LEONG Chee Kit (Singapore)

40 tournaments
297 results
Rated 4 in Singapore and T191 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T229 in the World
Latest rating: 2068
WOF online rating: 1800, view profile on Vint.ee
2020-12-26: Singapore Master Series(Singapore)
KOH Bo Xiang41-23LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit41-23LIM Chan Way
LEONG Chee Kit34-30SIA Cheng Yong
KOH Bo Chao Alex41-23LEONG Chee Kit
2020-11-29: Singapore National Othello Championship 2020(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit54-10ONG Leonardo Ding Chao
LEONG Chee Kit53-11MUHAMMAD Abduh
TAY YI An14-50LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit39-25LIM Chan Way
KWEK Jin Xiang30-34LEONG Chee Kit
LEE Choon Foong21-43LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit28-36KOH Bo Chao Alex
KOH Bo Chao Alex44-20LEONG Chee Kit
2020-02-16: 28th Singapore Open(Singapore)
KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry21-43LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit44-20HO Yi Kit Randall
KOH Bo Xiang39-25LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit46-18TAM Jia Jun Thomas
LEONG Chee Kit17-47KOH Bo Chao Alex
SIA Cheng Yong32-32LEONG Chee Kit
TAY YI An28-36LEONG Chee Kit
2019-12-08: Singapore Master Series Div A(Singapore)
KOH Bo Xiang43-21LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit38-26KWEK Jin Xiang
SIA Cheng Yong27-37LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit31-33KOH Bo Chao Alex
LEONG Chee Kit42-22GOH Jun Jie Anthony
LOW Wee Hao Eddie15-49LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit45-19LOW Kang Sheng
2019-10-27: 26th Singapore Open(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit44-20TOH Choon Hong
KOH Bo Chao Alex28-36LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit40-24SIA Cheng Yong
GOH Jun Jie Anthony25-39LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit33-31TAN Meng Lin
GOH Li Fan Shawn25-39LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit38-26NGIAM Zhen Wei
2019-09-29: 25th Singapore Open(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit35-29KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
KWEK Jin Xiang39-25LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit19-45KOH Bo Xiang
LOW Kang Sheng37-27LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit48-16GOH Chong Wei Keith
TAN Jia Long Nicholas27-37LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit43-21GOH Jun Jie Anthony
2019-06-30: Singapore Championship(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit27-37KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
CHUA Zi Wei18-46LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit35-29KWEK Jin Xiang
CHONG Sky34-30LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit35-29WIRAWAN Daniel
CHEW Ching Wuen34-30LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit38-26LIM Chan Way
2018-12-16: Singapore Othello Master Series (Division A)(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit24-40LOW Wee Hao Eddie
KOH Bo Chao Alex44-20LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit37-27SIA Cheng Yong
LEONG Chee Kit25-39GOH Jun Jie Anthony
KOH Bo Xiang34-30LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit30-34NGIAM Zhen Wei
WU Jin Feng24-40LEONG Chee Kit
2018-10-28: 22nd Singapore Open 2018(Singapore)
KWEK Jin Xiang36-28LEONG Chee Kit
GOH Li Fan Shawn25-39LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit56-08TAN Meng Lin
LEONG Chee Kit46-18GOH Jun Jie Anthony
LOW Wee Hao Eddie32-32LEONG Chee Kit
SIA Cheng Yong19-45LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit44-20KER Ming Han
2018-08-12: Singapore Championship(Singapore)
KER Ming Han18-46LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit32-32NGIAM Zhen Wei
MADRONA Mario32-32LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit35-29YAP Siew Kun
MAK Wai Tung35-29LEONG Chee Kit
FU Velma41-23LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit44-20LOW Wee Hao Eddie
2018-05-27: 20th Singapore Open 2018(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit33-31NG Chelsia
LIM Gabrielle13-51LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit26-38NGIAM Zhen Wei
KER Ming Han09-55LEONG Chee Kit
CHEW Ching Wuen23-41LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit29-35WU Jin Feng
GOH Jun Jie Anthony42-22LEONG Chee Kit
2018-03-25: 19th Singapore Open 2018(Singapore)
KHING Kenneth34-30LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit29-35KURNIAWAN Samuel Henry
WITA Claudia Aurina10-54LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit39-25KWEK Jin Xiang
SIA Cheng Yong30-34LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit33-31KER Ming Han
LEE Choon Foong32-32LEONG Chee Kit
2018-01-21: 18th Singapore Open(Singapore)
LOW Kang Sheng33-31LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit37-27SIA Cheng Yong
TEO Thomas23-41LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit31-33GOH Jun Jie Anthony
NG Chelsia19-45LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit21-43LOW Wee Hao Eddie
LEONG Chee Kit14-50KOH Bo Xiang
2017-12-16: Singapore Othello Master (Division A)(Singapore)
LIN Wei Hao Roy42-22LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit39-25NGIAM Zhen Wei
LOW Wee Hao Eddie38-26LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit40-24CHEW Ching Wuen
SIA Cheng Yong26-38LEONG Chee Kit
WU Jin Feng23-41LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit22-42HAMIJOYO Kevin
2017-11-012017-11-03: WOC 2017 (Ghent)(World)
LEONG Chee Kit35-29LITSAS Andreas
KURITA Seiya34-30LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit33-31FELDBORG Karsten
BUKA Michal23-41LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit21-43ROSSLER Daniel
LEONG Chee Kit39-25VORACEK Miroslav
LAM Maverick21-43LEONG Chee Kit
LEADER Imre37-27LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit45-19YUAN Ke
2017-09-24: 17th Singapore Open 2017(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit43-21AUYOK Sean
WIRAWAN Daniel32-32LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit31-33KOH Bo Xiang
KHING Kenneth08-56LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit59-05GOH Li Fan Shawn
MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim40-24LEONG Chee Kit
NG Chelsia23-41LEONG Chee Kit
2017-07-09: Singapore National Othello Championship 2017(Singapore)
KER Ming Han28-36LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit31-33SIA Cheng Yong
GAN Chin Leng Jacky18-46LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit49-15WIRAWAN Daniel
KOH Bo Chao Alex35-29LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit43-21MAK Wai Tung
LOW Wee Hao Eddie36-28LEONG Chee Kit
2017-02-19: 15th Singapore Open(Singapore)
TIN Jun Hao27-37LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit49-15WIRAWAN Daniel
LOW Wee Hao Eddie24-40LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit30-34NGIAM Zhen Wei
LEONG Chee Kit55-09NG Wei Jie
WU Jin Feng36-28LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit41-23POH Kian Hong Alvin
2016-12-18: Singapore Othello Master (division one)(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit44-20GOH Jun Jie Anthony
KOH Bo Xiang30-34LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit44-20MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim
LEONG Chee Kit25-39PAW Su Lin Kenneth
CHEW Ching Wuen41-23LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit53-11WU Jin Feng
CHUA Woon Yang10-54LEONG Chee Kit
2016-10-30: 14th Singapore Open(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit49-15SIOW Nicholas
WITA Claudia Aurina26-38LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit24-40KOH Bo Chao Alex
KHING Kenneth31-33LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit38-26HAMIJOYO Kevin
LEONG Chee Kit21-43KOH Bo Xiang
MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim27-37LEONG Chee Kit
2016-08-20: 13th Singapore Open(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit33-31NGIAM Zhen Wei
SIA Cheng Yong31-33LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit31-33LOW Wee Hao Eddie
LIM Xin Yi31-33LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit33-31WU Jin Feng
CHUA Woon Yang33-31LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit33-31CHOY Zheng Da
2016-06-05: Singapore National Othello Championship 2016(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit52-12ONG Wei Shiuan Wilson
GAN Chin Leng Jacky20-44LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit40-24GOH Jun Jie Anthony
LEE Choon Foong30-34LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Chao Alex35-29LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit32-32LIN Wei Hao Roy
KOH Bo Xiang36-28LEONG Chee Kit
2015-12-20: 5th Singapore Othello Masters 2015 - Division One(Singapore)
CHEW Ching Wuen27-37LEONG Chee Kit
PAW Su Lin Kenneth38-26LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit31-33LEE Choon Foong
LIN Wei Hao Roy31-33LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit48-16KOH Bo Chao Alex
CHONG Sky20-44LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit31-33KOH Bo Xiang
2015-11-01: 12th Singapore Open(Singapore)
AFFENDI Alif15-49LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit37-27NGIAM Zhen Wei
ONG Jia Jun Edmund18-46LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit56-08KOH Bo Chao Alex
LEE Choon Foong40-24LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit40-24CHUA Zi Wei
2015-08-02: Singapore National Othello Championship 2015(Singapore)
TANZIL Hermanto27-37LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit45-19LOW Wee Hao Eddie
CHONG Sky42-22LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit53-11WONG Ci Siang
HAMIJOYO Kevin29-35LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit27-37LIN Wei Hao Roy
LEONG Chee Kit26-38PAW Su Lin Kenneth
LIM Wee Kiat40-24LEONG Chee Kit
ONG Jia Jun Edmund11-53LEONG Chee Kit
2014-12-21: 4th Singapore Othello Masters Series 2014 - Division 1(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit41-23LOW Wee Hao Eddie
KOH Bo Chao Alex33-31LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit31-33GAN Chin Leng Jacky
LEONG Chee Kit32-32CHEW Ching Wuen
KOH Bo Xiang29-35LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit36-28PAW Su Lin Kenneth
LIN Wei Hao Roy17-47LEONG Chee Kit
2014-08-03: 7th Singapore National(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit46-18TAN Yan Shao
LOW Wee Hao Eddie23-41LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit34-30LEE Choon Foong
LEONG Chee Kit28-36KOH Bo Chao Alex
CHEW Ching Wuen34-30LEONG Chee Kit
PAW Su Lin Kenneth26-38LEONG Chee Kit
CHEW Ching Wuen31-33LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit10-54CHEW Ching Wuen
LEONG Chee Kit30-34CHONG Sky
CHONG Sky49-15LEONG Chee Kit
2014-01-162014-01-17: Othello World Cup 2014(World)
CHONG Sky32-32LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit24-40SATANI Tetsu
YAP Siew Kun27-37LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Xiang31-33LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit29-35GOTO Hiroshi
LEONG Chee Kit17-47ZHOU Jian
ODEGARD Martin29-35LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit31-33GOH Jun Jie Anthony
LIN Wei Hao Roy11-53LEONG Chee Kit
WILLIAM Joanna22-42LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit12-52MIYAZAKI Yuji
2013-12-15: 3rd Singapore Othello Masters Series 2013(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit17-47LIN Wei Hao Roy
WU Jin Feng27-37LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit21-43LOW Wee Hao Eddie
PAW Su Lin Kenneth15-49LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit47-17GOH Jun Jie Anthony
KOH Bo Xiang28-36LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit40-24MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim
2013-08-24: Singapore Championship(Singapore)
LIM Wee Kiat14-50LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit30-34GOH Jun Jie Anthony
CHONG Sky38-26LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit50-14CHEANG Eu Howe Gabriel
PAW Su Lin Kenneth40-24LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit37-27NG Hui Wen
CHEW Ching Wuen30-34LEONG Chee Kit
2013-03-17: 8th Singapore Open 2013(Singapore)
LOW Wee Hao Eddie40-24LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit47-17WONG Ci Siang
LEONG Chee Kit35-29MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim
LEE Fredrik20-44LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Chao Alex44-20LEONG Chee Kit
2012-12-16: 2nd Singapore Othello Masters Series 2012(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit37-27MUHAMMAD Nur Hakim
TAN Yan Shao25-39LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit36-28KOH Bo Chao Alex
KOH Bo Xiang14-50LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit36-28SET Zhi Wei
LEONG Chee Kit34-30LIN Wei Hao Roy
WU Jin Feng26-38LEONG Chee Kit
2012-11-18: 7th Singapore Open(Singapore)
TAN Yan Shao23-41LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit56-08LOW Wee Hao Eddie
KOH Bo Chao Alex31-33LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit19-45WU Jin Feng
SET Zhi Wei28-36LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit44-20CHUA Zi Wei
2012-08-04: Singapore Othello Championship(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit48-16NG Yew Chong
NG Hui Wen23-41LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit48-16WU Jin Feng
LEE Choon Foong47-17LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit52-12CHUA Zi Wei
LEONG Chee Kit26-38KOH Bo Xiang
LEE Choon Foong45-19LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit47-17LOW Wee Hao Eddie
2011-12-04: Singapore Othello Masters Series - SOMS 2011(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit48-16CHUA Zi Wei
KOH Bo Xiang31-33LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit25-39NG Qi Han
LEONG Chee Kit21-43KOH Bo Chao Alex
WILLIAM Joanna52-12LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit25-39WU Jin Feng
YING Ke Sin24-40LEONG Chee Kit
2011-08-08: Singapore Championship(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit46-18NG Qi Han
CHOONG Dan12-52LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit41-23LOW Wee Hao Eddie
FANG Randy31-33LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Chao Alex47-17LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit38-26TSOI Chun Yip
LEE Choon Foong37-27LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Chao Alex29-35LEONG Chee Kit
2010-08-14: Singapore National Othello Championship - SNOC2010(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit38-26HENG Li Ying Clara
SUEKUNI Makoto36-28LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit62-02TAN Si Ying Joanne
YANG Tzi Haur23-41LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit37-27WILLIAM Joanna
LEE Choon Foong38-26LEONG Chee Kit
2009-07-25: Singapore Othello Championship - SOC2009(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit34-30GAN Chin Leng
TOH Hui Hung32-32LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit11-53WILLIAM Joanna
LEONG Chee Kit28-36LUI Him Lun
CHUA Zi Wei10-54LEONG Chee Kit
CHEE Chin Yang12-52LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit36-28ONG Wee Ling
LEONG Chee Kit38-26LIN Wei Hao Roy
2008-08-30: Singapore Open Othello Championship - SOOC2008(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit42-22CHONG Sky
KRAIKOKIT Piamrat44-20LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit24-40KOH Bo Chao Alex
PANAJARN Linsue33-31LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit53-11YAP Siew Kun
WU Jin Feng46-18LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit42-22BUDIMAN Rusdi
2008-05-312008-06-07: Singapore National Othello Championship - SNOC2008(Singapore)
LEONG Chee Kit36-28ONG Wee Ling
LI Yi Qiao Emma32-32LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit51-13WANG Wei Chao
LOW Zhi Ren Leonard04-60LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit17-47KOH Bo Xiang
KHATRI Aditya Mahesh14-50LEONG Chee Kit
LEONG Chee Kit31-33CHEW Ching Wuen
NG Hui Wen12-52LEONG Chee Kit
GOH Jun Jie Anthony12-52LEONG Chee Kit
LEO Chin Ho31-33LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Chao Alex41-23LEONG Chee Kit
KOH Bo Chao Alex37-27LEONG Chee Kit