CHEN Shaodi (China)

7 tournaments
50 results
Player ID: 60010
Rated 9 in China and T210 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T261 in the World
Latest rating: 2006
WOF online rating: 1862, view profile on Vint.ee
2023-04-29: Hangzhou open(China)
CHEN Xunwon againstCHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodiwon againstCHEN Xu
DU Zhouziwon againstCHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodiwon againstHUANG Xiaolong
CHEN Jialost toCHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodiwon againstWANG Zhen
MIYAZAKI Junwon againstCHEN Shaodi
2021-10-16: Hangzhou open(China)
WANG Zhujun39-25CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi57-07WANG Zhongyuan
HU Bei09-55CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi29-35YANG Bo
WANG Zhen32-32CHEN Shaodi
HU Jiayu20-44CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi51-13ZHU Linyun
2019-05-26: 2019 Guangzhou Trials(China)
LAM Maverick41-23CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi55-09SHI Peipei
LIN Jiayi39-25CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi47-17WANG Yun
LIN Lanbo50-14CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Xun32-32CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi42-22YU Jinlei
CHEN Shaodi48-16XIAO Xiaohui
2018-11-25: (Broadway cup) - 11 Guangzhou Open(China)
LI Yuebo20-44CHEN Shaodi
QIU Yifeng36-28CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi48-16ZENG Yanbo
LI Chang29-35CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi24-40LAM Maverick
GUAN Jinchao37-27CHEN Shaodi
2017-10-05: 20171005_6_Shanghai_Open_CHN.(China)
CHEN Shaodi12-52DU Zhouzi
CHEN Shaodi58-06HONG Yulan
KANG Le47-17CHEN Shaodi
FENG Ling33-31CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi13-51WANG Zhen
LI Chang26-38CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi41-23ZHAO Jing
2017-04-29: 7th Tianjin Open(China)
LIU Yaqing13-51CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi33-31YU Tao
SONG Yan35-29CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Xu35-29CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi27-37WANG Weiwei
CHEN Shaodi48-16JIA Baolong
JI Zihui32-32CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi16-48SONG Yan
CHEN Shaodi33-31CHEN Xu
2016-05-02: 5 Beijing open(China)
WANG Weiwei51-13CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi24-40JI Zihui
KANG Le31-33CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi37-27YU Tao
SONG Yan48-16CHEN Shaodi
CHEN Shaodi27-37JIA Baolong