CHIANG Jou Chen (Taiwan)
4 tournaments
32 results
Rated 3 in Taiwan and T477 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T573 in the World
Latest rating: 1845

Jou Chen Chiang is the #2 rated player in Taiwan and started playing competitively in 2019. She has played 3 tournaments so far and will be playing her first World Othello championship 2019 in Hong Kong!

  • 2019
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
LEE Chun Ae50-14CHIANG Jou Chen
CHIANG Jou Chen27-37SHIFMAN Micky
AHN Taeyoung21-43CHIANG Jou Chen
CHIANG Jou Chen53-11NOH Euichan
SHIFMAN Ilya02-62CHIANG Jou Chen
CHIANG Jou Chen41-23KIM Taeyeon
VINAR Matt41-23CHIANG Jou Chen
KRACZYK Roman35-29CHIANG Jou Chen
CHIANG Jou Chen54-10BLIJLEVEN Mireille
CHONG Sky37-27CHIANG Jou Chen
CHIANG Jou Chen27-37KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
2019-06-02: Taiwan Othello Open 2019(Taiwan)
CHIANG Jou Chen14-50YANG Kelvin
LEE Chen Yu16-48CHIANG Jou Chen
CHIANG Jou Chen41-23LIN Han Syun
CHIANG Jou Chen21-43HUANG Chao Yi
LU Kai Yi20-44CHIANG Jou Chen
KE Ching Tsung40-24CHIANG Jou Chen
2019-03-24: 40_Meijin(Japan)
MATSUZAKA Daikiwon againstCHIANG Jou Chen
CHIANG Jou Chenwon againstROSE Brian
KITANO Ochachiwon againstCHIANG Jou Chen
CHIANG Jou Chenwon againstYAMAGUCHI Hironobu
OHMORI Keitawon againstCHIANG Jou Chen
SOBAJIMA Daichiwon againstCHIANG Jou Chen
CHIANG Jou Chenwon againstHARA Sousuke
2019-03-23: 40_Meijin_women(Japan)
CHIANG Jou Chenwon againstTATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
TAGUCHI Mikawon againstCHIANG Jou Chen
SUGAWARA Misawon againstCHIANG Jou Chen
HADA Junwon againstCHIANG Jou Chen
CHIANG Jou Chenwon againstIWASE Mutsumi
CHIANG Jou Chenwon againstHAYASAKA Toshie