KIM Taeyeon (Korea)

14 tournaments
114 results
Player ID: 30414
Rated 7 in Korea and T389 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T497 in the World
Latest rating: 1764
WOF online rating: 1767, view profile on Vint.ee

Taeyeon Kim played his first World Othello championship in 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. He has played 8 tournaments to date and is already participating in his second WOC! He reached 4th place in the Korea championships in 2018.


4th place in The Korea championships 2018

2023-06-23: Asia Pacific Othello Championship 2023(Mongolia)
CHAN Ivan31-33KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon47-17BATSUKH Naransolongo
ZHANG Anping43-21KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon59-05SUMIYA Tselmuun
ERDENEBAT Narantuya13-51KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon15-49YAMAKAWA Takashi
KIM Taeyeon64-00BATSUKH Sod-Oyu
WANG Zhen35-29KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon53-11ALTANSUKH Tushigbayar
GANTUMUR Enkh-Amgalan18-46KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon23-41ZHU Linyun
ZHU Linyun11-53KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon37-27SHI Peipei
2022-08-07: 6th Korea Myungin(Korea)
CHOI Minhyeok03-61KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon53-11YANG Chanju
KWAK Yujin09-55KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon28-36AHN Taeyoung
KIM Taeyeon24-40KWAK Eunwoo
2022-05-28: 29th Korea Othello Championship(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung35-29KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon31-33SOHR Jaeyoung
KWAK Yujin17-47KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon44-20LIM Sungtae
KIM Yoonsoo33-31KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon56-08AN Yihwan
OH Joungmok38-26KIM Taeyeon
2020-07-05: 3rd Korea Suwon(Korea)
KIM Taeyeon46-18BACK Jihee
BACK Jiwoon12-52KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon37-27LEE Keonwoo
SOHR Jaeyoung27-37KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon35-29AHN Taeyoung
2019-10-092019-10-11: WOC 2019(World)
KIM Taeyeon25-39TANA Patcharaporn
BUDIARDJA Katerin12-52KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon13-51FU Velma
BATTULGA Namkhai10-54KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon53-11BATZORIG Erdenesuvd
CHIANG Jou Chen41-23KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon35-29HEMPIJIT Woramet
WETTERGREN Niklas31-33KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon09-55WILLIAM Joanna
MADRONA Mario49-15KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon24-40MA Derek
SASHKA Chinzorig22-42KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon29-35LAUFER Shachar
2019-09-28: 5th Korea Myung-In(Korea)
AHN Taeyoung37-27KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon19-45KWON Younghwa
KIM Youngbum29-35KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon28-36OH Joungmok
SON Jinhyeok21-43KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon23-41NAM Sungwoo
LEE Chunae22-42KIM Taeyeon
2019-05-05: 28th Korea othello Championship(Korea)
PARK Jonghyun18-46KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon23-41KIM Jungsoo
SOHR Jaeyoung37-27KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon36-28KIM Kwanyoon
AHN Taeyoung37-27KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon26-38LEE Chunae
KIM Seong-Hyeon11-53KIM Taeyeon
2019-01-06: 3 King of Kings(Korea)
LEE Geuncheol08-56KIM Taeyeon
KIM Youngbum41-23KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon39-25KIM Jungsoo
KIM Taeyeon14-50OH Joungmok
AHN Taeyoung41-23KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon51-13HONG Hyungbum
2018-10-102018-10-12: WOC 2018(World)
OUREGA GALLO Irene15-49KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon11-53SEELEY Ben
RYBARIK Ivo24-40KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon19-45WETTERGREN Niklas
RACEK Matyas16-48KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon36-28FRONMARK Marcus
ROSE Joseph20-44KIM Taeyeon
SCOGNAMIGLIO Paolo39-25KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon23-41JUIGNER Arthur
SANO Yoko63-01KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon26-38NICHOLLS Frederic
KIM Taeyeon27-37BOE Alexander
SLADEK Vitek14-50KIM Taeyeon
2018-09-01: The 2nd Incheon Open(Korea)
KIM Taeyeon36-28FU Velma
MADRONA Mario40-24KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon21-43YAMAKAWA Takashi
KIM Taeyeon21-43KIM Jungsoo
KIM Taeyeon55-09KIM Dongsu
CHO Wonyong35-29KIM Taeyeon
2018-07-07: 4th MyungIn (Korea)
KIM Taeyeon26-38SON Jinhyeok
KIM Youngbum31-33KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon50-14HONG Hyungbum
KIM Taeyeon35-29NAM Sungwoo
OH Joungmok46-18KIM Taeyeon
HA Seungsup42-22KIM Taeyeon
AHN Taeyoung21-43KIM Taeyeon
2018-05-122018-05-13: EGP Rome 2018(Italy)
KIM Taeyeon47-17BJORK Lisbeth
SPERANDIO Damiano29-35KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon22-42JUIGNER Arthur
TUCCI Alessandro60-04KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon30-34CAVIOLA Leonardo
VECCHI Maria Serena11-53KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon34-30LAI Fabrizio
DIODATI Michele28-36KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon13-51DI MATTEI Alessandro
TORMENE Paolo37-27KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon12-52STEENTOFT Benkt
2018-04-27: 27th Korea Championships(Korea)
KIM Jungsoo28-36KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon36-28SHIN Dongmyung
OH Joungmok46-18KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon35-29LEE Chunae
KIM Kwanyoon45-19KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon32-32KIM Dongkwon
HA Seungsup23-41KIM Taeyeon
2018-01-07: 2 King of Kings(Korea)
HONG Jaeseong22-42KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon42-22KIM Jungsoo
KIM Taeyeon16-48KIM Dongkwon
KIM Kwanyoon34-30KIM Taeyeon
HONG Hyunwoo27-37KIM Taeyeon
KIM Taeyeon36-28SOHR Jaeyoung