ROSE Brian (USA)

50 tournaments
470 results
Player ID: 177
Rated 2 in USA and 2 in North&South America and 83 in the World
Latest rating: 2207

Brian Rose is a sixteen-time US Othello champion and the 2001 world champion.

Brian won his first US national title in 1981 and finished second at his first WOC held in Brussels that year. Brian would go on to win the US nationals a record 16 times and is still one of the very best players in the US today.

In the 1990s Brian moved to Japan and playing regular tournaments with the best in the world took his game to a new level. Brian had some very good tournament results in Japan, reaching the semi-finals of the All-Japan championships in 1997 and the final of the Meijin Challenger tournament in 1999.

Brian would return to a WOC final almost 20 years after his first final appearance at the 2000 WOC in Copenhagen but then lost to Takeshi Murakami. The following year at the 2001 WOC in New York, Brian was finally rewarded with his first world title defeating his fellow countryman Raphael Schreiber in the finals in two straight games.

Brian wrote a book about Othello strategy "Othello: A minute to learn, a lifetime to master" shortly after becoming world champion.



World Othello Champion 2001, New York, USA
World Othello Team Champion 1987, 1991, 1993, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 
US Nationals 1981, 1983, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1996,  
                        2000, 2002, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023


 World Othello Championships 1981, 2000
World Othello Team Championship  2013, 2018
US Nationals 1986, 1990, 2004

Bronze_50.png World Othello Championships 1983, 2004
World Othello Team Championship 1990, 1996, 2016
US Nationals 1987

2023-08-122023-08-13: US National(USA)
MOFFETT Mitch13-51ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian61-03BAUER Caroline
SANO Yoko19-45ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian43-21SHAMAN David
MAHER Ethan27-37ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian31-33ROSE Joseph
BEN-DAYAN Abraham33-31ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian54-10BEN-DAYAN Abraham
SHAMAN David28-36ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian45-19SHAMAN David
2022-10-282022-10-30: WOC_2022(World)
ROSE Brian59-05SLABOV Kirill
JUIGNER Arthur33-31ROSE Brian
NGIAM Zhen Wei31-33ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian44-20DE CAMARGO Lucas
PLOWMAN Guy28-36ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian29-35TAKAHASHI Akihiro
JOYE Frederic22-42ROSE Brian
OH Joungmok30-34ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian36-28HOBO Roel
ROSE Brian26-38EKLUND Oskar
MAKKONEN Olli27-37ROSE Brian
2022-07-29: USOA National Championship 2022(USA)
GREEN Lewis08-56ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian36-28PLATT Jared
MAHER Ethan15-49ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian48-16KATZMAN Sharon
BISHOP Robert09-55ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian49-15RUBY Kevin
ROSE Brian61-03MOFFETT Mitch
PLATT Jared23-41ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian30-34PLATT Jared
PLATT Jared15-49ROSE Brian
2019-07-132019-07-14: National Open(USA)
AKAGI Shunsuke16-48ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian52-12MATONO Takahiro
WIENCEK Tom03-61ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian40-24ARMATYS Frank
ROSE Joseph38-26ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian49-15BISHOP Robert
FU Jacky24-40ROSE Brian
ROCKWELL David17-47ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian37-27YIU Edmund
ROSE Brian35-29TAMAKI Tomoyasu
2019-03-24: 40_Meijin(Japan)
SAITO Ayawon againstROSE Brian
CHIANG Jou Chenwon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstGOTO Yoshiaki
TAKAGI Yosukewon againstROSE Brian
IDA Hiroakiwon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstNARUMI Hisatoshi
ROSE Brianwon againstHAGA Kazutoshi
2019-02-13: Silvia Petric Memorial - US National Championship(USA)
ROSE Brian37-27PLATT Jared
ROSE Brian34-30TAMAKI Tomoyasu
ROSE Joseph23-41ROSE Brian
PLATT Jared13-51ROSE Brian
TAMAKI Tomoyasu22-42ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian18-46ROSE Joseph
2019-02-12: Silvia Petric Memorial - US National Championship(USA)
NAMAZU Misa06-58ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian52-12NAMAZU Yuki
ROSE Joseph25-39ROSE Brian
TAMAKI Tomoyasu36-28ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian18-46PLATT Jared
SANO Yoko31-33ROSE Brian
2018-10-102018-10-12: WOC 2018(World)
KHUYAGBAATAR Buyanzaya00-64ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian34-30HELMES Jiska
LEE Chun Wai52-12ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian27-37SHIMIZU Naoki
TAN Wai Kuen Johnny21-43ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian40-24BERG Matthias
DE GRAAF Jan C.41-23ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian27-37WETTERGREN Niklas
ROSE Brian42-22SHIFMAN Leonid
TASTET Marc25-39ROSE Brian
NOWAK Dominik39-25ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian31-33FELDBORG Karsten
2018-05-122018-05-13: Silvia Petric Memorial - US National Championship(USA)
BISHOP Robert19-45ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian61-03SANO Yoko
UNFRIED Joseph03-61ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian33-31ROSE Joseph
ROCKWELL David20-44ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian45-19BISHOP Robert
SANO Yoko16-48ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian64-00UNFRIED Joseph
ROSE Joseph24-40ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian40-24ROCKWELL David
2018-04-212018-04-22: 2018 US Open(USA)
YIU Edmund28-36ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian55-09RUBY Kevin
SEELEY Ben33-31ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian25-39MORENO Borja
CHEN Albert32-32ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian52-12FU Jacky
LEDHE GIACI Marko16-48ROSE Brian
SANO Yoko11-53ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian49-15ROSE Julia
CHITRA Yohanes27-37ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian25-39ROSE Joseph
2017-11-012017-11-03: WOC 2017 (Ghent)(World)
LAM Maverick39-25ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian64-00LU Hsiu Joan
REUNES Nick19-45ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian40-24JUIGNER Arthur
WETTERGREN Niklas31-33ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian33-31ILACQUA Gianluca
LEADER Imre14-50ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian32-32HAND David
TAKANASHI Yusuke32-32ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian29-35FUKUNAGA Kohachi
EKLUND Oskar46-18ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian37-27VALLUND Henrik
HEMPIJIT Woramet35-29ROSE Brian
2017-08-262017-08-27: 2017 US Nationals - Sylvia Petric Memorial - day 1(USA)
ROCKWELL David31-33ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian29-35ROSE Joseph
SANO Yoko20-44ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian49-15BISHOP Robert
ROSE Brian48-16TAMAKI Tomoyasu
PLATT Jared25-39ROSE Brian
2017-08-262017-08-27: 2017 US Nationals - Sylvia Petric Memorial - day 2(USA)
ROSE Brian36-28TAMAKI Tomoyasu
ROSE Joseph16-48ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian22-42PLATT Jared
TAMAKI Tomoyasu10-54ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian37-27ROSE Joseph
PLATT Jared28-36ROSE Brian
2016-11-022016-11-04: WOC 2016 (Mito)(World)
ROSE Brian32-32AUNCHULEE Rujipas
GAERTNER Joerg02-62ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian32-32LAM Maverick
ROSE Brian35-29MAKKONEN Olli
ROSE Brian45-19SONG Yan
NAGANO Yasushi43-21ROSE Brian
KOH Bo Chao Alex34-30ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian37-27LEADER Imre
LI Chun Wan20-44ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian20-44KINOSHITA Hisako
FU Jacky31-33ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian26-38CHANG Chun Yi
2016-10-30: 100_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
ROSE Brian51-13NARUMI Hisatoshi
YAMAMOTO Takashi37-27ROSE Brian
NODA Bintatsu35-29ROSE Brian
EVERTS Jeroen62-02ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian41-23HAYASAKA Toshie
TOMINAGA Kenta35-29ROSE Brian
2016-06-182016-06-19: 2016 US National Championship(USA)
ROSE Brian29-35SANO Yoko
KIERULF Anders25-39ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian41-23ROSE Joseph
BISHOP Robert24-40ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian33-31SEELEY Ben
CHITRA Yohanes33-31ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian31-33PLATT Jared
2016-03-262016-03-27: US Open(USA)
ROSE Brian48-16LEDHE GIACI Marko
ROSS Stephen11-53ROSE Brian
CHITRA Yohanes32-32ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian41-23CHEN Albert
YIU Edmund24-40ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian44-20BISHOP Robert
KIERULF Anders15-49ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian31-33FU Jacky
ROSE Brian49-15BENTOLILA Sarah
SEELEY Ben31-33ROSE Brian
2015-10-292015-10-31: WOC 2015 (Cambridge)(World)
ROSE Brian27-37TASTET Marc
ROSE Brian39-25FUNATSU Asuka
WETTERGREN Niklas33-31ROSE Brian
ROSSLER Daniel21-43ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian20-44SPERANDIO Roberto
TANA Patcharaporn23-41ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian51-13VAES Dimitri
MARCONI Francesco33-31ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian29-35BERG Matthias
GOH Jun Jie Anthony07-57ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian47-17VALLUND Henrik
VORACEK Miroslav43-21ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian30-34CHEAH Shuang Yong
2015-08-22: 2015 Sylvia Petric Memorial(USA)
ROSE Brian42-22PARSONS David
ROSE Brian29-35SANO Yoko
PLATT Jared12-52ROSE Brian
ROSE Julia12-52ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian35-29CHITRA Yohanes
HAI Jerry28-36ROSE Brian
HAI Jerry29-35ROSE Brian
ROSE Joseph23-41ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian43-21SANO Yoko
HAI Jerry29-35ROSE Brian
ROSE Joseph31-33ROSE Brian
2014-08-23: Clarence Hewlett Memorial Day 1(USA)
HAI Jerry28-36ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian28-36SEELEY Ben
CAI Jian12-52ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian28-36SANO Yoko
YU Dal17-47ROSE Brian
LEADER Imre36-28ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian35-29ROSE Erica
2013-10-242013-10-26: WOC 2013 (Stockholm)(World)
ROSE Brian32-32JUIGNER Arthur
TURUNEN Daniel03-61ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian39-25NORGREN Cecilia
MIYAZAKI Yuji34-30ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian32-32TANIDA Kunihiko
SANO Yoko16-48ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian30-34ILACQUA Gianluca
ROSE Brian39-25CUPIAL Milosz
CHONG Sky35-29ROSE Brian
HOBO Roel31-33ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian46-18BERNER Nils
OKAMOTO Kazuki36-28ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian52-12SURY Bartlomiej
2013-08-242013-08-25: Clarence Memorial - U.S. Championship(USA)
ROSE Brian38-26CAI Jian
ROSE Brian56-08PLUMMER Eugene
ROSE Brian41-23FU Jacky
TANIDA Kunihiko37-27ROSE Brian
SEELEY Ben36-28ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian42-22CHITRA Yohanes
ROSE Brian34-30HAI Jerry
TANIDA Kunihiko46-18ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian34-30SEELEY Ben
ROSE Brian45-19HAI Jerry
ROSE Brian33-31TANIDA Kunihiko
SEELEY Ben40-24ROSE Brian
2013-01-242013-01-27: Othello World Cup(World)
TODA Tomoyawon againstROSE Brian
TAKANASHI Yusukewon againstROSE Brian
VAN DEN BIGGELAAR Nickywon againstROSE Brian
SURY Bartlomiejwon againstROSE Brian
HIDAYAT Romywon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstYAMANAKA Mami
ROSE Brianwon againstSKOGEN Tor Birger
ROSE Brianwon againstKOZUKA Katsuhiko
ROSE Brianwon againstSHINOHARA Ryo
ROSE Brianwon againstMARCONI Francesco
ROSE Brianwon againstNAKAJIMA Tetsuya
ROSE Brianwon againstCHEN Kai
VINAR Mattwon againstROSE Brian
2009-07-04: 58_Shinagawa_Open(Japan)
ROSE Brian38-26KOBAYASHI Manabu
YAMAKAWA Takashi39-24ROSE Brian
OKUDA Tsuyoshi33-31ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian40-24YUSAKI Akihiro
ROSE Brian35-29NAGASHIMA Kazuhito
ROSE Brian36-28NAKAMORI Chiaki
2007-09-16: 2_Ouza_sen(Japan)
ROSE Brianwon againstMIYAOKA Yuki
ROSE Brianwon againstNAGAYAMA Hironari
TSUCHIDA Eijiwon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brian32-32TAKASHIMA Ryoji
ROSE Brianwon againstTAMAKI Suguru
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhirowon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstOKAMOTO Kazuki
2007-09-09: 8th Ueno Open(Japan)
ROSE Brianwon againstTANAKA Michiko
ROSE Brianwon againstKURACHI Takayuki
ITO Junyawon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstKURAMOCHI Yuta
ROSE Brianwon againstSATAKE Yosuke
2007-08-04: 38_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
OHNO Atsuko35-29ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian46-18HAMADA Kikue
ROSE Brian55-09SATO Tetsuya
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya36-28ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian46-18SAWADA Tomohiro
ROSE Brian35-29SATAKE Yosuke
2007-07-15: Japanese Othello Championship(Japan)
ROSE Brianwon againstOHMORI Keita
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstKITAJIMA Hideki
ROSE Brianwon againstYAMADA Yuichi
ROSE Brianwon againstTAKANASHI Yusuke
2007-07-07: 37_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
ROSE Brian42-22KOBAYASHI Manabu
ROSE Brian43-21YAMAKAWA Takashi
KATO Taiji35-29ROSE Brian
WATANABE Hajime45-19ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian41-23SAKUSAI Yoshinari
MURAKAMI Takeshi33-31ROSE Brian
2007-06-10: 6th Ueno Open(Japan)
ROSE Brianwon againstDOJUN Makiko
KURACHI Takayukiwon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstWATAHIKI Kenta
ROSE Brianwon againstISOBE Seiji
YAMAGUCHI Yoshiakiwon againstROSE Brian
2007-06-02: 36_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
ROSE Brian57-07SATO Tetsuya
SUKO Masayuki35-29ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian50-14SATAKE Yosuke
SATO Koichiro39-25ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian37-27NAGASAKI Hidekazu
2007-05-13: 5th Ueno Open(Japan)
ROSE Brianwon againstISHIHARA Makoto
TAMAKI Kyotarowon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstSATO Koichiro
YAMAKAWA Takashiwon againstROSE Brian
TANAKA Shuntarowon againstROSE Brian
2007-05-05: 35_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
ROSE Brian58-06OKUDA Tsuyoshi
MITSUYA Nobuaki37-27ROSE Brian
ITO Junya33-31ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian49-15WATAHIKI Kenta
TANAKA Amane35-29ROSE Brian
2005-08-132005-08-14: US National Championship 2005(USA)
ROSE Brianlost toFU Jacky
ROSE Brianlost toWILLIAMS Eddie
ROSE Brianwon againstMERKT Elizabeth
ROSE Brianwon againstCORIO Marc
SEELEY Benwon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstMA Derek
ROSE Brianwon againstDIAMOND Judith
2004-11-132004-11-15: WOC 2004 (London)(World)
ROSE Brian37-27ZIEBA Arkadiusz
VALLUND Henrik25-39ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian36-28FELDBORG Karsten
SUEKUNI Makoto34-30ROSE Brian
BERG Matthias30-34ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian48-16NICOLET Stephane
TAMENORI Hideshi30-34ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian34-30SEELEY Ben
VORACEK Miroslav31-33ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian40-24LAZARD Emmanuel
SPERANDIO Roberto22-42ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian14-50HOEHNE Andreas
ROSE Brian21-43SUEKUNI Makoto
SUEKUNI Makoto47-17ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian39-25HOEHNE Andreas
2004-08-142004-08-15: US National Championship 2004(USA)
ROSE Brianlost toSIMPSON Jerad
ROSE Brianwon againstSY Steven
ROSE Brianlost toKANEDA Shigeru
ROSE Brianwon againstDIAMOND Judith
ROSE Brianwon againstBREWER Daniel
SEELEY Benlost toROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstFANG Randy
ROSE Brianwon againstKANEDA Shigeru
ROSE Brianwon againstFANG Randy
SEELEY Benwon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstKANEDA Shigeru
ROSE Brianwon againstFANG Randy
SEELEY Benwon againstROSE Brian
2003-05-10: Kekka Open(Japan)
ROSE Brianwon againstYASUI Tsugo
ROSE Brianwon againstYOSHIDA Makoto
IBATA Kensukewon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstYAMADA Kazuo
ROSE Brianwon againstKURACHI Takayuki
ROSE Brianwon againstTAKASHIMA Ryoji
ROSE Brianwon againstKAWABATA Hidehiro
IBATA Kensukewon againstROSE Brian
2003-03-22: 24_Meijin(Japan)
ROSE Brian39-25TSUCHIDA Daisuke
ROSE Brian30-34KAGAWA Yoichi
ROSE Brian31-32HIGUCHI Shin'Ichi
ROSE Brian33-31HIRAKAWA Yuki
ROSE Brian53-11KAGOTANI Hiroto
ROSE Brian31-33KADO Naoki
2002-11-072002-11-09: WOC 2002 (Amsterdam)(World)
STASTNA Jan23-41ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian53-11BERNER Johan
CORDY Alexandre27-37ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian30-34SPERANDIO Roberto
EDMEAD Garry27-37ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian48-16CASPARD Emmanuel
ROSE Brian25-39SHAMAN David
KOMANO Tatsuya46-18ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian28-36BARNABA Donato
HAUGLAND Jan Kristian23-41ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian33-31HANDEL Michael
FELDBORG Karsten26-38ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian33-31BERG Matthias
2002-08-102002-08-11: US National Championship(USA)
ROSE Brian56-08BREWER Daniel
ROSE Brian48-16THOMPSON Greg
ROSE Brian53-11HORNER Rusty
ROSE Brian39-25MATREYEK Ryan
LEE Patrick40-24ROSE Brian
WILLIAMS Eddie34-30ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian34-30LEE Patrick
ROSE Brian24-40LEE Patrick
2001-11-082001-11-10: WOC 2001 (New-York)(World)
ROSE Brianwon againstHUBBARD Geoff
ROSE Brianwon againstCORDY Alexandre
ROSE Brianlost toSHAMAN David
ROSE Brianwon againstKRZYWONOS Tim
ROSE Brianwon againstSHUB Denis
ROSE Brianwon againstSAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro
ROSE Brianwon againstFELDBORG Karsten
ROSE Brianwon againstKASHIWABARA Takuji
ROSE Brianlost toSCHREIBER Raphael
ROSE Brianwon againstBERG Matthias
ROSE Brianwon againstMENOZZI Giuseppe
ROSE Brianwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
ROSE Brianwon againstHOEHNE Andreas
ROSE Brianwon againstBERG Matthias
BERG Matthiaslost toROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstSCHREIBER Raphael
SCHREIBER Raphaellost toROSE Brian
2000-11-022000-11-04: WOC 2000 (Copenhagen)(World)
BERNER Johan04-60ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian49-15DE GRAAF Jan C.
FELDBORG Karsten16-48ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian48-16TASTET Marc
SCHREIBER Raphael32-32ROSE Brian
MURAKAMI Takeshi27-37ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian57-07LEADER Imre
ROSE Brian46-18HIDAYAT Romy
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro26-38ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian35-29NICOLET Stephane
HOEHNE Andreas20-44ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian19-45BRIGHTWELL Graham
ROSE Brian29-35MURAKAMI Takeshi
MURAKAMI Takeshi45-19ROSE Brian
2000-04-01: Meijin(Japan)
ROSE Brian33-31KOSHINO Kazuhiko
ROSE Brian33-31TANIDA Kunihiko
ROSE Brian33-31TOMINAGA Kenta
ROSE Brian33-31TSUCHIDA Eiji
ROSE Brian33-31SATO Shinji
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro33-31ROSE Brian
KITAJIMA Hideki33-31ROSE Brian
1999-03-28: 20th Meijin(Japan)
TOMINAGA Kenta35-29ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian45-19SAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro
ROSE Brian45-19NOMURA Hisaichi
ROSE Brianwon againstGOTO Akihiko
ROSE Brianwon againstOYAGI Shigeo
1997-07-27: 25th All Japan(Japan)
SUEKUNI Makotowon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstNAITO Yoshihito
ROSE Brianwon againstMATOBA Hisanori
ROSE Brianwon againstKANDA Yoshihiro
ROSE Brianwon againstTERADA Junya
ROSE Brianwon againstUMEZAWA Yoshinori
ROSE Brianwon againstSAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro
1996-11-081996-11-10: WOC 1996 (Tokyo)(World)
PENLOUP Dominique30-34ROSE Brian
MINE Tatsuya41-23ROSE Brian
SHAMAN David41-23ROSE Brian
DAIX Alain33-31ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian47-17LUND Erik
ROSE Brian39-25VECCHI Elisabetta
TASTET Marc11-53ROSE Brian
NICOLET Stephane34-30ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian37-27OHYANAGI Masaki
EDMEAD Garry34-30ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian43-21CALENDAR Hugo
1994-11-031994-11-05: WOC 1994 (Paris)(World)
MASTEN Mark25-39ROSE Brian
SHAMAN David32-32ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian51-13NIELSEN Erik
RIGNELL Daniel22-42ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian24-40BRIGHTWELL Graham
TASTET Marc36-28ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian36-28SENCHEV Vitalij
ROSE Brian25-39JOHNSON Greg
LUND Erik13-51ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian49-15CORDY Alexandre
TAKIZAWA Masaki33-31ROSE Brian
FELDBORG Karsten36-28ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian52-12ROMANO Benedetto
1993-11-051993-11-07: WOC 1993 (London)(World)
ROSE Brian56-08BARNABA Donato
SVIRSKY Dmitry21-43ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian47-17OHYANAGI Masaki
TAKIZAWA Nobuyuki38-26ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian22-42FELDBORG Karsten
VALLUND Torben24-40ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian39-25LYSONS John
LEADER Imre22-42ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian33-31CASPARD Emmanuel
JUHEM Philippe38-26ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian53-11ANTONELLI Stefano
ANDRIANI Sandry13-51ROSE Brian
CASPARD Emmanuel36-28ROSE Brian
1992-08-08: 20th All Japan(Japan)
KOMAGATA Masayukiwon againstROSE Brian
ROSE Brianwon againstMATSUI Koji
ROSE Brianwon againstHANDA Tatsuya
1991-11-081991-11-10: WOC 1991 (New-York)(World)
ROSE Brian24-40ENGLUND Johan
SPRINGER Colin18-46ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian32-32BERNER Nils
ROSE Brian33-31BACK Larry
STEPANOV Oleg26-38ROSE Brian
BRIGHTWELL Graham22-42ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian30-34SHAMAN David
MARCONI Francesco26-38ROSE Brian
KANEDA Shigeru24-40ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian32-32RALLE Paul
SVIRSKY Dmitry11-53ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian49-15FELDBORG Karsten
MELNIKOV Alexandr14-50ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian28-36KANEDA Shigeru
KANEDA Shigeru36-28ROSE Brian
ROSE Brian28-36SHAMAN David