AHN Taeyoung (Korea)

13 tournaments
102 results
Player ID: 30501
Rated 7 in Korea and 326 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 411 in the World
Latest rating: 1873
WOF online rating: 1770, view profile on Vint.ee

Taeyoung Ahn is the #19 rated player in South Korea and has played 4 tournaments! He reached 4th in the Korea championships. WOC 2019 will be his first World Othello championship; Thats one heck of a way to start your Othello playing career!


4th place in the 28th Korea championships

2023-06-23: Asia Pacific Othello Championship 2023(Mongolia)
AHN Taeyoung59-05DARKHANTAMIR Sonor
ERDENEBAT Batbaatar05-59AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung60-04TERGEL Anudari
TAKANASHI Yusuke42-22AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung52-12UUGANBAYAR Temuulen
SHI Peipei32-32AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung49-15GANBAYAR Uguumur
SOUDA Shun44-20AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung46-18BATTULGA Namkhai
BAYASGALAN Tuguldur08-56AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung17-47SAJI Kouya
AHN Taeyoung27-37SHI Peipei
ZHU Linyun16-48AHN Taeyoung
2023-02-18: 5th Korea King of Kings(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung30-34KIM Jungsoo
JANG Hyunwoo36-28AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung50-14HA Seungsup
SOHR Jaeyoung41-23AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung28-36JANG Hyunwoo
KIM Jungsoo24-40AHN Taeyoung
2022-10-282022-10-30: WOC_2022(World)
FELDBORG Karsten40-24AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung49-15KOH DING SHENG Calvin
LAM Maverick47-17AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung54-10SASHKA Chinzorig
ALBRIGTSEN Vidar32-32AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung16-48LI Chun Wan
TUVDUU Erdenezaya07-57AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung53-11TASTET Remi
SANO Yoko35-29AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung50-14LITSAS Andreas
SLABOV Andrej35-29AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung47-17SHIFMAN Micky
LIN WEI HAO Roy27-37AHN Taeyoung
2022-08-07: 6th Korea Myungin(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung33-31KWAK Eunwoo
KWAK Yujin15-49AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung45-19CHOI Minhyeok
KIM Taeyeon28-36AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung31-33YANG Chanju
2022-05-28: 29th Korea Othello Championship(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung35-29KIM Taeyeon
NAM Sungwoo24-40AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung16-48KWAK Eunwoo
OH Joungmok39-25AHN Taeyoung
AN Yihwan19-45AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung26-38SOHR Jaeyoung
AHN Taeyoung47-17LIM Sungtae
2020-07-05: 3rd Korea Suwon(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung51-13JANG Chanhee
BACK Jihee21-43AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung12-52SOHR Jaeyoung
BACK Jiwoon08-56AHN Taeyoung
KIM Taeyeon35-29AHN Taeyoung
2020-01-11: 4 King of Kings(Korea)
KIM Jungsoo32-32AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung31-33KIM Dongkwon
OH Joungmok29-35AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung26-38KIM Jungsoo
KIM Dongkwon30-34AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung37-27OH Joungmok
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
AHN Taeyoung32-32CHEN Po Yun
YANG Kelvin38-26AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung21-43CHIANG Jou Chen
AHN Taeyoung44-20ERDENEMUNKH Manlai
DONG Zhen31-33AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung44-20DOUDA Tomas
HU Ying Chong44-20AHN Taeyoung
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry42-22AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung20-44FU Velma
NAMAZU Yuki18-46AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung36-28LAUFER Shachar
AHN Taeyoung31-33NORIMITSU Ayumi
SHIFMAN Micky31-33AHN Taeyoung
2019-09-28: 5th Korea Myung-In(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung37-27KIM Taeyeon
NAM Sungwoo08-56AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung04-60JANG Hyunwoo
KWON Younghwa37-27AHN Taeyoung
SOHR Jaeyoung47-17AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung33-31SON Jinhyeok
AHN Taeyoung51-13KIM Youngbum
2019-05-05: 28th Korea othello Championship(Korea)
KIM Kwanyoon40-24AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung34-30PARK Jonghyun
AHN Taeyoung30-34LEE Chunae
KIM Seong-Hyeon15-49AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung37-27KIM Taeyeon
KIM Jungsoo24-40AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung25-39SOHR Jaeyoung
2019-01-06: 3 King of Kings(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung27-37KIM Jungsoo
HONG Hyungbum14-50AHN Taeyoung
JANG Hyunwoo45-19AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung41-23KIM Taeyeon
KIM Youngbum40-24AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung30-34OH Joungmok
2018-09-01: The 2nd Incheon Open(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung10-54URANO Kento
KIM Dongsu25-39AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung12-52SOHR Jaeyoung
LEE Geuncheol24-40AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung43-21MOON Sungcheol
KIM Kwanyoon42-22AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung31-33ADACHI Shungai
2018-07-07: 4th MyungIn (Korea)
AHN Taeyoung47-17HONG Hyungbum
OH Joungmok37-27AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung51-13SON Jinhyeok
KIM Youngbum57-07AHN Taeyoung
KIM Kwanyoon53-11AHN Taeyoung
PARK Jonghyun32-32AHN Taeyoung
AHN Taeyoung21-43KIM Taeyeon