OUREGA Loh Jeannot (Ivory Coast)

10 tournaments
93 results
Player ID: 410000
Rated 2 in Ivory Coast and 1147 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1543 in the World
Latest rating: 882
WOF online rating: 1800, view profile on Vint.ee

Cela fait à ce jour douze ans que je joue à l'Othello dont sept ans de Coupe du Monde d'Othello.
mon souvenir préféré d'Othello , c'est en 2012 , à Leuwarden au Pays Bas où j'ai participé à ma première Coupe du Monde d'Othello et la Fédération Mondiale d'Othello m'a remis une Médaille

I have played Othello in twelve years. I played seven WOC.
My favorite memory of Othello is in 2012, in Leuwarden in the Netherlands where I took part in my first Othello World Cup and the World Federation of Othello gave me a Medal

2019-04-27: Ivory Coast WOC Qualification(Ivory Coast)
OUREGA Loh Jeannot60-04AKOUN Benjamin
BEUGRE Aya Joadane28-36OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot44-20COULIBALY Esgrace
OUREGA Loh Jeannot50-14YAO Atta Jonas
CHERIF Moussoura11-53OUREGA Loh Jeannot
CHERIF Moussoura13-51OUREGA Loh Jeannot
DIOMANDE Massia20-44OUREGA Loh Jeannot
TOGBA Cherif25-39OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot50-14TOGBA Cherif
2018-10-102018-10-12: WOC 2018(World)
LUND Erik57-07OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot45-19YE Steven
SHIFMAN Micky46-18OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot12-52VECCHI Maria Serena
SLADEK Vitek55-09OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot16-48VAN DE MOORTEL Frauke
LOFROTH Emma36-28OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot29-35VERSTUYFT Jana
OUREGA Loh Jeannot60-04ZINCENKO Marina
VERSTUYFT Eline22-42OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot24-40YOSIFOVICH Danielle
OUREGA Loh Jeannot38-26HIGGINS Matthew
ZINCENKO Nikita49-15OUREGA Loh Jeannot
2017-11-012017-11-03: WOC 2017 (Ghent)(World)
OUREGA Loh Jeannot58-06NICOLAS Caroline
VORACEK Miroslav63-01OUREGA Loh Jeannot
TASTET Remi36-28OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot35-29GIANNINI Valentino
FU Jacky50-14OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot20-44PARK Jonghyun
OUREGA Loh Jeannot08-56TVEDT Sverre
ZINCENKO Nikita60-04OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot52-12YOUENS Robyn
YOSIFOVICH Danielle54-10OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot49-15YABLONSKAYA Alena
JUIGNER Felix48-16OUREGA Loh Jeannot
2016-11-022016-11-04: WOC 2016 (Mito)(World)
PUZZO Luigi56-08OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot10-54VORACEK Miroslav
LANG Yongzhi63-01OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot45-19AARSLAND LUNDE Kristin
PALLADINO Domenico64-00OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot48-16BRYANT Alexandra
SHIFMAN Ilya48-16OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot25-39STOKKE Solrun
TOGBA Vanama06-58OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot26-38VAN DE MOORTEL Frauke
KOBEHI Guy Herve13-51OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot13-51DE GRAAF Jan C
2015-09-23: Ivory Coast grand Prix final(Ivory Coast)
OUREGA Loh Jeannotwon againstKONE Hamadou
OUREGA Loh Jeannotwon againstKONE Hamadou
2014-11-062014-11-08: WOC 2014 (Bangkok)(World)
HIDAYAT Romy57-07OUREGA Loh Jeannot
MILLER Alexey59-05OUREGA Loh Jeannot
VECCHI Maria Serena44-20OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot16-48GAERTNER Joerg
OUREGA Loh Jeannot16-48GIGLIUCCI Chiara
KIM Jaehyun29-35OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot07-57LIM Xin Yi
OUREGA Loh Jeannot04-60KIM Donggyu
LEE Mikael64-00OUREGA Loh Jeannot
SKOGEN Tor Birger60-04OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot08-56YAP Kok Soon
PATTARAKUL Nida64-00OUREGA Loh Jeannot
2014-07-01: Ivory Coast Nationals(Ivory Coast)
OUREGA Loh Jeannot60-04KOBEHI Guy Herve
KOBEHI Guy Herve29-35OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot49-15NAMPE Franck
NAMPE Franck25-39OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot48-16KOBENAN SIGNO Joseph
KOBENAN SIGNO Joseph15-49OUREGA Loh Jeannot
2013-07-01: Ivory Coast 2013(Ivory Coast)
OUREGA Loh Jeannot50-14AMIA Gode Raymond
AMIA Gode Raymond12-52OUREGA Loh Jeannot
KONE Hamadou04-60OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot37-27KONE Hamadou
2012-11-082012-11-10: WOC 2012 (Leeuwarden)(World)
FRONMARK Marcus57-07OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot21-43NICOLAS Caroline
OUREGA Loh Jeannot10-54LIGHTMAN Marie
ELGER Marlis58-06OUREGA Loh Jeannot
ZIEBA Katarzyna45-19OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot12-52RYBARIK Ivo
OUREGA Loh Jeannot09-55ANDRIANI Bintsa
VYAS Mehul60-04OUREGA Loh Jeannot
OUREGA Loh Jeannot07-57MAY Michael
SHIFMAN Leonid63-01OUREGA Loh Jeannot
2012-08-22: Ivory Coast championship(Ivory Coast)
OUREGA Loh Jeannotwon againstKONAN Kouame Franck
OUREGA Loh Jeannotwon againstKONAN Kouame Franck
OUREGA Loh Jeannotwon againstOPLE Tanios
OUREGA Loh Jeannotwon againstOPLE Tanios
OUREGA Loh Jeannotwon againstAKRE Gabriel
OUREGA Loh Jeannotwon againstAKRE Gabriel