DUBOV Alexey (Russia)

11 tournaments
90 results
Player ID: 320026
Rated 8 in Russia and 144 in Europe and 624 in the World
Latest rating: 1651
WOF online rating: 1738, view profile on Vint.ee
2024-04-13: Saint Petersburg open (Russia)
PAVLISHIN Alexey29-35DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey23-41GUTOROV Ivan
AVERKOV Denis25-39DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey43-21BOGDANOVA Elena
SANOTSKY Anton32-32DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey30-34LI Victoria
2019-11-09: Saint-Petersburg Open 2019(Russia)
SARASKINA Elena10-54DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey42-22PAVLISHIN Alexey
TKACHENKO Anton16-48DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey37-27GUTOROV Ivan
DUBOV Alexey24-40SANOTSKY Anton
AVERKOV Denis23-41DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey39-25BOGDANOVA Elena
2018-09-082018-09-09: EGP Moscow(Russia)
DUBOV Alexey48-16SOKOLOVA Mariya
GRISHIN Dmitry35-29DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey48-16LIVANOV Roman
DUBOV Tikhon20-44DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey11-53ATAMANOV Dmitry
SCHOTTE Tom38-26DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey37-27SENNOV Yuri
MARYANIN Vadim36-28DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey59-05VINOKUROV Vladislav
PEREL'MAN Andrey44-20DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey50-14DORODNYKH Maksim
2017-01-25: Larix 2017 Moscow(Russia)
DUBOV Alexey37-27HANDZHAN Tatyana
PEREL'MAN Andrey20-44DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey26-38SYACHIN Alexandr
MARYANIN Vadim44-20DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey42-22GNEZDILOV Viktor
DUBOV Tikhon22-42DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey36-28ATAMANOV Dmitry
KOBZEV Vyacheslav28-36DUBOV Alexey
KHIVCOVA Veronika23-41DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey33-31AVERINA Elena
SOKOLOV Alexandr37-27DUBOV Alexey
KOBZEV Vyacheslav17-47DUBOV Alexey
2016-04-092016-04-10: EGP Saint Petersburg 2016(Russia)
SCHOTTE Tomwon againstDUBOV Alexey
MORKOTUN Alexandrwon againstDUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexeywon againstSANOTSKY Anton
DUBOV Alexeywon againstSHIFMAN Micky
DUBOV Alexeywon againstSHIFMAN Ilya
DUBOV Alexeywon againstAVERKOV Denis
ATAMANOV Dmitrywon againstDUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexeywon againstPUZZO Luigi
DUBOV Alexeywon againstGUTOROV Ivan
TSYKIN Konstantinwon againstDUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexeywon againstABIBULLAIEV Eldar
2013-10-242013-10-26: WOC 2013 (Stockholm)(World)
BARRASS Iain21-43DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey21-43SCHOTTE Tom
CHONG Sky46-18DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey36-28HELMES Jiska
SANO Yoko36-28DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey35-29HEMPIJIT Woramet
DANIELSEN Jostein53-11DUBOV Alexey
DOUDA Tomas21-43DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey28-36HOBO Roel
DUBOV Alexey24-40SURY Bartlomiej
VALLUND Henrik31-33DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey10-54BERNER Nils
2013-09-14: St. Peterburg open(Russia)
TKACHENKO Anton37-27DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey64-00KUKLIN Anton
AVERKOV Denis33-31DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey36-28SANOTSKY Anton
DUBOV Tikhon43-21DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey53-11ATAMANOV Dmitry
DUBOV Alexey52-12BOGDANOVA Elena
2012-07-28: 1st RFO tournament - St.-Petersburg(Russia)
DUBOV Alexey28-36SANOTSKY Anton
POPOV Alexey29-35DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey25-39TKACHENKO Anton
MAGRACHEV Leonid37-27DUBOV Alexey
2010-08-14: 3st RFO tournament, MOSCOW , August 2010(Russia)
DUBOV Alexey52-12KOBZEV Vyacheslav
DUBOV Tikhon39-25DUBOV Alexey
SYACHIN Alexandr25-39DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey28-36SAMCHENKO Alexandr
DUBOV Alexey31-33AVERKOV Denis
DUBOV Alexey12-52MELNIKOV Dmitry
2010-04-10: 2st RFO tournament, St.-Petersburg(Russia)
DUBOV Alexey43-21SARASKINA Elena
DUBOV Alexey52-12GRISHIN Dmitry
DUBOV Alexey44-20POPOV Alexey
SAMCHENKO Alexandr39-25DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey34-30BALUEV Andrey
DUBOV Alexey43-21DUBOV Tikhon
GUTOROV Ivan55-9DUBOV Alexey
DUBOV Alexey41-23SENIN Alexander
2009-04-05: 3st RFO tournament, St.-Petersburg , April 2009(Russia)
SYACHIN Alexandr36-28DUBOV Alexey
PEREL'MAN Andrey34-30DUBOV Alexey
MELNIKOV Dmitry41-23DUBOV Alexey