KOSUKE Daisuke (Japan)Japanese name(s): 桐井宏輔
16 tournaments
96 results
Rated T222 in Japan and T260 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T310 in the World
Latest rating: 2016
2017-04-08: 115_Chiyarenshi_beginner(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisuke47-17TAKAGI Ako
TAJIMA Isao50-14KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke53-11KOJIMA Akiyasu
KOSUKE Daisuke39-25HIROSE Risa
KOSUKE Daisuke54-10SUZUKI Akina
2016-06-11: 107_Chiyarenshi_open_beginner(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisuke59-05ONOSATO Masashi
HATA Terushi50-14KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke55-09UCHIYAMA Shuuhei
KOSUKE Daisuke44-20NAKAMURA Rintaro
TAJIMA Isao53-11KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke40-24NAKAMURA Rintaro
2016-01-16: 103_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisuke57-07ATOBE Shuugo
SASAKI Yasuyuki41-23KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke49-15KUBO Katsuhiko
KOSUKE Daisuke43-21KUDOU Yuusei
KOSUKE Daisuke39-25ISHII Takamasa
SASAKI Yasuyuki35-29KOSUKE Daisuke
2015-11-14: 101_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisuke45-19NAKAMURA Rintaro
TAKAHASHI Kaito36-28KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke40-24SAJI Kouya
TANI Yuuki41-23KOSUKE Daisuke
KUDOU Yuusei35-29KOSUKE Daisuke
2010-07-25: 38_Hokkaido_open_B(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisuke42-22NAKAZIMA Hisae
GOTO Yuichi36-28KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke33-31KOMA Ryosuke
KOSUKE Daisuke46-18OHMORI Miyuki
KOSUKE Daisuke43-21NAKAZIMA Hisae
2010-05-23: 6_Sapporo_open(Japan)
OKABAYASHI Noguchi38-26KOSUKE Daisuke
KIYONOBU Kenta37-27KOSUKE Daisuke
NISHIMURA Tomoaki47-17KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke38-26MATSUMOTO Michio
KOSUKE Daisuke37-27SATO Tetsuya
KOSUKE Daisuke52-12WADA Katsuhiko
2010-02-13: 58_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisuke39-25SAITO Takahisa
KOSUKE Daisuke42-22OHMORI Yasunori
ASAKAWA Takuya33-31KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke34-30YUBARA Satoshi
KOSUKE Daisuke40-24MAKITA Kaname
KOSUKE Daisuke46-18MARUYAMA Hiroaki
2010-01-09: 57_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisuke40-24TSURUOKA Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke39-25MITO Hiiro
ICHIMURA Hiroki37-27KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke43-21KUME Toru
SANO Joichiro39-25KOSUKE Daisuke
OBA Hiroyuki33-31KOSUKE Daisuke
2009-11-14: 55_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisuke37-27SANO Joichiro
KOSUKE Daisuke44-20ASAKAWA Takuya
KOSUKE Daisuke44-20ICHIMURA Hiroki
UMEMURA Yuji34-30KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke39-25MITO Hiiro
UMEMURA Yuji37-27KOSUKE Daisuke
2009-02-14: 47_Chiyarenshi_B(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisuke37-27MORITA Yutsuka
KOSUKE Daisuke33-31NOBORU Takuo
SHINOHARA Chiaki34-30KOSUKE Daisuke
MITO Hiirowon againstKOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke43-21ICHIMURA Hiroki
2008-07-12: 41st challenge cup B(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisukewon againstSUZUKI Takuma
KOSUKE Daisukewon againstSHINOZAKI Kimio
HAMADA Atsushilost toKOSUKE Daisuke
MORITA Yutsukalost toKOSUKE Daisuke
SASAKI Reiwon againstKOSUKE Daisuke
TANIGUCHI Yukiyoshiwon againstKOSUKE Daisuke
2008-02-09: 36th challenge cup beginner(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisukelost toNAGAMATSU Ryota
SUZUKI Yutalost toKOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisukewon againstTOKI Hidenobu
KOSUKE Daisukewon againstSHUTSUKU Mizuki
TOKI Yugowon againstKOSUKE Daisuke
SATO Takumawon againstKOSUKE Daisuke
2007-11-10: 33rd challenge cup - B(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisukelost toSHINOHARA Chiaki
KOSUKE Daisukewon againstSHINOHARA Ryo
KOSUKE Daisukewon againstNAGAMATSU Ryota
KOSUKE Daisukewon againstISAKA Tomoaki
TAKAO Yukiwon againstKOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisukewon againstHAMADA Atsushi
2007-10-06: 40th Shinagawa seaside opening(Japan)
TAKEISHI Takuyawon againstKOSUKE Daisuke
MASUDA Letakawon againstKOSUKE Daisuke
NAKAO Takahirolost toKOSUKE Daisuke
OHUCHI Yasuhirowon againstKOSUKE Daisuke
SATO Tetsuyawon againstKOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisukewon againstSAKURAI Takeuchi
2007-10-06: 40_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
TAKEISHI Takuya42-22KOSUKE Daisuke
MASUDA Letaka45-19KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke45-19NAKAO Takahiro
OHUCHI Yasuhiro40-24KOSUKE Daisuke
SATO Tetsuya48-16KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke35-29SAKURAI Takeuchi
2006-10-14: 29_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
KOIDE Satoshi45-19KOSUKE Daisuke
NOGAMI Yoshiyuki39-25KOSUKE Daisuke
KOSUKE Daisuke40-24OHMORI Keita
IIJIMA Takamune38-26KOSUKE Daisuke
MITSUYA Nobuaki37-27KOSUKE Daisuke