MA Derek (Hong-Kong)

13 tournaments
104 results
Player ID: 6405
Rated 10 in Hong-Kong and T499 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T594 in the World
Latest rating: 1862
WOF online rating: 1853, view profile on Vint.ee

Derek Ma has played Othello competitively since 2004 and he will be playing his first World Othello championship this year, WOC 2019 in Tokyo, Japan!

2021-10-03: Hong Kong open(Hong-Kong)
TSOI Chun Yip49-15MA Derek
MA Derek59-05WONG Ka Ho
CHOW Ka Ming35-29MA Derek
LEUNG Kai Wan20-44MA Derek
MA Derek33-31YANG Kelvin
MA Derek34-30MADRONA Mario
FU Velma35-29MA Derek
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
BERG Matthias33-31MA Derek
MA Derek29-35VINAR Matt
SHIFMAN Shani14-50MA Derek
MA Derek25-39SHIFMAN Ilya
SHIFMAN Leonid14-50MA Derek
BATTULGA Namkhai27-37MA Derek
MA Derek19-45LEE Chun Wai
MILANKOV Samuel31-33MA Derek
MA Derek23-41KWEK Jin Xiang
KIM Taeyeon24-40MA Derek
MA Derek34-30HEMPIJIT Woramet
DE GRAAF Jan C40-24MA Derek
2019-07-13: Hong Kong WOC Qualify Tournament(Hong-Kong)
HON Otto32-32MA Derek
MA Derek15-49LEE Chun Wai
MA Derek43-21WEN Zeshun
DONG Zhen44-20MA Derek
MA Derek37-27YANG Kelvin
FU Velma31-33MA Derek
CHOW Ka Ming44-20MA Derek
MA Derek21-43LAM Maverick
MA Derek40-24IP Wai Sing
LEE Chun Kui30-34MA Derek
MA Derek26-38MADRONA Mario
WONG Chi Wah28-36MA Derek
MA Derek31-33LI Chun Wan
2019-05-26: 2019 Guangzhou Trials(China)
CHEN Xu23-41MA Derek
MA Derek35-29DONG Zhen
ZHAO Jing28-36MA Derek
MA Derek17-47KANG Le
LIN Jiayi11-53MA Derek
MA Derek30-34YANG Kelvin
CHEN Kai58-06MA Derek
DU Zhouzi41-23MA Derek
2019-04-14: Hong Kong Othello Open 2019(Hong-Kong)
LEE Shui Man21-43MA Derek
MA Derek31-33LAM Maverick
FU Velma38-26MA Derek
MA Derek51-13CHAN Pok Hei
CHOW Ka Ming41-23MA Derek
MA Derek28-36CHUNG Lau Kin
HUI Chun Kit47-17MA Derek
2018-11-25: (Broadway cup) - 11 Guangzhou Open(China)
MA Derek30-34GUAN Jinchao
DONG Zhen35-29MA Derek
MA Derek36-28HUA Zhibin
MA Derek33-31LI Chang
YANG Pengcheng33-31MA Derek
2018-06-02: 2018 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
DONG Zhen42-22MA Derek
MA Derek39-25HON Otto
MA Derek50-14CHAN Cheuk Wing
MAK Wai Tung55-09MA Derek
MA Derek25-39NG Ka Fu
PANG Hai Hoi02-62MA Derek
MA Derek41-23CHU Chee Chin
2017-07-16: Hong Kong Othello Championship 2017(Hong-Kong)
MA Derek54-10WONG Ka Ho
MAK Wai Tung27-37MA Derek
TSOI Chun Yip51-13MA Derek
MA Derek33-31YANG Kelvin
LI Chun Wan16-48MA Derek
MA Derek33-31DONG Zhen
YUNG Yuk Wa13-51MA Derek
DONG Zhen32-32MA Derek
MA Derek23-41TSOI Chun Yip
2016-06-19: 2016 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
MA Derek06-58LAM Maverick
LUM Lok Pui Vincent57-07MA Derek
MA Derek38-26FANG Randy
LI Chun Wan51-13MA Derek
WEN Zeshun31-33MA Derek
MA Derek06-58YANG Kelvin
KONG Peter22-42MA Derek
2015-09-13: 2015 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
MA Derek16-48FANG Randy
YUNG Yuk Wa22-42MA Derek
MA Derek41-23HUI Chun Kit
CHAN Lik Fung25-39MA Derek
TSOI Chun Yip36-28MA Derek
MA Derek25-39LI Chun Wan
MA Derek37-27WONG Chi Wah
2005-08-27: 2005 Canadian Championship(Canada)
MA Derekwon againstHAMELIN Paul
WILLIAMS Eddiewon againstMA Derek
MA Derekwon againstDU PLESSIS Jean-Roch
MA Dereklost toFU Jacky
CORIO Marclost toMA Derek
MA Derekwon againstFU Jacky
FU Jackywon againstMA Derek
MA Dereklost toFU Jacky
2005-08-132005-08-14: US National Championship 2005(USA)
MA Derekwon againstDIAMOND Judith
WILSON Timothywon againstMA Derek
YIU Edmundwon againstMA Derek
FANG Randylost toMA Derek
CHITRA Yohaneswon againstMA Derek
ROSE Brianwon againstMA Derek
KANEDA Shigeruwon againstMA Derek
2004-08-22: 2004 Canadian Championship(Canada)
MA Dereklost toCORIO Marc
KRZYWONOS Timwon againstMA Derek
HORNER Rusty32-32MA Derek
SY Steven32-32MA Derek
MA Dereklost toFU Jacky
CHOW Kasewon againstMA Derek