LEE Chun Ae (Korea)
22 tournaments
165 results
Rated 9 in Korea and T464 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T556 in the World
Latest rating: 1859

Chun Ae Lee is the #11 rated player in Korea and she played her first tournament in 2003. She played her first World Othello championship in 2016 in Mito, Japan. She also participated in Meijin-sen and Ouza-sen the same year. She also participated in WOC 2017 in Ghent, Belgium. This year will be her 3rd WOC(Hong Kong 2019)!

2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
LEE Chun Ae50-14CHIANG Jou Chen
SONG Yan36-28LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae48-16LAUFER Shachar
SURY Bartlomiej48-16LEE Chun Ae
PLOWMAN Luke15-49LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae25-39HOBO Roel
BLIJLEVEN Mireille34-30LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae22-42CHONG Sky
MANLAI Erdenemunkh20-44LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae38-26SANO Yoko
ZHAO Jing44-20LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae41-23MURAWSKI Stefan
DOUDA Tomas21-43LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae13-51WILLIAM Joanna
LEE Chun Ae44-20FU Velma
2019-05-05: 28th Korea othello Championship(Korea)
SOHR Jaeyoung43-21LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae38-26KIM Kwanyoon
AHN Taeyoung30-34LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae30-34PARK Jonghyun
LEE Chun Ae48-16KIM Seong-Hyeon
KIM Taeyeon26-38LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae22-42KIM Jungsoo
2018-09-01: The 2nd Incheon Open(Korea)
HONG Hyungbum17-47LEE Chun Ae
KIM Jungsoo27-37LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae53-11KIM Dongkwon
URANO Kento37-27LEE Chun Ae
OH Joung-Mok38-26LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae17-47YAMAKAWA Takashi
2018-04-27: 27th Korea Championships(Korea)
SEO Youjoon28-36LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae35-29MOON Sungcheol
LEE Chun Ae31-33KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Taeyeon35-29LEE Chun Ae
KIM Jungsoo24-40LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae37-27OH Joung-Mok
KIM Youngbum37-27LEE Chun Ae
2018-01-07: 2 King of Kings(Korea)
LEE Chun Ae26-38HONG Jaeseong
MOON Sungcheol36-28LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae50-14SHIN Donghyeon
KIM Seong-Hyeon16-48LEE Chun Ae
KIM Jungsoo25-39LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae21-43KIM Dongkwon
2017-11-012017-11-03: WOC 2017 (Ghent)(World)
DEXTER Helen17-47LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae37-27DOUDA Tomas
EKLUND Oskar49-15LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae25-39SANO Yoko
ROSSLER Daniel40-24LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae35-29TVEDT Sverre
JUIGNER Arthur47-17LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae48-16HASSAN Ahmed
PECZKOWSKI Pawel43-21LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae38-26REUNES Nick
NICHOLLS Frederic49-15LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae24-40HOBO Roel
VECCHI Maria Serena10-54LEE Chun Ae
2017-08-26: 1st Incheon open(Korea)
LEE Chun Ae29-35SOHR Jaeyoung
LEE Chun Ae27-37KIM Kwanyoon
NAM Sungwoo23-41LEE Chun Ae
MOON Sungcheol18-46LEE Chun Ae
LEE Kwangwook56-08LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae54-10KIM Dongsu
SON Beomkeun34-30LEE Chun Ae
2017-06-18: 3st myeongin(Korea)
KIM Donggyu19-45LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae19-45SOHR Jaeyoung
NAM Sungwoo13-51LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae44-20HA Seungsup
LEE Chun Ae26-38KIM Kwanyoon
SEO Youjoon34-30LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae44-20KIM Gyejin
2017-03-26: Thailand Othello Championship(Thailand)
TATINIJ Grichawit09-55LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae28-36TRASRI Wiangsak
KIM Jungsoo20-44LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae09-55KRAIKOKIT Thammatorn
KRAIKOKIT Piamrat41-23LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae37-27RAKZON Surasak
2017-02-19: 1st Korea-Japan match(Korea)
LEE Chun Ae10-54NAKAJIMA Tetsuya
LEE Chun Ae20-44OKAMOTO Kazuki
LEE Chun Ae33-31WADA Masaki
LEE Chun Ae26-38TAKIZAWA Masaki
LEE Chun Ae17-47SUEKUNI Makoto
LEE Chun Ae12-52MURAKAMI Takeshi
LEE Chun Ae10-54TAKANASHI Yusuke
2017-01-22: 26st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
LEE Kwangwook64-00LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae34-30KIM Taehwa
JEON Gunsoo30-34LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae44-20LEE Mikael
LEE Chun Ae45-19SON Beomkeun
2016-12-18: 1st AR(Korea)
MOON Sungcheol33-31LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae27-37KIM Seongchan
LEE Chun Ae42-22KO Bongju
JEON Gyeonghwa11-53LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae48-16PARK Jonghyun
2016-11-022016-11-04: WOC 2016 (Mito)(World)
WILLIAM Joanna38-26LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae41-23YAP Siew Kun
NIELSEN Kim J18-46LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae30-34CHEW Ching Wuen
DONG Zhen44-20LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae24-40VORACEK Miroslav
VALLUND Henrik30-34LEE Chun Ae
ALBRIGTSEN Vidar27-37LEE Chun Ae
SANO Yoko24-40LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae23-41MAKKONEN Olli
STENBERG Veronica42-22LEE Chun Ae
2016-09-04: 11_Ouza_sen(Japan)
TAKANASHI Yusuke44-20LEE Chun Ae
OHIKE Yoshinori34-30LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae38-26MIYAGAWA Yasuo
KITAJIMA Hideki52-12LEE Chun Ae
NAKAMORI Hiroki53-11LEE Chun Ae
2016-06-26: 1st King of Kings(Korea)
LEE Chun Ae24-40CHUNG Jihoon
HONG Jaeseong38-26LEE Chun Ae
AHN Hwimin06-58LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae46-18NAM Sungwoo
SOHR Jaeyoung33-31LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae41-23KIM Seongchan
2016-04-24: 2nd Myeong-in(Korea)
LEE Chun Ae35-29HA Seungsup
SHIN Dukchul46-18LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae31-33HONG Jaeseong
KIM Dongil37-27LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae35-29KIM Kwanyoon
KIM Donggyu16-48LEE Chun Ae
2016-03-20: 37_Meijin(Japan)
LEE Chun Aewon againstMATSUMOTO Makoto
HONMA Yosukewon againstLEE Chun Ae
GOTO Masahirowon againstLEE Chun Ae
NAGISA Shougowon againstLEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Aewon againstTSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
MATSUNAGA Syouwon againstLEE Chun Ae
KOZUKA Katsuhikowon againstLEE Chun Ae
2016-03-19: 37_Meijin_women(Japan)
LEE Chun Aewon againstHORIUCHI Keiko
LEE Chun Aewon againstHADA Jun
LEE Chun Aewon againstSATO Reiko
KINOSHITA Hisakowon againstLEE Chun Ae
IWASE Mutsumiwon againstLEE Chun Ae
OKAMOTO Harumiwon againstLEE Chun Ae
2016-02-21: 25st Korea Othello Championships(Korea)
TAKANASHI Yusuke30-34LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae43-21HONG Hyungbum
OH Joung-Mok52-12LEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Ae23-41KWON Younghwa
KIM Wangnyeon14-50LEE Chun Ae
2007-05-21: 7th Korean Othello Open(Korea)
KIM Yeongdaewon againstLEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Aelost toYU Yoseop
SEO Youjoonwon againstLEE Chun Ae
HA Seungsuplost toLEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Aelost toJUNG Taejoon
2006-05-22: 2nd Korea Othello Open(Korea)
LEE Chun Aewon againstKIM Sangsun
KIM Seungsulost toLEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Aelost toKIM Kyungjoong
LIM Seongjunlost toLEE Chun Ae
LEE Chun Aewon againstJUNG Taejoon
KIM Jongyongwon againstLEE Chun Ae
2003-09-07: 1st Korean HongKong Teammatch (Seoul)(Korea)
LEE Chun Aelost toKIM Kwansoo
LEE Chun Aewon againstJUNG Taejoon
LEE Chun Aelost toLEE Kwangwook
LEE Chun Aelost toJUNG Taejoon
LEE Chun Aewon againstYUEN Kwai Chim
LEE Chun Aewon againstOH Joung-Mok
LEE Chun Aelost toMAK Wai Tung
LEE Chun Aelost toWONG Ka Hang
LEE Chun Aelost toTSOI Chun Yip
LEE Chun Aelost toWU Katie
LEE Chun Aelost toFU Jacky
LEE Chun Aewon againstYUEN Kwai Chim