FUKUCHI Keisuke (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 福地啓介
50 tournaments
310 results
Player ID: 13168

Keisuke Fukuchi is the youngest world Othello champion, winning the 2018 WOC in Prague at the age of eleven!  He is also the 2018 Youth World Champion.

Keisuke started playing Othello at age 6 and by the following year in 2014 he won his first major tournament, the All-Japan "Elementary school division" championships (Junior title). He won the Japanese Junior title again in 2015. In 2016 the WOC rules were modified to include a Youth World Champion title and the winner of the Japanese junior title would qualify on the Japanese team. Unfortunately Keisuke lost the 2016 Junior final to Masaki Wada who went on to become the first Youth World Champion at the 2016 WOC in Mito, Japan.  In 2017 he lost the Japanese junior final against Akihiro Takahashi, who would go on to finish second at the 2017 WOC in Ghent. In 2018 Keisuke finally qualified for the WOC after winning his 3rd Japanese junior title. At the WOC in Prague, Keisuke defeated the defending world champion Yusuke Takanashi in three games in the semi-finals, and then won the main final, also in three games, against the 2016 world champion Rujipas Aunchulee. 

Interview with Keisuke Fukuchi



World Othello Champion 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
Youth World Othello Champion 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
World Othello Team Champion 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
All-Japan Championship (Junior division) 2014, 2015, 2018


All-Japan Championship (Junior division) 2016, 2017



2018-10-102018-10-12: WOC 2018(World)
FUKUCHI Keisuke53-11TASTET Remi
DE GRAAF Jan C.12-52FUKUCHI Keisuke
LEADER Imre27-37FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31SEELEY Ben
EKLUND Oskar19-45FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke41-23AUNCHULEE Rujipas
TAKANASHI Yusuke32-32FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31BORASSI Michele
CHOW Ka Ming28-36FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31JUIGNER Arthur
FUKUCHI Keisuke27-37TAKANASHI Yusuke
TAKANASHI Yusuke23-41FUKUCHI Keisuke
TAKANASHI Yusuke30-34FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke35-29AUNCHULEE Rujipas
AUNCHULEE Rujipas32-32FUKUCHI Keisuke
AUNCHULEE Rujipas30-34FUKUCHI Keisuke
2018-07-15: 46_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstKIMURA Yuto
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstKAWAKAMI Yoshihiro
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstSHIMIZU Naoki
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstNAKAJIMA Tetsuya
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstTAKANASHI Yusuke
TSUCHIYA Shotarowon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
2018-06-17: 46_All_Japan_Ibaraki_prelim_2(Japan)
ITO Kenshun33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31OGINO Takeru
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31YABE Uma
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31SAJI Kouya
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31MITSUYA Nobuaki
2018-03-18: 39_Meijin(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstARAKI Yasuyuki
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstMATSUMOTO Kazunori
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstMATSUMOTO Makoto
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstSUGAWARA Misa
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstKURITA Seiya
URANO Kentowon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstTAKANASHI Yusuke
NAGANO Yasushiwon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
2018-02-04: 2018_Kanagawa_expert_games(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke43-21SAJI Kouya
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31OSATO Suguru
FUKUCHI Keisuke39-25ITAGAKI Kenichi
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31SAITO Aya
2018-01-07: 106_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke44-20YAMAMOTO Takashi
FUKUCHI Keisuke41-23TSUCHIYA Shotaro
MURAKAMI Takeshi34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke50-14ITO Yuji
FUKUCHI Keisuke39-25KUDOU Yuusei
FUKUCHI Keisuke48-16TAKAHASHI Akihiro
2017-11-05: 105_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
HISHIYAMA Yuichi35-29FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26NAKAMURA Kazuki
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24IWAKURA Hiroaki
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24NARUMI Hisatoshi
FUKUCHI Keisuke45-19TANIDA Kunihiko
FUKUCHI Keisuke52-12ITAGAKI Kenichi
2017-09-03: 12_Ouza_sen(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke42-22NAKAMURA Rintaro
FUKUCHI Keisuke42-22MIYASAKA Kiyotaka
FUKUCHI Keisuke49-15SUGIYAMA Tomoyuki
NAGANO Yasushi38-26FUKUCHI Keisuke
KURITA Seiya36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
2017-07-16: 45_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
SUEKUNI Makotowon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
TANIDA Kunihikowon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstSATO Hisakazu
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstHATA Hayato
TODA Tomoyawon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstITO Azumi
2017-06-18: 45_All_Japan_Kanagawa_prelim(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31TAKEUCHI Masahiro
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31ISHIGURO Hiroki
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31NARIYA Makoto
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31SATANI Tetsu
2017-03-19: 38_Meijin(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstSATO Ryu
NAKAMORI Hirokiwon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstHISHIYAMA Yuichi
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstNAKAZAWA Junichi
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstOHMORI Keita
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstYAMAMOTO Takashi
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstSHINDO You
2017-03-05: 102_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24MITSUYA Nobuaki
FUKUCHI Keisuke56-08KOSHINO Kazuhiko
ISHIKAWA Hikaru43-21FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26TAYAMA Tsubasa
2017-02-05: 2017_Kanagawa_expert_games(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke37-27OHMORI Keita
FUKUCHI Keisuke46-18ITAGAKI Kenichi
FUKUCHI Keisuke53-11SAJI Kouya
FUKUCHI Keisuke36-28OHIKE Yoshinori
OHIKE Yoshinori39-25FUKUCHI Keisuke
2017-01-08: 101_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke34-30AKAGI Tachiro
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26OHMORI Keita
FUKUCHI Keisuke35-29OSATO Suguru
FUKUCHI Keisuke34-30URANO Kento
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24TAMAKI Kyotaro
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31INOUE Masaru
2016-12-04: 28_Kawasaki_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke35-29YAMAMOTO Takashi
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24KITANO Ochachi
YAMAZAKI Nobuyuki36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke50-14TAYAMA Tsubasa
FUKUCHI Keisuke34-30MITSUYA Nobuaki
FUKUCHI Keisuke48-16MATSUMOTO Makoto
2016-10-30: 100_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
TOMINAGA Kenta35-29FUKUCHI Keisuke
HISHIYAMA Yuichi41-23FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke41-23MITSUYA Nobuaki
FUKUCHI Keisuke49-15SHINDO You
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31LEADER Imre
2016-10-08: 110_Chiyarenshi_open_advanced(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24IZUMI Takashi
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26KAMEDA Ryota
KIYONOBU Kenta34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
SASAKI Kousuke42-22FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke36-28TOMINAGA Kenta
MITSUYA Nobuaki34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
2016-09-04: 11_Ouza_sen(Japan)
TANIDA Kunihiko39-25FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke49-15MIYAGAWA Yasuo
FUKUCHI Keisuke48-16HISHIYAMA Yuichi
FUKUCHI Keisuke35-29OHIKE Yoshinori
TAKIZAWA Masaki36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
KITAJIMA Hideki33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
2016-08-27: 117_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24SASAKI Yasuyuki
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26MURAKAMI Takeshi
SUEKUNI Makoto34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
SASAKI Kousuke34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24KATSURA Hisatoshi
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya40-24FUKUCHI Keisuke
2016-07-17: 44_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstOZAKI Yoshito
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstESAKA Akira
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstTOJO Atsushi
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstURANO Kento
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstASAHINA Satoshi
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstYAMAZAKI Keita
2016-07-03: 98_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke32-32TANIDA Kunihiko
FUKUCHI Keisuke41-23HISHIYAMA Yuichi
FUKUCHI Keisuke35-29TODA Tomoya
FUKUCHI Keisuke32-32TSUCHIYA Shotaro
OHMORI Keita34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
NAGAO Hiroto34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
2016-06-19: 44_All_Japan_Kanagawa_prelim(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31TOSAKA Hideki
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31SAITO Aya
OHMORI Keita33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
NARIYA Makoto33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31ISHIGURO Hiroki
IMOTO Wataru33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31TSUCHIYA Ryosuke
2016-04-30: 1_District_challenge(Japan)
OHIKE Yoshinori34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
KASAI Masaya40-24FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke45-19SATO Hisakazu
SUEKUNI Makoto37-27FUKUCHI Keisuke
TAKANASHI Yusuke44-20FUKUCHI Keisuke
2016-04-03: 4_Yokohama_challenge(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke32-32SHIROTA Yasuto
FUKUCHI Keisuke43-21ASOU Daisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke37-27SAITO Riki
KASAI Masaya38-26FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24HISHIYAMA Yuichi
2016-03-20: 37_Meijin(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstGOTO Masahiro
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstKOYASHIKI Ken
HAYASAKA Toshiewon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstMATSUMOTO Makoto
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstKITAJIMA Hideki
SUEKUNI Makotowon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
OHMORI Keitawon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
2016-03-06: 97_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke50-14ITAGAKI Kenichi
SHIROTA Yasuto33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke36-28ASOU Daisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke42-22YAMAMOTO Takashi
IMOTO Wataru36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
2016-02-27: 110_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke35-29NAKAZAWA Junichi
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24SATO Koichiro
SHIRAI Ukyo37-27FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke37-27KAMIKURA Daisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke37-27HISHIYAMA Yuichi
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31YAMAMOTO Takashi
2016-02-07: 2016_Kanagawa_expert_games(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke43-21IKEDA Atsuhiko
FUKUCHI Keisuke51-13ITAGAKI Kenichi
OHMORI Keita36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
OHMORI Keita37-27FUKUCHI Keisuke
2016-01-10: 96_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
YAMAZAKI Nobuyuki45-19FUKUCHI Keisuke
KAMIKURA Daisuke49-15FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke53-11SUZUKI Kenji
FUKUCHI Keisuke44-20YAMAMOTO Takashi
FUKUCHI Keisuke46-18NARA Souma
2015-12-06: 26_Kawasaki_open(Japan)
ITAGAKI Kenichi35-29FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke42-22NARUMI Hisatoshi
FUKUCHI Keisuke36-28OHMORI Keita
FUKUCHI Keisuke48-16TANAKA Shuntaro
OHIKE Yoshinori42-22FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke48-16YAMAMOTO Takashi
2015-11-01: 95_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke50-14OKAMURA Anetsu
FUKUCHI Keisuke44-20TAKAHASHI Hisashi
FUKUCHI Keisuke34-30ITO Yuta
FUKUCHI Keisuke43-21KAMIKURA Daisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24OHMORI Keita
FUKUCHI Keisuke32-32MURAKAMI Takeshi
2015-10-11: 4_team_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke39-25NAKAJIMA Tetsuya
KURAHASHI Satoshiwon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke41-23MITSUI Sho
KAMIKURA Daisuke33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
TAMAKI Kyotaro36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
2015-09-26: 104_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke42-22MATSUOKA Katsuya
TAMAKI Kyotaro39-25FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstNAKAJIMA Tetsuya
FUKUCHI Keisuke36-28KUROIWA Atsuhiro
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31KIYONOBU Kenta
2015-09-06: 10_Ouza_sen(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke41-23ASOU Daisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke34-30MIYASAKA Kiyotaka
FUKUCHI Keisuke37-27NAGANO Yasushi
YAMAZAKI Keita34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
MURAKAMI Takeshi47-17FUKUCHI Keisuke
KAMIKURA Daisuke38-26FUKUCHI Keisuke
2015-08-30: 94_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
KASAI Masaya37-27FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke47-17HIRONAKA Tomohiko
ITAGAKI Kenichi36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke39-25TSUCHIYA Ryosuke
YAMAZAKI Nobuyuki36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
2015-07-19: 43_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
ARAKI Yasuyukiwon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstFUJITA Takeshi
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstSUZUKI Yuta
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstSHIMIZU Naoki
UMEZAWA Yoshinoriwon againstFUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisukewon againstNAKANO Takanao
2015-07-05: 93_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke46-18OSATO Suguru
SUZUKI Yuta36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
IWATA Hiroyuki45-19FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke32-32OHNO Atsuko
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26KOMAGATA Masayuki
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26NAGAE Yuka
2015-06-21: 43_All_Japan_Kanagawa_prelim(Japan)
KASAI Masaya33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31OSATO Suguru
TSUCHIYA Ryosuke33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31TAYAMA Tsubasa
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31SATANI Tetsu
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31YABE Uma
2015-06-07: 25_Kawasaki_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke64-00HAMAKAWA Ayumi
FUKUCHI Keisuke43-21TSUCHIYA Ryosuke
OHIKE Yoshinori54-10FUKUCHI Keisuke
ITAGAKI Kenichi33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
TSUCHIYA Shotaro34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
2015-04-29: 3_Tokyo_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24OCHIAI Naofumi
FUKUCHI Keisuke35-29IMOTO Wataru
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26TSUCHIYA Ryosuke
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya43-21FUKUCHI Keisuke
ABE Yura34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31SUGUWARA Kiyoshi
2015-04-05: 3_Yokohama_challenge(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31KOSHINO Kazuhiko
FUKUCHI Keisuke44-20HAYASAKA Toshie
FUKUCHI Keisuke60-04YAMAZAKI Nobuyuki
FUKUCHI Keisuke35-29OHMORI Keita
KIYONOBU Kenta35-29FUKUCHI Keisuke
ABE Yura35-29FUKUCHI Keisuke
2015-03-01: 92_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke49-15IKEDA Atsuhiko
FUKUCHI Keisuke54-10KITANO Takumi
FUKUCHI Keisuke36-28IZUMI Takashi
FUKUCHI Keisuke34-30KAMIKURA Daisuke
2015-02-14: 92_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26SUGUWARA Kiyoshi
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24WATANABE Keiichi
FUKUCHI Keisuke37-27URANO Kento
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31NISHIO Hakudo
OSATO Suguru34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
2015-01-04: 91_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26MIYAZAWA Masuyama
KAMIKURA Daisuke40-24FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke37-27NAMIKI Kazunari
ASAHINA Satoshi34-30FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke34-30SATOMI Takashi
ISHIZAKI Hikaru36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
2014-12-07: 24_Kawasaki_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke34-30NODA Bintatsu
YAMAZAKI Nobuyuki33-31FUKUCHI Keisuke
OHIKE Yoshinori40-24FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke49-15TAKAHASHI Hisashi
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26MURAKAMI Takeshi
HISHIYAMA Yuichi48-16FUKUCHI Keisuke
2014-11-02: 90_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
TOYOTA Yasuteru62-02FUKUCHI Keisuke
HISHIYAMA Yuichi36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke45-19MORII Takumi
FUKUCHI Keisuke45-19ISHIKAWA Akira
SAITO Aya48-16FUKUCHI Keisuke
2014-10-11: 89_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke42-22WATANABE Keiichi
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24TAKAHASHI Masayuki
FUKUCHI Keisuke34-30URANO Kento
2014-09-07: 9_Ouza_sen(Japan)
FUNATSU Asuka36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke44-20YAMAZAKI Nobuyuki
MITSUYA Nobuaki49-15FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke33-31SAITO Aya
KURACHI Takayuki36-28FUKUCHI Keisuke
2014-06-01: 23_Kawasaki_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke63-01KOMATSU Miwa
FUKUCHI Keisuke43-21SUZUKI Gen
FUKUCHI Keisuke38-26ITO Daiki
FUKUCHI Keisuke45-19ODA Yuki
FUKUCHI Keisuke53-11KOMATSU Kakeru
FUKUCHI Keisuke46-18IZURA Daisei
FUKUCHI Keisuke60-04ITO Kotaro
2014-03-02: 87_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24NAKAMURA Kudaka
FUKUCHI Keisuke40-24NAKAMURA Takano
FUKUCHI Keisuke47-17OHWAKU Midori
YAMADA Kazuko54-10FUKUCHI Keisuke
FUKUCHI Keisuke32-32OGINO Takeru
FUKUCHI Keisuke46-18OCHIAI Naofumi