ITO Kenshun (Japan)Japanese name(s): 伊藤研駿
16 tournaments
96 results
Rated 338 in Japan and T394 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T470 in the World
Latest rating: 1908
2018-11-04: 110_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
ITAGAKI Kenichi36-28ITO Kenshun
KUDOU Yuusei38-26ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun35-29KOBAYASHI Ayumi
ITO Kenshun40-24HAYASAKA Toshie
URANO Kento47-17ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun47-17DOBASHI Yusuke
2018-09-30: 2018_Yokohama_open(Japan)
ITO Kenshun34-30TANAKA Tatsutarou
GO Shinu33-31ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun40-24ITSUKI Hayashi
ITO Kenshun49-15KOSHINO Kazuhiko
ITO Kenshun39-25NAGATSUKA Ibuki
KUWABARA Shuhei40-24ITO Kenshun
2018-09-22: 139_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
HISHIYAMA Yuichi46-18ITO Kenshun
ITO Yuusaku51-13ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun34-30KAJITA Asao
ITO Kenshun43-21TAMAKI Shingo
OTSUKA Takehiro40-24ITO Kenshun
2018-09-15: 8_Tokyo_open(Japan)
NANASE Yuuma52-12ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun53-11ISHII Kanari
KOBAYASHI Manabu36-28ITO Kenshun
OTSUKA Takehiro45-19ITO Kenshun
TAKAHARU Daikan39-25ITO Kenshun
YANO Yasushi39-25ITO Kenshun
2018-09-03: 109_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
TAKAGI Yosuke45-19ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun52-12TANAKA Junji
ITO Yuji46-18ITO Kenshun
GOTO Masahiro47-17ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun33-31ADACHI Shungai
ITO Kenshun54-10TAKAHASHI Ama
2018-08-18: 138_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
HISHIYAMA Yuichi59-05ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun36-28YASUDA Rentarou
ITO Kenshun43-21TAKAI Hidetaka
ITO Kenshun36-28ISHIKAWA Akira
ITO Kenshun40-24OSHIMA Yusuke
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya43-21ITO Kenshun
2018-08-11: 7_Tokyo_open(Japan)
ITO Kenshun35-29YAMAGUCHI Tomoki
SAJI Kouya40-24ITO Kenshun
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki33-31ITO Kenshun
IZURA Daisei35-29ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun34-30KOSHINO Kazuhiko
ITO Kenshun34-30ITO Yuusaku
2018-07-21: 137_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
ITO Kenshun56-08OHIRA Naoto
ITO Kenshun42-22HATEKEYAMA Shiyu
WATAHIKI Kenta46-18ITO Kenshun
HISHIYAMA Yuichi42-22ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun49-15TATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
TAKAMIZAWA Daiki53-11ITO Kenshun
2018-07-07: 128_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
ITO Kenshun52-12YAMAZAKI Ken
ITO Kenshun39-25HORIUCHI Soutarou
HIEDA Seiho39-25ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun33-31NANASE Yuuma
MOTO Kajishi33-31ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun35-29ABE Ryuji
2018-06-17: 46_All_Japan_Ibaraki_prelim_2(Japan)
ITO Kenshun33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
SAJI Kouya33-31ITO Kenshun
HORIUCHI Soutarou33-31ITO Kenshun
MATSUNE Mori33-31ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun33-31HAGIHARA Mizuki
TAYAMA Tsubasa33-31ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun33-31OGINO Takeru
2018-05-26: 135_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
ITO Kenshun34-30NODA Yuna
ITO Kenshun41-23NAKASONE Takahiro
HISHIYAMA Yuichi48-16ITO Kenshun
SAWADA Takehiko36-28ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun33-31HORIUCHI Soutarou
ITO Kenshun36-28ITO Yuji
2018-03-10: 125_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
ITO Kenshun34-30OGINO Takeru
ITO Kenshun33-31SHINDO Aoba
ITO Kenshun44-20NAKAMURA Keiichiro
ITO Kenshun47-17MABUCHI Yuta
TAKAHARU Saki37-27ITO Kenshun
TAKAHASHI Shiu41-23ITO Kenshun
2018-01-07: 106_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
ITO Kenshun40-24IKEDA Atsuhiko
TAKAHASHI Akihiro53-11ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun32-32KUWABARA Shuhei
SOBASHIMA Ooji33-31ITO Kenshun
GO Shinu43-21ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun43-21ITO Yuusaku
2017-12-23: 132_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
ITO Kenshun59-05KAGATANI Uru
TAKAHASHI Hisashi44-20ITO Kenshun
HISHIYAMA Yuichi48-16ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun49-15SHINDO Aoba
KOSHINO Kazuhiko44-20ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun47-17ISHIOKA Souichirou
2017-11-25: 131_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
ITO Kenshun35-29YUBARA Satoshi
OKAMOTO Kazuki56-08ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun33-31TAKA Hirosuke
NARUMI Hisatoshi43-21ITO Kenshun
MATSUNE Mori35-29ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun46-18UCHIYAMA Akika
2017-11-05: 105_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
TANIDA Kunihiko49-15ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun46-18TAKIGUCHI Masaharu
ITO Kenshun35-29YAMADA Kazuko
SAJI Kouya40-24ITO Kenshun
NODA Bintatsu41-23ITO Kenshun
ITO Kenshun46-18NARUMI Hisatoshi