LAM Maverick (Hong-Kong)

19 tournaments
181 results
Player ID: 170002
Rated 3 in Hong-Kong and T161 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T174 in the World
Latest rating: 2132

Maverick Lam is the #2 rated player in Hong Kong and rated top 100 in Asia. He played his first World Othello championshp in 2016 Mito, Japan, with a decent performance; reaching the top 20 and finishing 17th that year. Maverick Lam has played competitively since 2011 and has two WOCs under his belt.

2022-10-282022-10-30: WOC_2022(World)
LAM Maverick28-36BERG Matthias
UUGANBAYAR Temuulen00-64LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick47-17AHN Taeyoung
PALLADINO Domenico19-45LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick32-32PIHLAJAPURO Katie
LAM Maverick32-32LEADER Imre
EKLUND Oskar41-23LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick29-35ALBRIGTSEN Vidar
PLOWMAN Guy14-50LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick48-16OKUDAIRA Fuyumi
OLIVARES Daniel28-36LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick34-30WETTERGREN Niklas
DE CAMARGO Lucas28-36LAM Maverick
2021-10-03: Hong Kong open(Hong-Kong)
LAM Maverick32-32LEUNG Kai Wan
LI Chun Wan54-10LAM Maverick
WONG Ka Ho06-58LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick33-31NG Lui
TSOI Chun Yip23-41LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick27-37CHOW Ka Ming
LAM Maverick46-18MAK Wai Tung
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
LAM Maverick33-31LEE Chun Wai
BATZORIG Erdenesuvd05-59LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick50-14SANO Yoko
TAKAHASHI Akihiro32-32LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick40-24KRACZYK Roman
SURY Bartlomiej39-25LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick29-35YAKUSHIJI Kenta
HONGTHONG Anon38-26LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick50-14SCOGNAMIGLIO Paolo
DE GRAAF Jan C22-42LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick26-38BERG Matthias
LAM Maverick33-31CHONG Sky
YANG Kelvin26-38LAM Maverick
2019-07-13: Hong Kong WOC Qualify Tournament(Hong-Kong)
TAN Wai Kuen Johnny39-25LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick41-23IP Wai Sing
LEE Chun Kui15-49LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick30-34WONG Chi Wah
LAM Maverick29-35DONG Zhen
YANG Kelvin16-48LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick36-28FU Velma
MA Derek21-43LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick08-56LEE Chun Wai
LI Chun Wan39-25LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick41-23WEN Zeshun
HON Otto17-47LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick44-20CHOW Ka Ming
2019-05-26: 2019 Guangzhou Trials(China)
LAM Maverick41-23CHEN Shaodi
LAM Maverick50-14CHEN Kai
YUAN Ke34-30LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick40-24DONG Zhen
HU Ying Chong35-29LAM Maverick
DU Zhouzi30-34LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick40-24LI Chang
LAM Maverick16-48SONG Yan
2019-04-14: Hong Kong Othello Open 2019(Hong-Kong)
LAM Maverick49-15ZENG Yanbo
MA Derek31-33LAM Maverick
CHOW Ka Ming11-53LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick33-31LEE Chun Wai
FU Velma27-37LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick31-33LI Chun Wan
LAM Maverick29-35MADRONA Mario
LAM Maverick12-52LEE Chun Wai
2018-11-25: (Broadway cup) - 11 Guangzhou Open(China)
DONG Zhen29-35LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick28-36TSOI Chun Yip
GUO Guangcheng23-41LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick59-05CHEN Zhengyi
CHEN Shaodi24-40LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick35-29QIU Yifeng
LAM Maverick26-38MADRONA Mario
2017-11-19: (Broadway cup) - 10 Guangzhou Open(China)
HE Siming23-41LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick38-26LI Chang
FENG Ling31-33LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick28-36DONG Zhen
LAM Maverick29-35CHEN Kai
ZENG Yanbo26-38LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick43-21WEN Zeshun
DONG Zhen33-31LAM Maverick
ZENG Yanbo30-34LAM Maverick
2017-11-012017-11-03: WOC 2017 (Ghent)(World)
LAM Maverick39-25ROSE Brian
FELDBORG Karsten26-38LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick50-14VAN DEN BIGGELAAR Nicky
LAM Maverick25-39EKLUND Oskar
AUNCHULEE Rujipas39-25LAM Maverick
TANA Patcharaporn21-43LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick29-35BARRASS Iain
SCOGNAMIGLIO Paolo27-37LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick24-40TASTET Marc
BISHOP Robert09-55LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick21-43LEONG Chee Kit
LAM Maverick51-13GOH Jun Jie Anthony
SUGAWARA Misa37-27LAM Maverick
2017-07-09: Singapore National Othello Championship 2017(Singapore)
LAM Maverick41-23WIRAWAN Daniel
LOW Wee Hao Eddie42-22LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick35-29YAP Siew Kun
LIM Wee Kiat26-38LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick44-20YANG Kelvin
LI Chun Wan37-27LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick34-30DONG Zhen
2016-11-022016-11-04: WOC 2016 (Mito)(World)
BARRASS Iain24-40LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick32-32EKLUND Oskar
ROSE Brian32-32LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick34-30LAI Meng Joo
VAN DEN BIGGELAAR Nicky35-29LAM Maverick
FELDBORG Karsten30-34LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick22-42BERG Matthias
EVERTS Jeroen29-35LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick46-18JUIGNER Arthur
LAM Maverick29-35HEMPIJIT Woramet
CHEW Ching Wuen20-44LAM Maverick
CHANG Chun Yi41-23LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick34-30HAI Jerry
2016-06-19: 2016 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
MA Derek06-58LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick38-26TSOI Chun Yip
SONG Yan37-27LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick31-33KONG Peter
LI Chun Wan42-22LAM Maverick
FANG Randy22-42LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick39-25WEN Zeshun
LAM Maverick56-08SONG Yan
LI Chun Wan27-37LAM Maverick
2015-09-13: 2015 Hong Kong Othello Championships(Hong-Kong)
LAM Maverick36-28WONG Chi Wah
CHAN Lik Fung42-22LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick38-26DONG Zhen
LAM Maverick42-22MAK Wai Tung
LI Chun Wan20-44LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick54-10TSOI Chun Yip
FANG Randy23-41LAM Maverick
CHAN Lik Fung34-30LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick23-41DONG Zhen
2014-08-31: 2014 Hong Kong Othello Championship(Hong-Kong)
FANG Randy30-34LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick41-23CHENG Tommy
LI Chun Wan33-31LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick20-44CHAN Lik Fung
LAM Maverick34-30CHAN Wing Chung
TSOI Chun Yip31-33LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick52-12YAP Kok Soon
LI Chun Wan62-02LAM Maverick
FANG Randy23-41LAM Maverick
2014-01-162014-01-17: Othello World Cup 2014(World)
ODEGARD Martin29-35LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick29-35OHNO Tomohiro
VINAR Matt22-42LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick19-45SATANI Tetsu
LAM Maverick31-33MARCONI Francesco
PAW Su Lin Kenneth25-39LAM Maverick
LEE Choon Foong39-25LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick23-41LAI Meng Joo
CHEW Ching Wuen31-33LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick41-23VORACEK Miroslav
DONG Zhen53-11LAM Maverick
2013-08-25: Hong Kong Championship(Hong-Kong)
WONG Chi Wah31-33LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick46-18LEE Chun Kui
FANG Randy43-21LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick33-31MAK Wai Tung
LAM Maverick42-22DONG Zhen
LI Chun Wan49-15LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick30-34YANG Kelvin
LAM Maverick37-27MAK Wai Tung
DONG Zhen31-33LAM Maverick
2013-07-14: 8th Guangzhou Othello Open(China)
HUA Zhibin21-43LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick40-24WEN Zeshun
ZHOU Jian15-49LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick52-12FANG Yuqi
CHEN Kai40-24LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick33-31ZHAO Jing
SONG Yan57-07LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick24-40GUAN Jinchao
KANG Le24-40LAM Maverick
2012-08-26: Hong Kong Championship(Hong-Kong)
DONG Zhen25-39LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick37-27NG Yen Lee
LAM Maverick41-23YUNG Yuk Wa
TSOI Chun Yip43-21LAM Maverick
CHAN Lik Fung38-26LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick16-48YAN Leong Woo
FANG Randy20-44LAM Maverick
2011-09-23: Hong Kong Championship(Hong-Kong)
LAM Maverick26-38TSOI Chun Yip
CHUNG Ka Chai36-28LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick64-00YIM Peter
YAU David27-37LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick42-22WONG Chi Wah
LEE Simon14-50LAM Maverick
LAM Maverick25-39CHOW Ka Ming