ONO Atsushi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 小野敦資
19 tournaments
113 results
Player ID: 13663
Rated T342 in Japan and T410 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T504 in the World
Latest rating: 1811
2019-11-24: 48_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
TESAKI Satoruwon againstONO Atsushi
KAMEMOTO Osamuwon againstONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushiwon againstTOJO Atsushi
ONO Atsushiwon againstTSUKAMOTO Kazuma
ONO Atsushiwon againstASAKAWA Takuya
NAKAMORI Hirokiwon againstONO Atsushi
2019-11-03: 21_Hiroshima_open(Japan)
ONO Atsushi43-21SAKUSAI Yuusuke
ONO Atsushi51-13TOMINAGA Yasuharu
KAMEMOTO Osamu58-06ONO Atsushi
USHIRO Hideaki48-16ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi57-07TATANO Shinkai
ONO Atsushi49-15NAKAMURA Hayato
2019-10-14: 48_All_Japan_Shikoku_prelim(Japan)
ONO Atsushi52-12KAWAKI Matruko
USHIRO Hideaki48-16ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi37-27FUJIWARA Toyoshima
KAGAHARA Shota36-28ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi39-25IURA Daisuke
ONO Atsushi45-19OKAMURA Hiroaki
2019-05-12: 18_Hiroshima_open(Japan)
ICHIKI Haruki36-28ONO Atsushi
OKAMURA Hiroaki41-23ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi41-23ABE Teruhiko
MORIKI Kouhei40-24ONO Atsushi
KONO Kikuchi42-22ONO Atsushi
2019-04-07: 1_Ehime_open(Japan)
ONO Atsushi56-08SAKAUE Natsuka
IWASAKI Kazuo55-09ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi49-15SAKAUE Ayaka
ONO Atsushi42-22KUKATSU Yutsuka
MAEKAWA Yuuki46-18ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi48-16TOMINAGA Tomoki
2019-03-24: 40_Meijin(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstONO Atsushi
WATANABE Hidekiwon againstONO Atsushi
SATO Takahirowon againstONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushiwon againstNAKAYAMA Takahiro
ONO Atsushiwon againstYAMAGUCHI Hironobu
NODA Yunawon againstONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushiwon againstMATSUZAKA Daiki
2019-03-23: 40_Meijin_masters(Japan)
ONO Atsushiwon againstKUKATSU Yutsuka
KOMAGATA Masayukiwon againstONO Atsushi
NISHIMURA Akihirowon againstONO Atsushi
ISHIZAKI Hikaruwon againstONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushiwon againstIZUMI Shinya
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhirowon againstONO Atsushi
2019-03-03: 17_Hiroshima_open(Japan)
ONO Atsushi44-20TOMINAGA Tomoki
ONO Atsushi36-28USHIRO Hideaki
ICHIKI Haruki35-29ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi41-23YAMANOUCHI Masahumi
ONO Atsushi58-06SUNADA Mayumi
OKADA Hiroyuki38-26ONO Atsushi
2019-02-17: 2019_Shikoku_expert_games(Japan)
OKADA Hiroyukiwon againstONO Atsushi
USHIRO Hideaki48-16ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi47-17TAKEHARU Mitsuo
ONO Atsushi36-28YOKOYAMA Naoki
ONO Atsushi54-10IGI Soutarou
MATSUI Takashi50-14ONO Atsushi
2019-01-13: 16_Hiroshima_open(Japan)
ONO Atsushi34-30MATSUI Takashi
ONO Atsushi43-21KONO Kikuchi
YANAGIHARA Shigemi35-29ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi37-27MAEKAWA Yuuki
OKAMOTO Junya56-08ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi39-25OKADA Hiroyuki
2018-12-02: 15_Hiroshima_open(Japan)
ONO Atsushi42-22YAMANOUCHI Masahumi
ONO Atsushi40-24ITASAKI Yuzuri
ONO Atsushi39-25MAEKAWA Yuuki
KAMEMOTO Osamu45-19ONO Atsushi
ICHIKI Haruki40-24ONO Atsushi
2018-11-04: 14_Hiroshima_open(Japan)
ONO Atsushi45-19NISHIMOTO Sadao
SUNADA Mayumi41-23ONO Atsushi
USHIRO Hideaki56-08ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi37-27YAMANOUCHI Masahumi
KONO Kikuchi40-24ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi48-16IMAMURA Kunihiko
2018-10-14: 47_All_Japan_Shikoku_prelim(Japan)
OKADA Hiroyuki42-22ONO Atsushi
USHIRO Hideaki58-06ONO Atsushi
INOUE Kojiro33-31ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi53-11IGI Soutarou
KAWAKI Matruko42-22ONO Atsushi
YOKOYAMA Naoki38-26ONO Atsushi
2018-07-15: 46_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
KIYONOBU Kentawon againstONO Atsushi
ITAGAKI Kenichiwon againstONO Atsushi
ONISHI Masaakiwon againstONO Atsushi
SHIKI Shimomurawon againstONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushiwon againstTAKAHASHI Kanehira
ONO Atsushiwon againstUMEZAWA Yoshinori
2018-06-17: 13_Hiroshima_open(Japan)
SUNADA Mayumi35-29ONO Atsushi
HETSUKU Yousuke39-25ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi40-24FUJII Renya
ONO Atsushi43-21ISHINAKA Shunsei
ONO Atsushi42-22OKADA Hiroyuki
ONO Atsushi36-28USHIRO Hideaki
2018-05-27: 46_All_Japan_Shikoku_prelim(Japan)
ONO Atsushi38-26HASHIMOTO Yosuke
ONO Atsushi42-22MAEKAWA Yuuki
KAMEMOTO Osamuwon againstONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi40-24YOSHIDA Koji
ONO Atsushi57-07SUNADA Mayumi
NAKAYAMA Ryo44-20ONO Atsushi
2018-02-18: 2018_Shikoku_expert_games(Japan)
IKEDA Ryousuke37-27ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi49-15ISHINAKA Shunsei
KONO Kikuchi50-14ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi50-14IGI Soutarou
OKADA Hiroyuki51-13ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi33-31MATSUI Takashi
2016-02-21: 14_Okayama_open(Japan)
ONO Atsushi37-27MIYAJI Sachi
USHIRO Hideaki45-19ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi38-26SHIKI Shimomura
ONO Atsushi38-26MATSUI Takashi
ONO Atsushi48-16MARUYA Rento
ONO Atsushiwon againstFUJIWARA Toyoshima
2016-01-11: Akashi_new_year_open_2016(Japan)
IMAMURA Yuuki54-10ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi34-30KASAI Yuta
ONO Atsushi45-19NISHIMURA Akihiro
YAMAZAKI Midorikawa40-24ONO Atsushi
NAKANISHI Toshiaki40-24ONO Atsushi
ONO Atsushi43-21SAITO Hiroki