOMOTO Hiroyuki
2018-11-04: 47_All_Japan_Tokai_prelim(Japan)
TESAKI Satoru37-27ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi33-31IWASAKI Masaaki
ITO Azumi51-13SANO Hirotaka
ITO Azumi43-21YOSHIKAWA Chiaki
ITO Azumi41-23TOMIBE Norikiyo
ITO Azumi39-25FUJITA Takeshi
2018-08-11: 90_Hamamatsu_open(Japan)
ITO Azumi48-16KAWATA Tetsu
MIZUNO Keigo37-27ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi39-25IWASAKI Masaaki
ITO Azumi53-11HASEGAWA Toshi
NAGAO Hiroto33-31ITO Azumi
2018-06-10: 46_All_Japan_Tokai_prelim(Japan)
ITO Azumi33-31OSIHI Akira
TAKAHASHI Shiu33-31ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi52-12NAMIKI Azuri
FUJITA Takeshi39-25ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi47-17OZAKI Yoshito
ARAKI Yasuyuki43-21ITO Azumi
2018-04-08: Shizuoka_championship_2018(Japan)
ITO Azumi56-08ABE Yoichi
ITO Azumi45-19OSIHI Akira
ITO Azumi43-21SATO Reiko
ENOMOTO Hiroyuki43-21ITO Azumi
ARAKI Yasuyuki35-29ITO Azumi
2018-03-18: 39_Meijin(Japan)
ATOBE Shuugowon againstITO Azumi
HARIMOTO Suguruwon againstITO Azumi
MATSUMOTO Kazunoriwon againstITO Azumi
ITO Azumiwon againstKASAI Yuta
AKAGI Tachirowon againstITO Azumi
ITO Azumiwon againstATACHI Riku
YAMAGUCHI Tomokiwon againstITO Azumi
2018-02-04: 2018_Shizuoka_expert_games(Japan)
ITO Azumi46-18SHIOSAWA Kousuke
ITO Azumi34-30SANO Hirotaka
ITO Azumi39-25ARAKI Yasuyuki
ITO Azumi37-27TESAKI Satoru
ITO Azumi50-14OZAKI Yoshito
ITO Azumi49-15MUKAI Daisuke
2018-01-14: New_Year_conference(Japan)
ITO Azumi34-30ARAKI Yasuyuki
ITO Azumi46-18OZAKI Yoshito
ITO Azumi59-05TAOKI Yuna
NAGAO Hiroto39-25ITO Azumi
TESAKI Satoru38-26ITO Azumi
2018-01-06: Shinagawa_open_2018(Japan)
ITO Azumi38-26FUKUZUKA Ichihiro
NAGASHIMA Kazuhito37-27ITO Azumi
OSATO Suguru50-14ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi38-26OHTAKE Kosuke
YAMAGUCHI Tomoki37-27ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi34-30KIMURA Sato
2017-11-19: 41_Inuyama_open(Japan)
ITO Azumi43-21MIYASATO Shiyoko
ITO Azumi41-23YAMANAKA Yukihiro
UNO Toshihiro37-27ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi37-27TAKAGI Yosuke
ITO Azumi34-30SOBASHIMA Ooji
ITO Azumi36-28UNO Toshihiro
2017-11-12: year_forgetting_conf_2017(Japan)
NAGASHIMA Kouyou36-28ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi43-21HASEGAWA Toshi
ITO Azumi54-10MIZUNO Keigo
ITO Azumi49-15FUJIMOTO Kenta
NAMIKI Kazunari41-23ITO Azumi
2017-09-23: 129_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
ITO Azumi39-25GO Shinu
FUJITA Kousuke43-21ITO Azumi
SAJI Kouya48-16ITO Azumi
ATOBE Shuugo46-18ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi37-27MATSUZAKI Asaharu
ITO Azumi34-30UCHIYAMA Akika
2017-08-12: 89_Hamamatsu_meeting(Japan)
ITO Azumi47-17HASEGAWA Toshi
ITO Azumi51-13FUJITA Takeshi
IWASAKI Masaaki33-31ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi46-18FUJITA Koichi
ITO Azumi35-29MUKAI Daisuke
NAMIKI Kazunari44-20ITO Azumi
2017-07-16: 45_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
OKAMOTO Kazukiwon againstITO Azumi
ISHIGURO Hirokiwon againstITO Azumi
ITO Azumiwon againstOBARA Hiroto
ITO Azumiwon againstTOYOTA Hiroshi
ISHIKAWA Hikaruwon againstITO Azumi
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstITO Azumi
2017-06-18: 45_All_Japan_Tokai_prelim(Japan)
ITO Azumi51-13KAWATA Tetsu
ITO Azumi56-08NAMIKI Azuri
ITO Azumi40-24TANAKA Atsushi
ITO Azumi34-30MUKAI Daisuke
ITO Azumi38-26YUKA Takaaki
ITO Azumi60-04HASEGAWA Toshi
2017-06-11: 45_All_Japan_Tokai_prelim(Japan)
ARAKI Yasuyuki45-19ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi34-30TAKAHASHI Shiu
ITO Azumi50-14NAMIKI Azuri
YOSHIKAWA Chiakiwon againstITO Azumi
ITO Azumi41-23TANAKA Atsushi
NAMIKI Kazunari44-20ITO Azumi
2017-05-21: 94_Sendai_open(Japan)
OSHIMIZU Takanori47-17ITO Azumi
KOBAYASHI Manabu51-13ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi41-23WADA Chiaki
ITO Azumi36-28WADA Masaki
2017-05-04: 47_Blue_Sky_conf(Japan)
ITO Azumi32-32KAWAMURA Yoshihiro
ITO Azumi44-20KAWAMURA Toyoto
KAWAMURA Toyoto52-12ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi58-06IWASAKI Masaaki
IWASAKI Masaaki36-28ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi34-30MUKAI Daisuke
2017-04-09: Shizuka_champ_2017(Japan)
MUKAI Daisuke42-22ITO Azumi
ARAKI Yasuyuki52-12ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi52-12TATEISHI Ooji
OZAKI Yoshito34-30ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi55-09NAMIKI Azuri
2017-03-05: 38_Inuyama_open(Japan)
ITO Azumi53-11NAKAMURA Katashi
ITO Azumi34-30FUKUDA Akihiro
ITO Azumi40-24TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
TAKAHASHI Akihiro51-13ITO Azumi
MIYAGAWA Keigo35-29ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi41-23YOSHIYUKI Suganuma
2017-02-05: 2017_Shizuoka_expert_games(Japan)
ARAKI Yasuyuki58-06ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi47-17OZAKI Yoshito
ITO Azumi48-16SUGIYAMA Takahiro
SANO Hirotaka33-31ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi47-17TATEISHI Ooji
ITO Azumi45-19ENOMOTO Hiroyuki
KAWATA Tetsu35-29ITO Azumi
2017-01-03: Shinagawa_open_2017(Japan)
KAMIKURA Daisuke44-20ITO Azumi
SATO Yutaka38-26ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi39-25YAMADA Kazuko
NAKAMURA Kazuki37-27ITO Azumi
NISHIMURA Haruna39-25ITO Azumi
MITSUYA Nobuaki53-11ITO Azumi
TAYAMA Tsubasa39-25ITO Azumi
2016-12-11: year_forgetting_conf_2016(Japan)
ITO Azumi51-13SATO Masuo
ARAKI Yasuyuki45-19ITO Azumi
ENOMOTO Hiroyuki34-30ITO Azumi
OHTSUBO Hidetaka42-22ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi40-24SHIOSAWA Kousuke
2016-11-12: 111_Chiyarenshi_open_beginner(Japan)
OCHIAI Naohumi49-15ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi43-21YUBARA Satoshi
ITO Azumi42-22UCHIYAMA Shuuhei
ITO Azumi42-22SASAKI Yuuhei
AYAKIRI Takuya35-29ITO Azumi
ITO Azumi50-14KAMATANI Akihiro
2016-08-11: 88_Hamamatsu_meeting(Japan)
ITO Azumi36-28WAKITA Kengo
ITO Azumi46-18FUJIMOTO Masaki
ITO Azumi38-26KAWATA Tetsu
ITO Azumi44-20UKAI Takane
ITO Azumi56-08FUJIMOTO Kenta