ROY Jesica (India)

5 tournaments
38 results
Player ID: 350041
Rated 12 in India and 597 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 857 in the World
Latest rating: 1125
2023-07-15: West Asia Championship 2023(India)
ROY Jesica45-19MOTIVARAS Hardik
CHOUDHARY Ashok50-14ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica56-08PARMAR Rajendra Sinh
DHAPA Sanjay23-41ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica16-48VYAS Mehul
ROY Amar51-13ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica54-10PANDYA Shailesh
PANIGRAHI Somnath47-17ROY Jesica
2023-07-13: Indian Championship 2023(India)
JAIN Rishaya56-08ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica17-47JAIN Rishaya
ROY Jesica07-57JAIN Rishaya
MOTIVARAS Hardik24-40ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica36-28PARMAR Rajendra Sinh
JADEJA Jayendra Sinh46-18ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica16-48CHOUDHARY Ashok
ROY Jesica40-24KANJARIYA Jeram
2023-03-18: Kolkata Othello Championship(India)
ROY Jesica09-55PAUL Tuhin
SHARMA Anirudh46-18ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica38-26SHARMA Anirudh
SHARMA Anirudh55-09ROY Jesica
SHARMA Anirudh64-00ROY Jesica
MONDAL Avijit15-49ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica52-12DAS Indradev
DAS Sanjit10-54ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica26-38ROY Amar
2022-03-05: Kolkata Championship 2022(India)
ROY Jesica07-57VYAS Mehul
GHOSH Partha Sarathi14-50ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica42-22BITTAR Iswar
DAS Sanjit07-57ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica16-48PANIGRAHI Somnath
PAUL Tuhin52-12ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica44-20DAY Rahul
2021-03-07: Kolkata Othello Championship 2021(India)
SINGHA Indrajit64-00ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica36-28DAS Chiranjit
MITRA Subhadip52-12ROY Jesica
DAS Sanjit45-19ROY Jesica
ROY Jesica16-48SHAW Sandip
ROY Mrinal00-64ROY Jesica