MORITA Yutsuka (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 森田豊
23 tournaments
130 results
Rated T318 in Japan and T371 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T445 in the World
Latest rating: 1930
2017-12-23: 61_Nagareyama_B(Japan)
MORITA Yutsuka44-20KANEKO Hikaru
MORITA Yutsuka42-22NAKAJIMA Hajime
MORITA Yutsuka39-25SASAKI Yuuhei
NARA Yumiko52-12MORITA Yutsuka
2012-01-29: 12_Hyogo_open(Japan)
MORITA Yutsuka34-30ABE Yusuke
TOYOTA Atsushi35-29MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka33-31MASE Ohachi
MORITA Yutsuka42-22NOMURA Yusuke
OHTSUBO Masayuki34-30MORITA Yutsuka
2009-03-14: 48_Chiyarenshi_B(Japan)
SUZUKI Takuma38-26MORITA Yutsuka
SUZUKI Atsushi34-30MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka45-19ICHIMURA Hiroki
MORITA Yutsuka46-18NAGAMATSU Yoshiyuki
MITO Hiiro34-30MORITA Yutsuka
2009-03-01: 62_Kanagawa_Open_A(Japan)
MORITA Yutsuka54-10HITOMI Ryisuke
MORITA Yutsuka37-27SHINOHARA Chiaki
NAKAGAWA Ohkura52-12MORITA Yutsuka
TOKI Hidenobu42-22MORITA Yutsuka
NOBORU Takuo64-00MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka57-07MURAKAMI Megumi
2009-02-14: 47_Chiyarenshi_B(Japan)
KOSUKE Daisuke37-27MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka41-23YUBARA Satoshi
MITO Hiiro38-26MORITA Yutsuka
NOBORU Takuo39-25MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka41-23ICHIMURA Hiroki
2009-01-25: 28_King_State(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya45-19MORITA Yutsuka
ARAKI Kentaro35-29MORITA Yutsuka
SUKO Masayuki40-24MORITA Yutsuka
NAGANO Yasushi39-25MORITA Yutsuka
2008-12-13: 46_Chiyarenshi_B(Japan)
MITO Hiiro35-29MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka49-15YOSHIDA Hito
MORITA Yutsuka45-19SOMEYA Shingo
MORITA Yutsuka49-15TOKI Hidenobu
TANIDA Keiko53-11MORITA Yutsuka
KANAZAWA Kota37-27MORITA Yutsuka
2008-11-29: 25_King_State(Japan)
MIYAZAKI Yuji50-14MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka50-14ISHIWATA Yoshikazu
SATO Yutaka35-29MORITA Yutsuka
KURACHI Takayuki48-16MORITA Yutsuka
OHTAKE Kosuke38-26MORITA Yutsuka
2008-11-02: 60_Kanagawa_A(Japan)
MORITA Yutsuka60-04ISHII Hiroki
MORITA Yutsuka34-30OGINO Takeru
TOKI Hidenobu43-21MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka46-18SHINOHARA Chiaki
NARITA Daisuke45-19MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka34-30KANAZAWA Kota
2008-10-18: 27_King_State_B(Japan)
SUGISAKI Harumi39-25MORITA Yutsuka
HISHIYAMA Yuichi36-28MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka34-30KOBAYASHI Syunjiro
MORITA Yutsuka38-26SAKURAI Takeuchi
NAGAMATSU Ryota41-23MORITA Yutsuka
2008-09-15: 19_King_state_Open(Japan)
SATO Tetsuya48-16MORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka51-13YAMANOUCHI Atsushi
HAYAKAWA Shigeru49-15MORITA Yutsuka
ISHIWATA Yoshikazu51-13MORITA Yutsuka
ISHIKAWA Akira53-11MORITA Yutsuka
2008-07-27: 17_King_state_Open(Japan)
KOSHINO Kazuhiko47-17MORITA Yutsuka
YAMAMURA Yuuki48-16MORITA Yutsuka
SATO Tetsuya39-25MORITA Yutsuka
TANIDA Keiko34-30MORITA Yutsuka
2008-07-13: 105th Nagareyama open(Japan)
WATANABE Hajimewon againstMORITA Yutsuka
TAKEDA Kyokowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
SATO Yuriwon againstMORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSANO Kikuji
2008-07-12: 41st challenge cup B(Japan)
MORITA Yutsukawon againstYUBARA Satoshi
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSASAKI Rei
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSUZUKI Masahiro
MORITA Yutsukalost toKOSUKE Daisuke
MORITA Yutsukawon againstTOKI Hidenobu
HAMADA Atsushiwon againstMORITA Yutsuka
2008-07-06: 2008 Kanagawa Open B(Japan)
AOKI Takayoshilost toMORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSUZUKI Etsuya
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSUZUKI Takuma
MORITA Yutsukalost toSANO Joichiro
SUZUKI Masahirowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsukawon againstNAGAMATSU Yoshiyuki
MORITA Yutsukawon againstNISHIZAWA Miki
2008-06-28: 16th King state special(Japan)
WATANABE Hideakiwon againstMORITA Yutsuka
TAKEISHI Takuyalost toMORITA Yutsuka
OHNO Atsukolost toMORITA Yutsuka
IWATA Hiroyukiwon againstMORITA Yutsuka
KOBAYASHI Manabuwon againstMORITA Yutsuka
KINOSHITA Hisakowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
2008-06-15: 15th King state special(Japan)
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSATO Yutaka
TANAKA Atsushiwon againstMORITA Yutsuka
TOKI Yugowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSATO Ryu
MORITA Yutsukawon againstKOIDE Satoshi
ISHIKAWA Akirawon againstMORITA Yutsuka
2008-04-19: 22th king state cup B(Japan)
YAMADA Gorolost toMORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsukalost toSHINOHARA Chiaki
IMAI Daikiwon againstMORITA Yutsuka
TAKIGAWA Mitsuakiwon againstMORITA Yutsuka
SUGISAKI Harumilost toMORITA Yutsuka
SUZUKI Yutawon againstMORITA Yutsuka
2008-04-13: 209th Kawagoe game(Japan)
TODA Tomoyawon againstMORITA Yutsuka
TANIDA Keikowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
SUGISAKI Harumiwon againstMORITA Yutsuka
GOTO Masahirowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
GOTO Hirotowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
KAWAGUCHI Yuukiwon againstMORITA Yutsuka
2008-04-12: 38th challenge cup B(Japan)
MORITA Yutsukalost toSHINOHARA Chiaki
SHINOHARA Ryowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
SAITO Ayumilost toMORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSHINOHARA Jun
SATO Yutakawon againstMORITA Yutsuka
2008-03-12: 208th Kawagoe ranking game(Japan)
KURITA Seiyawon againstMORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsuka32-32WATANABE Keiichi
MORITA Yutsukawon againstTOKI Hidenobu
NISHIYAMA Momokowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSAITO Riki
SANO Yokowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
2008-02-09: 36th challenge cup beginner(Japan)
MORITA Yutsukawon againstKURAHASHI Satoshi
MORITA Yutsukawon againstHAMADA Atsushi
SATO Takumawon againstMORITA Yutsuka
NAGAMATSU Ryotawon againstMORITA Yutsuka
SATO Yurilost toMORITA Yutsuka
TOKI Yugowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
2008-01-12: 35th challenge cup beginner(Japan)
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSOMEYA Shingo
MORITA Yutsukawon againstISA Atsuto
TOKI Yugowon againstMORITA Yutsuka
SATO Yutakawon againstMORITA Yutsuka
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSHINOHARA Chiaki
SHINOHARA Junwon againstMORITA Yutsuka