CHEN Kai (China)
13 tournaments
113 results
Rated 11 in China and T251 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T307 in the World
Latest rating: 1991
WOF online rating: 1801, view profile on Vint.ee
2021-04-17: pinggu China open(China)
CHEN Kai27-37SHI Peipei
TIAN Di12-52CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai59-05LIU Haiqing
CHEN Nuo12-52CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai64-00CHEN Yanming
HUA Tao07-57CHEN Kai
CHEN Xun35-29CHEN Kai
2019-11-18: 7 Beijing Open(China)
WANG Wei21-43CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai32-32LI Lin
HU Ying Chong38-26CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai53-11WANG Xinyuan
YU Tao22-42CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai27-37CHEN Xun
SONG Yan28-36CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai33-31HU Ying Chong
CHEN Xun34-30CHEN Kai
2019-05-26: 2019 Guangzhou Trials(China)
CHEN Kai39-25LIN Lanbo
LAM Maverick50-14CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai20-44CHEN Xun
XIAO Xiaohui09-55CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai35-29LI Chun Wan
SHI Peipei30-34CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai58-06MA Derek
KANG Le44-20CHEN Kai
2018-06-02: 2018 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
CHEN Kai32-32LEE Simon
WONG Chi Wah32-32CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai33-31YANG Kelvin
LEE Choon Foong25-39CHEN Kai
KOH Bo Chao Alex33-31CHEN Kai
2017-11-19: (Broadway cup) - 10 Guangzhou Open(China)
GUO Guangcheng18-46CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai30-34DONG Zhen
LI Chang28-36CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai40-24HE Siming
LAM Maverick29-35CHEN Kai
FENG Ling49-15CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai23-41ZENG Yanbo
2013-07-14: 8th Guangzhou Othello Open(China)
CHEN Kai34-30TSOI Chun Yip
DONG Zhen20-44CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai41-21ZHAO Jing
SONG Yan26-38CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai40-24LAM Maverick
FANG Yuqi28-36CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai45-19LIN Lanbo
LI Zhonghong24-40CHEN Kai
GUAN Jinchao30-34CHEN Kai
SONG Yan43-21CHEN Kai
2013-01-242013-01-27: Othello World Cup(World)
TAKANASHI Yusukewon againstCHEN Kai
TAMENORI Hideshiwon againstCHEN Kai
ESAKI Yutawon againstCHEN Kai
KORTENDIJK Albertwon againstCHEN Kai
BECK Davidwon againstCHEN Kai
ROSE Brianwon againstCHEN Kai
WILLIAM Joannawon againstCHEN Kai
CHEN Kaiwon againstYAMANAKA Mami
CHEN Kaiwon againstCUPIAL Milosz
CHEN Kaiwon againstMORENO Borja
CHEN Kaiwon againstNAKAJIMA Tetsuya
CHEN Kaiwon againstFRONMARK Marcus
CHEN Kaiwon againstHAYASAKA Toshie
2008-08-03: 5th Guangzhou Open(China)
CHEN Kaiwon againstDONG Zhen
CHEN Kaiwon againstCHEN Ruisheng
CHEN Kai32-32YU Jinlei
CHEN Kaiwon againstLIN Lanbo
SONG Yanlost toCHEN Kai
LANG Yongzhiwon againstCHEN Kai
LI Chun Wanwon againstCHEN Kai
2006-10-062006-10-08: WOC 2006 (Mito)(World)
CHEN Kai54-10HOBO Roel
BERG Matthias23-41CHEN Kai
HUBBARD Geoff26-38CHEN Kai
BERGLUND Caroline18-46CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai31-33BORASSI Michele
SOUDA Megumi27-37CHEN Kai
CHEN Kai26-38SHEN Stan
CHEN Kai37-27HANDEL Michael
CHEN Kai18-46TAMENORI Hideshi
2006-07-152006-07-16: 1st Beijing Open(China)
FENG Lingwon againstCHEN Kai
CHEN Kaiwon againstSONG Ying
CHEN Kaiwon againstLIU Peiwen
CHEN Kaiwon againstSHUI Yibin
CHEN Kaiwon againstMAK Wai Tung
JIANG Bofengwon againstCHEN Kai
CHEN Kaiwon againstLI Nan
CHEN Kaiwon againstJIANG Bofeng
2006-05-21: Guangzhou Open(China)
CHEN Kaiwon againstSHUI Yibin
CHEN Kai32-32WONG Chi Wah
CHEN Kaiwon againstTSOI Chun Yip
SONG Yanwon againstCHEN Kai
FU Velmawon againstCHEN Kai
CHEN Kaiwon againstZHANG Xiaofeng
CHEN Kaiwon againstCHEN Ruisheng
2005-05-02: 3rd Guangzhou Open(China)
CHEN Kaiwon againstTOU Shi
CHEN Kailost toGONG Jingshi
CHEN Kaiwon againstFU Velma
CHEN Kai32-32MAK Wai Tung
CHEN Kaiwon againstLU Huanqi
CHEN Kaiwon againstTSOI Chun Yip
CHEN Kaiwon againstLI Peijie
GONG Jingshilost toCHEN Kai
CHEN Kailost toFENG Ling
2004-05-02: 2nd Guangzhou Open(China)
CHEN Kaiwon againstLO Gic
CHEN Kaiwon againstYU Bai Fan
CHEN Kaiwon againstWONG Chi Wah
CHEN Kaiwon againstTSOI Chun Yip
LI Chun Wanwon againstCHEN Kai
CHEN Kaiwon againstLI Peijie
MAK Wai Tungwon againstCHEN Kai
LI Chun Wanlost toCHEN Kai