HARA Shuichi (Japan)Japanese name(s): 原修一
51 tournaments
272 results
Rated T247 in Japan and T290 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T344 in the World
Latest rating: 1986
2019-04-27: 36_Suzuka_open(Japan)
MIYAZAKI Yuji48-16HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi38-26IMAI Chiaki
YOSHIYUKI Suganuma34-30HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi36-28HATTORI Kouki
HARA Shuichi41-23HASHIMOTO Tokuya
HARA Shuichi34-30TANAKA Kousuke
2019-03-24: 40_Meijin(Japan)
YAMAGUCHI Tomokiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstDE MARCO Wesley
HARA Shuichiwon againstKOYASHIKI Ken
KANOU Eishiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstOKAMURA Hiroaki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstHARA Shuichi
TAKENOBU Kosukewon againstHARA Shuichi
2019-03-23: 40_Meijin_masters(Japan)
MIYAZAKI Toruwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstKOBAYASHI Makoto
OKUDA Tsuyoshiwon againstHARA Shuichi
TANIDA Kunihikowon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstUNO Toshihiro
USHIRO Hideakiwon againstHARA Shuichi
2019-02-03: 2019_Chibu_expert_games(Japan)
KANOU Eishi40-24HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi41-23KAWARADA Yuichi
HARA Shuichi40-24TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
HARA Shuichi33-31ISHIBARA Kotaro
KITATANI Yuuma37-27HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi44-20KATOKO Isamu
TOKUDA Naoya48-16HARA Shuichi
2018-10-06: 34_Suzuka_open(Japan)
HARA Shuichi35-29HIGUCHI Atsutoshi
KIBA Kenta33-31HARA Shuichi
SUGIYAMA Toshio40-24HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi42-22YAMASHITA Aoka
SAKA Hiroshi40-24HARA Shuichi
2018-09-23: 47_All_Japan_Chubu_prelim(Japan)
HARA Shuichi36-28KOMINE Harunobu
HARA Shuichi52-12WATANABE Osuke
KOYASHIKI Ken44-20HARA Shuichi
KANOU Eishi39-25HARA Shuichi
ISHIBARA Kotaro34-30HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi48-16KAWASOE Ousuke
2018-07-01: 46_All_Japan_Chubu_prelim(Japan)
MIYAGAWA Yasuo35-29HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi33-31KOYASHIKI Ken
HARA Shuichi35-29HASHIMOTO Yuya
KATSUYAMA Yuta33-31HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi44-20YAMANAKA Mami
HATTORI Kouki46-18HARA Shuichi
2018-05-05: 42_Inuyama_open_morning(Japan)
ESAKI Seiji34-30HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi49-15ISHIBARA Kotaro
MATSUMOTO Hiroyuki42-22HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi57-07OHIRA Takuhiro
KOYASHIKI Ken42-22HARA Shuichi
2018-04-28: 57_Nagoya_open(Japan)
KOYASHIKI Ken44-20HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi41-23KATO Teru
HARA Shuichi55-09MIURA Hideki
MIYAGAWA Keigo47-17HARA Shuichi
WAKITA Kengo35-29HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi43-21TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
2018-04-21: 32_Suzuka_open(Japan)
HARA Shuichi42-22KATO Teru
NAGASHIMA Kouyou44-20HARA Shuichi
HASHIMOTO Yuya33-31HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi38-26HIGUCHI Atsutoshi
YOSHIYUKI Suganuma45-19HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi49-15HASHIMOTO Tokuya
2018-03-18: 39_Meijin(Japan)
HARA Shuichiwon againstYAMAGUCHI Tomoki
AKAGI Tachirowon againstHARA Shuichi
NAKAMORI Hirokiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstSANO Yoko
MIYAGAWA Yasuowon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstKAGAWA Yoichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstNAGASHIMA Kouyou
2018-01-13: 31_Suzuka_open(Japan)
HARA Shuichi44-20HIGUCHI Atsutoshi
NAGASHIMA Kouyou35-29HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi50-14MIYASATO Shiyoko
HARA Shuichi43-21NAGASHIMA Yoshitaka
HARA Shuichiwon againstSOBAJIMA Daichi
HARA Shuichi44-20TANAKA Kousuke
2017-12-03: 56_Nagoya_open(Japan)
UNO Toshihiro33-31HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi36-28HASHIMOTO Yuya
HARA Shuichi40-24TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
MATSUMOTO Hiroyuki33-31HARA Shuichi
TAKAGI Yosuke46-18HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi35-29MIYAGAWA Keigo
2017-10-28: 30_Suzuka_open(Japan)
NAGASHIMA Kouyou33-31HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi44-20HASHIMOTO Yuya
HARA Shuichi47-17SUGIYAMA Toshio
HARA Shuichi38-26YOSHIYUKI Suganuma
SOBAJIMA Daichiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi51-13WAKITA Kengo
2017-10-08: 28_Kansai_championship_A(Japan)
HARA Shuichi39-25HAYASUGI Yu
HARA Shuichi55-09KOBAYASHI Ritsuko
HARA Shuichi38-26TAKAHASHI Akihiro
HARA Shuichi33-31KUMATSU Miyu
FUKUNAGA Kohachi50-14HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi40-24YOSHINO Toru
MIYAZAKI Yuji54-10HARA Shuichi
2017-09-23: 55_Nagoya_open(Japan)
MATSUMOTO Hiroyuki36-28HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi34-30KOYASHIKI Ken
HARA Shuichi33-31YAMANAKA Yukihiro
HARA Shuichi37-27TAKAGI Yosuke
HARA Shuichi34-30YOSHIYUKI Suganuma
TAKAHASHI Akihiro54-10HARA Shuichi
2017-07-16: 45_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
KITAJIMA Hidekiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstSUGIMOTO Takaharu
MIYAZAKI Yujiwon againstHARA Shuichi
ISHIZAKI Hikaruwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstHASEGAWA Toshi
HARA Shuichiwon againstYOSHINO Toru
2017-07-08: 29_Suzuka_open(Japan)
TAKAGI Yosuke36-28HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi37-27TAYAMA Tsubasa
HARA Shuichi36-28SUGIYAMA Toshio
HARA Shuichi38-26HASHIMOTO Yuya
SUZURIKAWA Toshimasa41-23HARA Shuichi
NAGASHIMA Kouyouwon againstHARA Shuichi
2017-06-18: 45_All_Japan_central_prelim(Japan)
YAMANAKA Yukihiro35-29HARA Shuichi
KATO Teru33-31HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi34-30KOYASHIKI Ken
HARA Shuichi34-30MIYAGAWA Yasuo
HARA Shuichiwon againstTSUCHIDA Daisuke
HARA Shuichi44-20HAGA Kazutoshi
2016-07-17: 44_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
HARA Shuichiwon againstOBARA Hiroto
HARA Shuichiwon againstSATO Hisakazu
YAMAZAKI Keitawon againstHARA Shuichi
YOSHIYUKI Suganumawon againstHARA Shuichi
ANDO Keitowon againstHARA Shuichi
NARIYA Makotowon againstHARA Shuichi
2016-06-19: 44_All_Japan_Chubu_prelim(Japan)
OHTSUBO Hidetaka43-21HARA Shuichi
KOYASHIKI Ken37-27HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi56-08TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
HARA Shuichi53-11HASHIMOTO Yuya
YOSHIYUKI Suganuma39-25HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi42-22YAMANAKA Mami
2016-03-20: 37_Meijin(Japan)
OZAWA Kouwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstHAYASUGI Yu
SATO Reikowon againstHARA Shuichi
OHUCHI Yasuhirowon againstHARA Shuichi
KAGAWA Yoichiwon againstHARA Shuichi
TOJO Atsushiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstYOSHIDA Taisaku
2016-01-30: 23_Suzuka_open(Japan)
HARA Shuichi44-20NAGASHIMA Kouyou
HARA Shuichi44-20ANDO Keito
HARA Shuichi46-18HIGUCHI Atsutoshi
KOYASHIKI Ken35-29HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi45-19SUGIYAMA Toshio
OHTSUBO Hidetaka47-17HARA Shuichi
2016-01-17: 2016_Chubu_expert_games(Japan)
TSUCHIDA Daisuke44-20HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi40-24KANOU Eishi
HARA Shuichi47-17YAMADA Yutaka
ITO Yuta38-26HARA Shuichi
2016-01-17: 2016_Chubu_expert_games_final(Japan)
HARA Shuichi37-27KIBA Kenta
OHTSUBO Hidetaka37-27HARA Shuichi
2015-09-26: 49_Nagoya_open(Japan)
SHIMO Sato32-32HARA Shuichi
OHTSUBO Hidetaka38-26HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi37-27SATO Reiko
HARA Shuichi42-22KOYASHIKI Ken
SUEHIRO Ohachi35-29HARA Shuichi
MATSUMOTO Hiroyuki36-28HARA Shuichi
2015-03-22: 36_Meijin(Japan)
KURACHI Takayukiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstTAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
YOSHIDA Shigenobuwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstSHIROGANE Tetsuya
HARA Shuichiwon againstSANO Yoko
SATANI Tetsuwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstTANIDA Kunihiko
2014-06-15: 42_All_Japan_Chubu_prelim(Japan)
KITAJIMA Hideki49-15HARA Shuichi
FUJIOKA Ken34-30HARA Shuichi
KOUKAWA Satoshi35-29HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi42-22HAYASHI Taka
HARA Shuichi38-26OHE Yoshimaru
HARA Shuichi47-17MIURA Hideki
2004-05-03: 16_Kyoto_open(Japan)
NORIMITSU Ayumi33-31HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi36-28NAKAMORI Hiroki
HARA Shuichi39-25TSUCHIYA Ryosuke
HARA Shuichi49-15ONITSUKA Kikuchi
HARA Shuichi40-24TATSUMI Atsushi
HAGA Kazutoshi41-23HARA Shuichi
KURACHI Takayuki36-28HARA Shuichi
2002-08-25: 2nd Anti Resistance Game(Japan)
NODA Bintatsuwon againstHARA Shuichi
KOUKAWA Satoshiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstTODA Daisuke
HARA Shuichiwon againstKADO Naoki
HARA Shuichiwon againstSHIMA Miyuki
HARA Shuichiwon againstKIUCHI Hideyuki
2001-05-01: Meijin(Japan)
TSUCHIKAWA Noriaki33-31HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi33-31TAKAHASHI Chikako
TAKEDA Kyoko33-31HARA Shuichi
INOUE Tetsuya33-31HARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichi33-31TSUBAMOTO Ryuichi
HARA Shuichi33-31TANAKA Michiko
HARA Shuichi33-31SHISEIDO Hiroyuki
2000-07-30: 28th All Japan(Japan)
MIYAZAKI Junwon againstHARA Shuichi
ARAKI Yasuyukiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstTANAKA Tatsuo
1999-07-25: 27th All Japan(Japan)
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstKAGOTANI Hiroto
HARA Shuichiwon againstKURODA Takuji
1998-11-30: 9th Kansai championship(Japan)
HARA Shuichiwon againstIBATA Kensuke
HARA Shuichiwon againstIBATA Kensuke
HARA Shuichiwon againstMATSUMOTO Hiroyuki
HARA Shuichiwon againstYOKOYAMA Chiaki
HARA Shuichiwon againstKUNII Toshimi
HARA Shuichiwon againstHASEGAWA Kazuto
1998-07-27: 26th All Japan(Japan)
KITAJIMA Hidekiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstSAGA Tetsuo
HARA Shuichiwon againstURA Satoru
1997-07-27: 25th All Japan(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstHARA Shuichi
MIYAZAKI Junwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstYOSHIDA Taisaku
1997-05-03: 9th Kyoto Open(Japan)
TAMENORI Hideshiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstUENO Kohei
HARA Shuichiwon againstIJICHI Tamotsu
HARA Shuichiwon againstTEZUKA Hirohisa
UNO Toshihirowon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstNAKANISHI Toshiaki
1996-10-13: 110th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
HARA Shuichiwon againstMATSUOKA Akira
HARA Shuichiwon againstKURODA Takuji
HARA Shuichiwon againstISHIKAWA Akira
UNO Toshihirowon againstHARA Shuichi
WADA Masanoriwon againstHARA Shuichi
1996-09-08: 109th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
HARA Shuichiwon againstIO Hideo
YOSHIMURA Osamuwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstTATSUMI Atsushi
ITOI Kojiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstUNO Toshihiro
1996-08-11: 108th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
HARA Shuichiwon againstSONOZAKI Kyoko
MATOBA Hisanoriwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstTATSUMI Atsushi
HARA Shuichiwon againstSUZUKI Takao
UNO Toshihirowon againstHARA Shuichi
1996-07-28: 24th All Japan(Japan)
MURAKAMI Takeshiwon againstHARA Shuichi
YAMADA Ken'Ichiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstFUJII Koichi
1996-07-14: 107th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
SUZUKI Shinichiwon againstHARA Shuichi
FUJIKURA Katsuyawon againstHARA Shuichi
YOSHIMURA Osamuwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstKITAOKA Takeshi
HARA Shuichiwon againstWADA Masanori
1996-06-09: 106th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
HARA Shuichiwon againstWADA Masanori
HARA Shuichiwon againstOKUDA Masashi
HARA Shuichiwon againstUENO Kohei
HARA Shuichiwon againstTATSUMI Atsushi
ITOI Kojiwon againstHARA Shuichi
1996-05-12: 105th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
MATOBA Hisanoriwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstTAKAHASHI Manabu
FUJIKURA Katsuyawon againstHARA Shuichi
IBATA Kensukewon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstMAEDA Masahiro
1996-04-14: 104th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
HARA Shuichiwon againstKONO Yuichiro
FUKUI Seijiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstTARU Eiichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstTATSUMI Atsushi
HARA Shuichiwon againstWADA Masanori
1996-03-10: 103rd Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
SONOZAKI Yutsukawon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstSONOZAKI Hiromichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstFUJIKURA Katsuya
HARA Shuichiwon againstIBATA Kensuke
MIYAZAKI Toruwon againstHARA Shuichi
1996-02-11: 102nd Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
HARA Shuichiwon againstMIYAZAKI Toru
HARA Shuichiwon againstIKEBE Takeo
HARA Shuichiwon againstOKUDA Masashi
HARA Shuichiwon againstISHIKAWA Akira
MAEDA Kohichiwon againstHARA Shuichi
1996-01-14: 101st Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
HARA Shuichiwon againstSUZUKI Takao
HARA Shuichiwon againstSONOZAKI Yutsuka
HARA Shuichiwon againstMIYAZAKI Toru
HARA Shuichiwon againstITOI Koji
HARA Shuichiwon againstTATSUMI Atsushi
1995-07-30: 23rd All Japan(Japan)
KAMEMOTO Osamuwon againstHARA Shuichi
MATOBA Hisanoriwon againstHARA Shuichi
KUKATSU Yutsukawon againstHARA Shuichi
1993-08-23: 21st All Japan(Japan)
AZUMA Hidekiwon againstHARA Shuichi
NAKAZAWA Hirofumiwon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstSANO Hirotaka
1992-08-08: 20th All Japan(Japan)
KITAJIMA Hidekiwon againstHARA Shuichi
NAITO Yoshihitowon againstHARA Shuichi
HARA Shuichiwon againstHIRATA Masaki