SATO Yutaka (Japan)Japanese name(s): 佐藤裕貴
60 tournaments
361 results
Rated T239 in Japan and T285 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T339 in the World
Latest rating: 1981
2018-03-18: 39_Meijin(Japan)
SHIMO Satowon againstSATO Yutaka
AIHARA Shigeakiwon againstSATO Yutaka
TAYAMA Tsubasawon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstNAKAI Yoshiji
SATO Yutakawon againstSATO Ryu
SATO Yutakawon againstKURODA Takuji
SATO Yutakawon againstUMEZAWA Yoshinori
2018-03-17: 39_Meijin_High_School(Japan)
KITANO Takumiwon againstSATO Yutaka
NAKAOKA Akinoriwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstFUKUI Hiroto
FUKUHATA Kiyonewon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstKITADE Naoya
NAKAMURA Keiichirowon againstSATO Yutaka
2017-01-03: Shinagawa_open_2017(Japan)
NAGAO Hiroto43-21SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka38-26ITO Azumi
SATO Yutaka37-27AKIYAMA Tatsumi
SATO Yutaka39-25KOJIMA Akiyasu
HASEGAWA Takeshi36-28SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka38-26HISHIYAMA Yuichi
SATO Yutaka36-28SHINDO You
2015-03-22: 36_Meijin(Japan)
KURAHASHI Satoshiwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstUMEZAWA Yoshinori
SATO Yutakawon againstARAKI Yasuyuki
NAGASAKI Hidekazuwon againstSATO Yutaka
SHIMIZU Naokiwon againstSATO Yutaka
NAGI Michikowon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstTAKAGI Yosuke
2015-03-21: 36_Meijin_students(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstSOUDA Shun
SATO Yutakawon againstKITANO Ochachi
KITANO Takumiwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstSHINOHARA Jun
NAKAOKA Akinoriwon againstSATO Yutaka
URANO Kentowon againstSATO Yutaka
2014-03-23: 35_Meijin(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstNAKANO Jo
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstKAWARADA Seiji
MURAKAMI Takeshiwon againstSATO Yutaka
ICHIKAWA Yukinoriwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstKURODA Takuji
SHIMIZU Naokiwon againstSATO Yutaka
2014-03-22: 35_Meijin_student(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstSHINOHARA Ryo
SATO Yutakawon againstSHINOHARA Jun
KITANO Ochachiwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstKUNIO Yukihiro
SATO Yutakawon againstOHTSUBO Hidetaka
SATO Yutakawon againstSHINOHARA Jun
2013-09-01: 8_Ouza_sen(Japan)
MIYAZAKI Yuji34-30SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka49-15KADOKURA Ohachi
SATO Yutaka40-24ENOMOTO Hiroyuki
IWATA Hiroyuki40-24SATO Yutaka
OHNO Tomohiro41-23SATO Yutaka
2013-03-31: 34_Meijin(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstHAYASAKA Toshie
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstIWAKURA Hiroaki
KANOU Eishiwon againstSATO Yutaka
SAITO Ayawon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstKOSHINO Kazuhiko
SATO Yutakawon againstAIHARA Shigeaki
2013-03-30: 34_Meijin_student(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstSHIBUYA Motoki
SATO Yutakawon againstKURIHARA Aru
OHTSUBO Hidetakawon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstISAKA Tomoaki
SATO Yutakawon againstMIYAJI Hiroaki
NAKAOKA Akinoriwon againstSATO Yutaka
2013-01-03: Shinagawa_open_2013(Japan)
SATO Yutaka33-31MITSUYA Nobuaki
TAKAHASHI Shiu39-25SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka35-29TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
TANAKA Atsushi36-28SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka41-23NAKAYAMA Takahiro
YABE Uma37-27SATO Yutaka
NAGASHIMA Kazuhitowon againstSATO Yutaka
2012-11-11: OWC2013_qualification(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstHOSHI Ryuichi
SATO Yutakawon againstNISHIYAMA Momoko
SATANI Tetsuwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstKOIDE Satoshi
SASAKI Soheiwon againstSATO Yutaka
2012-09-02: 7_Ouza_sen(Japan)
MIYAZAKI Yuji43-21SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka41-23HONJO Hideaki
SATO Yutaka45-19TANEDA Kazuki
KANOU Eishi53-11SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka34-30KURAHASHI Satoshi
SATO Yutaka46-18YAMANAKA Mami
2012-07-18: 40_All_Japan_open_champ(Japan)
OSHIMA Yusukewon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstKOSHINO Kazuhiko
NAKAMURA Keikowon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstSAITO Shigehiro
SATO Yutakawon againstIMAMURA Yuuki
HAIJIMA Mitsuyawon againstSATO Yutaka
2012-06-24: 40_All_Japan_Tokyo_prelim_2(Japan)
KANEDA Shigeru37-27SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka39-25KATO Yudai
SATO Yutakawon againstKOSHINO Kazuhiko
ISHIKAWA Akira37-27SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka42-22KOIDE Satoshi
SATO Yutaka35-29IWATA Hiroyuki
2012-04-30: 1_Tokyo_open(Japan)
SATO Yutaka36-28KAWARADA Seiji
SATO Yutaka35-29MABUCHI Yuta
ABE Yura36-28SATO Yutaka
NAGAO Hiroto34-30SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka36-28TASAKA Kanichiro
ASAHINA Satoshiwon againstSATO Yutaka
2012-03-04: Meijin_groupB(Japan)
NODA Bintatsu42-22SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka60-04NAKAYAMA Takahiro
NAGAO Hiroto34-30SATO Yutaka
YAMAZAKI Nobuyuki50-14SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka44-20KATO Yudai
SATO Yutaka42-22HORIUCHI Keiko
2011-12-10: 73_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
HAYASAKA Toshie37-27SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka37-27EBIHARA Yusuke
SATO Yutaka37-27ANDO Tomoaki
SATO Yutaka36-28IZUMI Takashi
KANEKO Kodai37-27SATO Yutaka
IRIE Bin42-22SATO Yutaka
2011-11-12: 78_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
SUEKUNI Makoto41-23SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka43-21FUJINAMI Tsuyoshi
SATO Yutaka37-27MATSUDA Shoma
HISHIYAMA Yuichi36-28SATO Yutaka
MATSUYA Shinpei36-28SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstTATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
2011-10-30: 2011_Yokohama_open(Japan)
SATO Yutaka47-17NISHIMURA Tatsuyuki
SATO Yutaka42-22KAMIKURA Daisuke
SATO Yutaka35-29ASAKAWA Takuya
SATO Yutaka53-11OHTAKE Kosuke
NAGANO Yasushi33-31SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka44-20IMOTO Wataru
2011-09-10: 77_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
SATO Yutaka42-22IWAKURA Hiroaki
MURAKAMI Takeshi42-22SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka39-25SATO Ryu
ASAHINA Satoshi40-24SATO Yutaka
IZUMI Takashi38-26SATO Yutaka
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya34-30SATO Yutaka
2011-08-28: 6_Ouza_sen(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya39-25SATO Yutaka
TOKI Yugo55-09SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka39-25ASAHINA Satoshi
SATO Yutaka32-32SAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro
KANAZAWA Kota33-31SATO Yutaka
OHUCHI Yasuhiro45-19SATO Yutaka
2011-08-13: 71_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
KANEKO Kodai33-31SATO Yutaka
ASAKAWA Takuya33-31SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka35-29TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
SATO Yutaka36-28SHIBASAKI Lily
ANDO Tomoaki38-26SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka44-20KOBAYASHI Manabu
2011-07-09: 76_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
SATO Yutaka38-26IKEDA Yuki
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya42-22SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka36-28SANO Joichiro
SAWAKI Yusuke41-23SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka36-28OHNO Atsuko
SATO Yutakawon againstMATSUDA Shoma
2011-02-12: 70_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
SATO Yutaka40-24MATSUDA Shoma
HISHIYAMA Yuichi37-27SATO Yutaka
NAGAMATSU Ryota34-30SATO Yutaka
TAYAMA Tsubasa34-30SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka34-30KOSHINO Kazuhiko
TSUCHIYA Ryosuke35-29SATO Yutaka
2010-12-11: 68_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
SATO Yutaka36-28TSUCHIYA Ryosuke
SATO Yutaka41-23SHINOHARA Chiaki
TOKI Yugo37-27SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka35-29IZUMI Takashi
SATO Yutaka34-30KOIDE Satoshi
2010-11-28: 8th Kansai Elementary School Open(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstKOTANI Yotaro
SATO Yutakawon againstTODA Guratoshi
SATO Yutakawon againstHATA Hayato
NAKAOKA Akinoriwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstTODA Aritoshi
SATO Yutakawon againstOHTSUBO Hidetaka
SATO Yutakawon againstNOMURA Yusuke
SHINOHARA Junwon againstSATO Yutaka
2010-08-29: 5_Ouza_sen(Japan)
ITAGAKI Kenichi35-29SATO Yutaka
MAEHIRA Yusuke45-19SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka36-28SANO Yoko
ITO Junya52-12SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka46-18TANAKA Atsushi
SAKA Hiroshi41-23SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka33-31ISAKA Tomoaki
2010-08-07: 69_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
SATO Naohiro43-20SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka42-22YAKUIN Nori
SATO Yutaka37-27WATANABE Keiichi
SATO Yutaka35-29SANO Yoko
SATO Yutaka39-25SATO Koichiro
ASOU Daisuke35-29SATO Yutaka
2010-06-27: 38_Japan_Champ_Tokyo_prelim_2(Japan)
KANEDA Shigeru33-31SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka42-22IWAKURA Hiroaki
YAMADA Yuichi40-24SATO Yutaka
NAGAMATSU Ryota41-23SATO Yutaka
SUKO Masayuki33-31SATO Yutaka
2010-06-13: 38_Japan_Champ_Tokyo_prelim_1(Japan)
KOZUKA Katsuhiko41-23SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka35-29KOIDE Satoshi
SATO Yutaka36-28TAKASHIMA Ryoji
ISHIZAKI Hikaru36-28SATO Yutaka
WATAHIKI Kenta36-28SATO Yutaka
2010-05-15: 44_King_state(Japan)
SATO Yutaka33-31TETSUHIRO Osawa
SATO Ryu39-25SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka38-26TAKAOKA Shohei
SATO Yutaka37-26TASAKA Kanichiro
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki34-30SATO Yutaka
2010-03-13: 59_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
SATO Yutaka39-25SANO Yoko
NAGAMATSU Ryota45-19SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka38-26TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
IWAKURA Hiroaki44-20SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka35-29TOKI Hidenobu
TANAKA Amane35-29SATO Yutaka
2009-12-12: 56_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
IZUMI Takashi36-28SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka33-31IMOTO Wataru
TOKI Yugo42-22SATO Yutaka
SHINOHARA Chiaki39-25SATO Yutaka
TOKI Hidenobu34-30SATO Yutaka
2009-09-22: 8_area_open(Japan)
KINOSHITA Tsutomuwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka34-30YAMAMOTO Kunihiro
SATO Yutaka36-28OZAKI Yoshito
MIYASHITA Naoto38-26SATO Yutaka
SHIBASAKI Lily36-28SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka39-25TAKEDA Kyoko
2009-09-06: 4_Ouza_sen(Japan)
KAMEDA Ryota35-29SATO Yutaka
OZAWA Kou43-21SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka41-23SUGIYAMA Akemi
SATANI Tetsu37-27SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka44-20HATA Hayato
NAGAO Hiroto39-25SATO Yutaka
SATO Hisakazu37-27SATO Yutaka
2009-08-29: 35_King_State(Japan)
SATO Koichiro39-25SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka37-27TANAKA Kensuke
KOBAYASHI Manabu36-28SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka35-29SAI Hiro
IWATA Hiroyuki43-21SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka45-19TANIDA Keiko
2009-07-11: 51_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
SUZUKI Yuta35-29SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka34-30KAWAGUCHI Hayato
SATO Yutaka41-23HAMADA Kikue
SATO Yutaka34-30KOBAYASHI Manabu
YUSAKI Akihiro35-29SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka42-22KAWABATA Seiji
2009-05-24: 5_Shinagawa_parentChild (Japan)
SATO Yutaka38-26TOKI Yugo
SATO Yutaka41-23SANO Joichiro
2009-04-18: 33_King_State(Japan)
TOKI Yugo40-24SATO Yutaka
TOKI Hidenobu35-29SATO Yutaka
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki42-22SATO Yutaka
SUGISAKI Harumiwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka33-31SATO Ryu
2009-03-21: 32_King_State_B(Japan)
SATO Yutaka45-19KOBAYASHI Syunjiro
SATO Takuma47-17SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka34-30TOKI Hidenobu
SATO Yutaka56-08TAKANO Satoshi
KAWAGUCHI Genki38-26SATO Yutaka
2009-02-14: 47_Chiyarenshi_A(Japan)
SATO Yutaka46-18KOSHINO Kazuhiko
SATO Yutaka38-26SUZUKI Yuta
SATO Yutaka51-13TOKI Yugo
MATSUYA Shinpei44-20SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka33-31HISHIYAMA Yuichi
SANO Yoko34-30SATO Yutaka
2009-01-25: 28_King_State(Japan)
GOTO Masahiro52-12SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka33-31KOBAYASHI Manabu
TANIDA Keiko46-18SATO Yutaka
TANAKA Atsushi42-22SATO Yutaka
2008-12-27: Shinagawa_2008_Chiyanhi(Japan)
SATO Yutaka34-30TOKI Yugo
TOKI Yugo35-29SATO Yutaka
2008-11-29: 25_King_State(Japan)
TSUKAMOTO Kazuma39-25SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka35-29OHUCHI Yasuhiro
SATO Yutaka35-29MORITA Yutsuka
SATO Ryuwon againstSATO Yutaka
NARIYA Makoto35-29SATO Yutaka
2008-11-08: 45_Chiyarenshi_B(Japan)
SATO Yutaka52-12SOMEYA Shingo
SATO Yutaka47-17TANIDA Keiko
SATO Yutaka38-26SAKURAI Takeuchi
TOKI Hidenobu38-26SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka35-29MITO Hiiro
SATO Yutaka51-13TOKI Hidenobu
2008-10-26: 10_King_State(Japan)
SATO Yutaka43-21NOBORU Takuo
IMAI Daiki37-27SATO Yutaka
TOKI Yugo33-31SATO Yutaka
SUZUKI Takuma38-26SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka38-26WATAHIKI Yoshiharu
2008-09-13: 43_Chiyarenshi_Open_B(Japan)
SATO Yutaka41-23NOMARU Masa
SATO Yutaka36-28KANAZAWA Kota
KUDOU Keita47-17SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka48-16KITSUKAWA Hayo
TOKI Hidenobuwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka37-27WATAHIKI Yoshiharu
2008-09-07: 59_Kanagawa_Open_B(Japan)
TOKI Yugo36-28SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka41-23TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
SATO Yutaka32-32KURACHI Takayuki
SUZUKI Yuta46-18SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka56-08KAWAGUCHI Genki
OHMORI Keita45-19SATO Yutaka
2008-08-09: 42_Chiyarenshi_Open_B(Japan)
SATO Yutaka52-12OTAKA Syun
SATO Yutaka35-29SUZUKI Masahiro
HAMADA Atsushiwon againstSATO Yutaka
HIRANO Keita39-25SATO Yutaka
SATO Yutaka57-07SUZUKI Takuma
SATO Yutaka47-17MARUTA Osamu
2008-07-13: 9th King state junior cup(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstSHINOHARA Jun
SATO Yutakawon againstWATAHIKI Yoshiharu
SATO Yutakawon againstSHIRAISHI Ayuzuko
SATO Yutakawon againstOKAMOTO Naoya
SATO Yutakawon againstKURAHASHI Satoshi
SATO Yutakawon againstNAGAMATSU Ryota
2008-06-29: 2008 Tokyo Block preliminary students(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstSANO Joichiro
NAGAMATSU Ryotawon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstSHINOHARA Jun
SATO Yutakawon againstWATAHIKI Yoshiharu
2008-06-21: 24th king state specialB(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstSUGISAKI Harumi
SATO Yutakawon againstKAWAGUCHI Genki
SUZUKI Yutawon againstSATO Yutaka
KOBAYASHI Ohlost toSATO Yutaka
KOBAYASHI Syunjirowon againstSATO Yutaka
KURAHASHI Satoshiwon againstSATO Yutaka
2008-06-15: 15th King state special(Japan)
MORITA Yutsukawon againstSATO Yutaka
NAGAO Hirotowon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Ryuwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstSHINOHARA Chiaki
TESAKI Satoruwon againstSATO Yutaka
2008-05-18: 1st Shinagawa parent and child othello (children)tournament(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstTERADA Tatsuhiko
SUZUKI Takumalost toSATO Yutaka
OKAMOTO Naoyawon againstSATO Yutaka
ISAKA Tomoakiwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstMURAKAMI Kousuke
2008-04-20: 8th king state junior cup(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstTERADA Tatsuhiko
SATO Yutakawon againstYASUDA Kenji
SATO Yutakawon againstTOKI Yugo
SATO Yutakawon againstWATAHIKI Yoshiharu
NAGAMATSU Ryotawon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstNOBORU Takuo
2008-04-12: 38th challenge cup B(Japan)
SHINOHARA Ryolost toSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstSHINOHARA Jun
NAKAO Takahirowon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstYAMANOUCHI Atsushi
HISHIYAMA Yuichiwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstMORITA Yutsuka
2008-03-29: 10th King state special 2008(Japan)
ISHIKAWA Akiralost toSATO Yutaka
SUKO Masayukilost toSATO Yutaka
OKAMOTO Akihikowon againstSATO Yutaka
KURAMOCHI Yutawon againstSATO Yutaka
WATANABE Hideakiwon againstSATO Yutaka
AIHARA Shigeakiwon againstSATO Yutaka
2008-02-16: 20th King state cup A(Japan)
SATO Yutakawon againstTANAKA Kensuke
TANAKA Kazuowon againstSATO Yutaka
YAJIMA Tatsurowon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakalost toSATO Yuri
SATO Yutakawon againstNODA Yuji
SATO Yutakawon againstSATO Ryu
2008-01-12: 35th challenge cup beginner(Japan)
SATO Yutakalost toSHUTSUKU Mizuki
SATO Yutakawon againstSHINOHARA Chiaki
SATO Yutakawon againstISA Atsuto
SATO Yutakawon againstMORITA Yutsuka
SHINOHARA Junwon againstSATO Yutaka
SATO Yutakawon againstSHINOHARA Ryo