HU Ying Chong (China)

15 tournaments
122 results
Rated 4 in China and 90 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 102 in the World
Latest rating: 2170
WOF online rating: 1882, view profile on Vint.ee

Yingchong Hu is the #5 rated player in China. He has played about two tournaments a year since 2008 and World Othello championship 2019 will be his first WOC participation!

2019-11-18: 7 Beijing Open(China)
HU Ying Chong52-12ZHANG Zhiheng
YU Tao24-40HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong38-26CHEN Kai
HU Ying Chong51-13CHEN Xun
SONG Yan49-15HU Ying Chong
CAO Chunsen17-47HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong48-16ZHU Linyun
CHEN Kai33-31HU Ying Chong
SONG Yan38-26HU Ying Chong
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
HU Ying Chong49-15WANG Zi Xiao
TANA Patcharaporn24-40HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong27-37TAKAHASHI Akihiro
LINDE Mathias16-48HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong26-38SATANI Tetsu
HONGTHONG Anon32-32HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong44-20AHN Taeyoung
CHEN Po Yun32-32HU Ying Chong
KOH Bo Chao Alex34-30HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong40-24SHIFMAN Micky
NORIMITSU Ayumi27-37HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong19-45VINAR Matt
KWEK Jin Xiang16-48HU Ying Chong
2019-05-26: 2019 Guangzhou Trials(China)
HU Ying Chong53-11XUAN Haoyang
SONG Yan49-15HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong40-24LIN Lanbo
ZHAO Hongguang26-38HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong35-29LAM Maverick
YUAN Ke54-10HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong51-13DONG Zhen
ZHAO Jing15-49HU Ying Chong
2018-06-24: 20180624 6th Beijing Open(China)
JIA Baolong15-49HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong30-34WANG Wei
HU Ying Chong37-27YANG Zailin
YAMAKAWA Takashi33-31HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong61-03LI Ling
ZHAO Jing02-62HU Ying Chong
JI Zihui21-43HU Ying Chong
ZHAO Jing42-22HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong45-19YANG Zailin
2015-05-02: 6th Tianjin open (China)
SONG Yan27-37HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong50-14CHEN Xu
JIA Baolong28-36HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong46-18LUO Jihua
LIU Yaqing16-48HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong48-16WANG Wei
HE Jintao33-31HU Ying Chong
CHEN Xulost toHU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong35-29SONG Yan
2014-10-03: 3 Beijing Open(China)
CHEN Xu22-42HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong43-21WANG Yaning
HU Ying Chong28-36SONG Yan
MENG Debiao15-49HU Ying Chong
WANG Weiwei33-31HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong47-17JIA Baolong
HU Ying Chong51-13FANG Yuqi
FANG Yuqi25-39HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong29-35SONG Yan
2014-06-01: 1st Hangzhou Open(China)
HU Ying Chong42-22KANG Le
DONG Zhen16-48HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong44-20HUANG Shilin
FENG Ling30-34HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong55-09SHI Peipei
QIU Yifeng29-35HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong63-01JING Yuanhui
KANG Le24-40HU Ying Chong
DONG Zhen21-43HU Ying Chong
2013-04-30: 4th Tianjin Othello Open(China)
ZHAO Jingtao14-50HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong37-27LIU Yaqing
WANG Wei44-20HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong46-18FANG Yuqi
HU Ying Chong44-20CHEN Xu
GUO Yiming12-52HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong48-16JIA Baolong
FANG Yuqi23-41HU Ying Chong
CHEN Xu39-25HU Ying Chong
2013-01-12: Beijing Spring Tournament(China)
HU Ying Chong35-29LIU Yaqing
HU Ying Chong64-00LI Zhen
HU Ying Chong37-27SONG Yan
HU Ying Chong44-20ZHAO Jingtao
2012-05-06: 7th Guangzhou Othello Open(China)
HU Ying Chongwon againstRUHMKORFF Ben
HU Ying Chongwon againstFANG Yuqi
QIN Jingminwon againstHU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chongwon againstZHAO Jingtao
HU Ying Chongwon againstTSOI Chun Yip
SONG Yanwon againstHU Ying Chong
FANG Randywon againstHU Ying Chong
2012-01-29: Beijin Spring Tournament(China)
HU Ying Chong49-15ZHAO Jingtao
SONG Yan40-24HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chong49-15FANG Yuqi
HU Ying Chong48-16CHEN Min
HU Ying Chong38-26WANG Wei
HU Ying Chong38-26JIA Baolong
2011-12-03: Mirek Friendely Tournament(China)
FANG Yuqiwon againstHU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chongwon againstJIA Baolong
HU Ying Chongwon againstLIANG Rui
VORACEK Miroslav32-32HU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chongwon againstWANG Weiwei
HU Ying Chongwon againstZHAO Jingtao
HU Ying Chongwon againstWANG Bing
2011-08-07: 6th Guangzhou Open(China)
LI Zhonghonglost toHU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chongwon againstYU Jinlei
HU Ying Chongwon againstQIN Jingmin
HU Ying Chonglost toLU Huanqi
HU Ying Chongwon againstWONG Chi Wah
KANG Lewon againstHU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chongwon againstZENG Yanbo
HU Ying Chong32-32KANG Le
HU Ying Chong34-30LI Zhonghong
2009-05-02: 1st Chongqing Open(China)
HU Ying Chongwon againstDONG Zhen
HU Ying Chongwon againstLEE Choon Foong
HU Ying Chonglost toFENG Ling
HU Ying Chong32-32ZHAO Jingtao
DONG Zhenlost toHU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chongwon againstFENG Ling
FENG Linglost toHU Ying Chong
2008-10-02: 2nd Tianjin Open(China)
FANG Yunlost toHU Ying Chong
FENG Lingwon againstHU Ying Chong
ZHAO Jinwon againstHU Ying Chong
HU Ying Chongwon againstCHEN Suhui
JIANG Bofengwon againstHU Ying Chong
ZHOU Lijialost toHU Ying Chong
CHUI Longwon againstHU Ying Chong