KURODA Takuji (Japan)Japanese name(s): 黒田卓司
100 tournaments
561 results
Rated T268 in Japan and T315 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T383 in the World
Latest rating: 1931
2019-10-06: 48_All_Japan_Hyogo_prelim(Japan)
KURODA Takuji50-14TANAKA Michiko
ATACHI Aki40-24KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji52-12ATACHI Riku
MIYAOKA Tamaki47-17KURODA Takuji
SUGASE Takahiro40-24KURODA Takuji
2018-10-14: 47_All_Japan_Hyogo_prelim(Japan)
KURODA Takuji55-09MIYAMOTO Kouki
MIYAOKA Tamaki43-21KURODA Takuji
SUGASE Takahirowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji52-12MASUDA Tokuya
2018-07-15: 46_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstFUJIMOTO Kenta
ISOBE Masakiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstYABE Uma
ASAKAWA Takuyawon againstKURODA Takuji
MIYAGAWA Keigowon againstKURODA Takuji
OSIHI Akirawon againstKURODA Takuji
2018-03-18: 39_Meijin(Japan)
OSHIMA Yusukewon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstKADO Naoki
OKAMOTO Kazukiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstTAYAMA Tsubasa
TAGUCHI Mikawon againstKURODA Takuji
SATO Yutakawon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstSHIRAISHI Keita
2017-07-16: 45_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstSANO Hidekazu
MATSUMOTO Makotowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstYASUJIMA Yuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstKURACHI Takayuki
HAGA Kazutoshiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstUMEZAWA Yoshinori
2017-06-04: 45_All_Japan_Hyogo_prelim(Japan)
ATACHI Azuri40-24KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji43-21MIYAOKA Yuki
KURODA Takuji37-27MATSUNO Tadayoshi
ATACHI Aki45-19KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji50-14NAKANISHI Toshiaki
KURODA Takuji52-12MATSUDA Akira
2016-07-17: 44_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
YAMAZAKI Keitawon againstKURODA Takuji
MORI Takahirowon againstKURODA Takuji
IKEDA Ryousukewon againstKURODA Takuji
YOSHIKAWA Chiakiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstYAMANAKA Yukihiro
2016-06-05: 44_All_Japan_Hyogo_prelim(Japan)
MIYAOKA Tamaki45-19KURODA Takuji
SUGASE Takahiro56-08KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji39-25YAMANE Kei
KURODA Takuji50-14YAMAZAKI Nanae
KURODA Takuji38-26NAKANISHI Toshiaki
2016-02-07: 2016_Hyogo_expert_games(Japan)
KURODA Takuji46-18TANIGUCHI Masaki
SUGASE Takahiro35-29KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji40-24ATACHI Aki
FUKUNAGA Kohachi41-23KURODA Takuji
ATACHI Azuri33-31KURODA Takuji
2015-07-19: 43_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstTAKEDA Kyoko
KURODA Takujiwon againstYOSHIYUKI Suganuma
KURODA Takujiwon againstMATSUMOTO Makoto
ANDO Tomoakiwon againstKURODA Takuji
HAGA Kazutoshiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstKANAZAWA Kota
2015-06-07: 43_All_Japan_Hyogo_prelim(Japan)
KURODA Takuji38-26YUKI Noboru
MIYAOKA Tamaki33-31KURODA Takuji
NAKAOKA Akinori37-27KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji36-28ANDO Tomoaki
IMAMURA Yuuki36-28KURODA Takuji
2015-01-10: 6_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
KURODA Takuji39-25YAMAZAKI Keita
UEDA Takashi36-28KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji45-19NISHIMURA Akihiro
KURODA Takuji43-21YOSHIDA Shigenobu
SHIMIZU Naoki33-31KURODA Takuji
2014-07-13: 42_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstNAKANO Jo
UNO Toshihirowon againstKURODA Takuji
SAITO Rikiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstKITAJIMA Hideki
TSUKAMOTO Kazumawon againstKURODA Takuji
KIYONOBU Kentawon againstKURODA Takuji
2014-06-01: 42_All_Japan_Hyogo_prelim(Japan)
KURODA Takuji35-29OKADA Kantha
KURODA Takuji41-23YOSHINO Toru
KURODA Takuji48-16IDE Akiko
MIYAOKA Tamakiwon againstKURODA Takuji
FUKUNAGA Kohachi40-24KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji37-27NAKANISHI Toshiaki
2014-03-23: 35_Meijin(Japan)
SATANI Tetsuwon againstKURODA Takuji
KITANO Ochachiwon againstKURODA Takuji
TODA Tomoyawon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstFUJIWARA Toyoshima
KURODA Takujiwon againstAIHARA Shigeaki
SATO Yutakawon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstKAWARADA Seiji
2013-09-01: 8_Ouza_sen(Japan)
HADA Jun33-31KURODA Takuji
OHNO Tomohiro36-28KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji46-18SHIMIZU Naoki
IWAKURA Hiroaki41-23KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji51-13TSUKAMOTO Kazuma
2013-07-14: 41_All_Japan_open_championhship(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstOKAMOTO Kazuki
KURODA Takujiwon againstSHIMAMURA Yoshihide
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKURODA Takuji
TSUJI Shinjiwon againstKURODA Takuji
MURAKAMI Takeshiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstYAMAKAWA Takashi
2013-06-23: 41_All_Japan_Hyogo_prelim(Japan)
KURODA Takuji48-16SUZUKI Yushou
KURODA Takuji34-30FUKUNAGA Kohachi
SUGASE Takahiro37-27KURODA Takuji
SHIROGANE Tetsuya33-31KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstHIRABAYASHI Eiji
KURODA Takuji39-25MORIMOTO Nobuaki
2013-06-01: 2013_Hyogo_summer_conference(Japan)
KURODA Takuji41-23KAWAKAMI Yoshihiro
KURODA Takuji38-26KASAI Yuta
KURODA Takuji37-27UEDA Takashi
KURODA Takuji34-30FUKUNAGA Kohachi
OKAMOTO Kazuki34-30KURODA Takuji
SUGASE Takahiro41-23KURODA Takuji
2013-02-23: 2013_Hyogo_expert_game(Japan)
YOSHINO Toru34-30KURODA Takuji
SUGASE Takahiro42-22KURODA Takuji
IMAMURA Yuuki36-28KURODA Takuji
2013-01-06: 13_Hyogo_open(Japan)
SUGASE Takahiro37-27KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji39-25YOSHINO Toru
KURODA Takuji34-30TSUCHIYA Keishiro
KURODA Takuji34-30NAKAOKA Akinori
MATSUMOTO Hiroshi33-31KURODA Takuji
2012-12-23: 41_Nagoya_new_star_games(Japan)
SUZUKI Kosuke40-24KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji43-21TAKAGI Yosuke
OHIKE Yoshinori35-29KURODA Takuji
TOKUDA Naoya39-25KURODA Takuji
2012-12-09: Akashi_year_forgetting_conf_2012(Japan)
KURODA Takuji34-30USHIMADO Yukihisa
KURODA Takuji34-30MATSUMOTO Kazunori
KURODA Takuji39-25KIMURA Yosuke
MATSUMOTO Hiroshi40-24KURODA Takuji
OKAMOTO Kazuki39-25KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji40-24KUMATSU Umehara
2012-07-18: 40_All_Japan_champ(Japan)
FUJITA Takeshiwon againstKURODA Takuji
ISHIZAKI Hikaruwon againstKURODA Takuji
ASOU Daisukewon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstUNO Toshihiro
KURODA Takujiwon againstKOBAYASHI Kasa
KURODA Takujiwon againstKAGAWA Yoichi
2012-07-01: 9_Osaka_Kobe_open(Japan)
OKAMOTO Kazuki45-19KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji36-28OHE Yoshimaru
KURODA Takuji35-29ASAI Syun
KURODA Takuji34-30KITAMURA Shinji
FUKUNAGA Kohachi39-25KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji37-27SHIROGANE Tetsuya
2012-06-24: 40_All_Japan_Hyogo_prelim(Japan)
KURODA Takuji37-27NAKANISHI Toshiaki
KURODA Takuji38-26KUMATSU Umehara
KURODA Takuji33-31FUKUNAGA Kohachi
KURODA Takuji33-31IDE Akiko
KURODA Takujiwon againstHIRABAYASHI Eiji
KURODA Takuji36-28IMAMURA Yuuki
2012-05-04: 7_Hyogo_open(Japan)
OKAMOTO Kazuki38-26KURODA Takuji
TODA Guratoshi36-28KURODA Takuji
TODA Aritoshi34-30KURODA Takuji
ASAHINA Satoshi36-28KURODA Takuji
TSUCHIYA Keishiro38-26KURODA Takuji
HATA Hayato33-31KURODA Takuji
2012-02-26: 2012_Hyogo_expert_game(Japan)
IMAMURA Yuuki35-29KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji35-29SHIROGANE Tetsuya
FUKUNAGA Kohachi34-30KURODA Takuji
NAKAOKA Akinori34-30KURODA Takuji
KENSHUN Yuga35-29KURODA Takuji
2012-02-12: 2_Okayama_open(Japan)
KATORI Michihiro33-31KURODA Takuji
NISHIDA Keisaku33-31KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji40-24MITSUGU Toshioki
NAKAOKA Akinori36-28KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji35-29NAKAOKA Yoshiaki
2012-01-15: 76_Hamamatsu_meeting(Japan)
TANAKA Atsushi33-31KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji38-26FUJITA Koichi
KURODA Takuji47-17KOBAYASHI Manabu
KURODA Takuji46-18IWASAKI Masaaki
KURODA Takuji36-28ENOMOTO Hiroyuki
2011-12-23: 5_greenery_Ekisusha_open(Japan)
OSHIMA Yusuke36-28KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji33-31SHIMAMURA Yoshihide
KOSAKA Toshiki34-30KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji36-28MATSUMOTO Kazunori
TSUCHIYA Keishiro35-29KURODA Takuji
2011-11-27: 2011_Hyogo_fall_conference(Japan)
KURODA Takuji42-22YOSHINO Toru
KURODA Takuji33-31SUGASE Takahiro
KURODA Takuji33-31FUKUNAGA Kohachi
IMAMURA Yuuki35-29KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji34-30KUMATSU Umehara
KURODA Takuji33-31KENSHUN Yuga
2011-08-14: 75_Hamamatsu_meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takuji42-22TATEISHI Katsuhiro
KURODA Takuji53-11MIZUNO Keigo
TOMOTA Yusuke39-25KURODA Takuji
ENOMOTO Hiroyuki39-25KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji34-30KOZUKA Katsuhiko
2011-07-17: 39_Japan_Champ(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstMITSUYA Nobuaki
KURODA Takujiwon againstMATSUMOTO Kazunori
SHIMAMURA Yoshihidewon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstASAHINA Satoshi
KURODA Takujiwon againstNAKANISHI Toshiaki
KURODA Takujiwon againstGOTO Masahiro
2011-06-05: 39_Japan_champ_Hyogo_prelim(Japan)
KURODA Takuji49-15KENSHUN Yuga
KURODA Takuji33-31IDE Akiko
FUKUNAGA Kohachi50-14KURODA Takuji
IMAMURA Yuuki39-25KURODA Takuji
2011-05-22: 2011_Hyogo_spring_conference(Japan)
OKAMOTO Kazuki36-28KURODA Takuji
KAMEDA Ryota33-31KURODA Takuji
IMAMURA Yuuki37-27KURODA Takuji
FUKUNAGA Kohachi35-29KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji34-30HATA Hayato
2011-05-04: 6_Hyogo_open(Japan)
HATA Hayato37-27KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji37-27NAKANISHI Toshiaki
KURODA Takuji36-28IMAMURA Yuuki
NAGAO Hiroto44-20KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji38-26MATSUMOTO Hiroshi
2011-02-27: 6_Osaka_and_Kobe_open(Japan)
KURODA Takuji34-30SUDOU Manaka
IMAMURA Yuuki33-31KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji33-31ASANO Yoshiko
2011-02-13: 2011_Hyogo_expert_game_finals(Japan)
KURODA Takuji36-27SUGASE Takahiro
NAKAOKA Akinori37-27KURODA Takuji
IMAMURA Yuuki37-27KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji33-31FUKUNAGA Kohachi
2011-01-30: 2011_Hyogo_expert_game(Japan)
KURODA Takuji35-29KASAI Yuta
KURODA Takuji42-22TAKAGI Osato
FUKUNAGA Kohachi34-30KURODA Takuji
OSHIMA Yusuke35-29KURODA Takuji
HIRABAYASHI Eijiwon againstKURODA Takuji
2010-11-28: 5_Osaka_and_Kobe_open(Japan)
KURODA Takuji47-17KOBAYASHI Ritsuko
KURODA Takuji36-28OKAMOTO Kazuki
SUGASE Takahiro34-30KURODA Takuji
FUKUNAGA Kohachi36-27KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji36-28KUMATSU Umehara
KURODA Takuji36-28IMAMURA Yuuki
2010-09-26: Hyogo_fall_conferences(Japan)
KURODA Takuji35-29IMAMURA Yuuki
SUGASE Takahiro53-11KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji44-20KUMATSU Umehara
KURODA Takuji45-19NOBAYASHI Shunsuke
NAKAOKA Akinori38-26KURODA Takuji
FUKUNAGA Kohachi34-30KURODA Takuji
2010-09-05: 4_Osaka_Kobe_open(Japan)
KURODA Takuji33-31KASAI Yuta
KURODA Takuji39-25KUMATSU Umehara
TSUCHIYA Keishiro34-30KURODA Takuji
FUKUNAGA Kohachi33-31KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji33-31HAMAJIMA Ishiuma
2010-08-29: 5_Ouza_sen(Japan)
TANAKA Amane39-25KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji38-26HATA Hayato
HAGIKURA Yutaka35-29KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji36-28UMEZAWA Yoshinori
ESAKI Yutsuka34-30KURODA Takuji
KITAJIMA Hideki55-09KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji54-10IWASAKI Masaaki
2010-07-18: CH_Japan(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstNAGAMATSU Ryota
KURODA Takujiwon againstNAKAMURA Yuki
KURODA Takujiwon againstIWATA Hiroyuki
KURODA Takujiwon againstKIYONOBU Kenta
MITSUYA Nobuakiwon againstKURODA Takuji
TANAKA Atsushiwon againstKURODA Takuji
2010-06-27: 3_Osaka_Kobe_open(Japan)
KURODA Takuji46-17KOBAYASHI Ritsuko
OKAMOTO Kazuki43-21KURODA Takuji
KAMEDA Ryota36-28KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji36-28TODA Aritoshi
KURODA Takuji33-31SHIMAMURA Yoshihide
2010-06-06: 38_Japan_Champ_Hyogo_prelim_finals(Japan)
KURODA Takuji57-07HIRAO Julia
NAKAOKA Akinori34-30KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji39-25KUMATSU Umehara
KURODA Takuji37-27SUGASE Takahiro
KURODA Takuji34-30IMAMURA Yuuki
TERADA Shiyouzi36-28KURODA Takuji
MIYAOKA Tamaki49-15KURODA Takuji
2010-05-02: 40 blue sky conference(Japan)
KURODA Takuji37-27ITO Toshiko
KAWAMURA Toyoto32-32KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji36-28IMAMURA Hiroshi
KURODA Takuji49-15SANO Joichiro
KURODA Takuji34-30TOMOTA Yusuke
2010-03-21: 31_Meijin(Japan)
MATSUZAWA Atsushi64-00KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji64-00KOSHINO Kazuhiko
KOZUKA Katsuhiko64-00KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji64-00KOBAYASHI Syunjiro
WAKIMOTO Naoyuki64-00KURODA Takuji
OKABAYASHI Noguchi64-00KURODA Takuji
2010-02-28: 2010_Hyogo_expert_game(Japan)
FUKUNAGA Kohachi36-28KURODA Takuji
IMAMURA Yuuki35-29KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji48-16TAGUCHI Ryosuke
KURODA Takuji39-25SUGASE Takahiro
KURODA Takuji48-16IDE Akiko
2010-01-10: 265_Kyoto_meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takuji48-16NISHIMURA Akihiro
KURODA Takuji33-31TSUCHIYA Keishiro
KURODA Takuji33-31OKAMOTO Kazuki
KURODA Takuji35-29YODA Kazuya
KURODA Takuji33-31TSUCHIYA Ryosuke
2009-12-12: 56_Chiyarenshi(Japan)
KURODA Takuji38-26IMOTO Wataru
SUZUKI Yuta45-19KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji33-31TOKI Yugo
KURODA Takuji39-25SHINOHARA Chiaki
KURODA Takuji39-24SANO Yoko
TSUKAMOTO Kazuma36-28KURODA Takuji
2009-12-06: Akashi_year_forgetting_conf_2009(Japan)
KURODA Takuji36-28KITAMURA Shinji
IMAMURA Yuuki36-28KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji38-26ASANO Yuki
KURODA Takuji40-24KUDOU Keita
KURODA Takuji35-29MATSUMOTO Hiroshi
2009-10-04: Fall_Hyogo_conf(Japan)
IMAMURA Yuuki34-30KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstTSUBUAKI Takaita
KURODA Takuji36-28KUMATSU Umehara
KURODA Takuji44-20NAKANISHI Toshiaki
NOIRI Hisayasu35-29KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji39-25IWAGAKI Kyowa
2009-07-19: 37_Japan_Open_Champ(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstSANO Hirotaka
SATO Naohirowon againstKURODA Takuji
HARII Mitsuwon againstKURODA Takuji
HOSHI Ryuichiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstIKEDA Atsuhiko
KURODA Takujiwon againstKAWABATA Seiji
2009-07-05: 63_Kanagawa_Open(Japan)
KURODA Takuji50-14TAKEDA Kyoko
KURODA Takuji40-24KOSHINO Kazuhiko
MURAKAMI Takeshi55-09KURODA Takuji
OHMORI Keita40-24KURODA Takuji
2009-06-14: 37_Japan_Champ_Hyogo_prelim(Japan)
IMAMURA Yuuki42-22KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji46-18SAITO Kojiro
SUZUKI Shinichi34-30KURODA Takuji
SUGASE Takahiro49-15KURODA Takuji
FUKUNAGA Kohachi41-23KURODA Takuji
2009-05-04: 3_Hyogo_Open_A(Japan)
MATSUMOTO Hiroshi43-21KURODA Takuji
YAMAZAKI Nobuyuki43-21KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji39-25IKEDA Atsuhiko
KURODA Takuji38-26UNO Toshihiro
FUKUNAGA Kohachi42-22KURODA Takuji
2009-02-01: 9_Hyoho_Open_A(Japan)
KURODA Takuji37-27KASAI Yuta
HATA Hayato38-26KURODA Takuji
UNO Toshihiro36-28KURODA Takuji
NOIRI Hisayasuwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji43-21KUMATSU Umehara
MAEHIRA Kotaro36-28KURODA Takuji
2009-01-11: 253_Kyoto_Meeting(Japan)
IO Hideo40-24KURODA Takuji
KIMURA Yamaji53-11KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji34-30NISHIMURA Akihiro
OKAMOTO Kuwajima45-19KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji43-21HOSOI Shinsuke
2009-01-03: Shinagawa_2009(Japan)
TODA Tomoya33-31KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji57-07SHIIKI Isamu
KURODA Takuji38-26SANO Yoko
NODA Bintatsu37-27KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji39-25NAGAO Hiroto
TSUJI Shinji56-08KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji43-21KURACHI Takayuki
2008-12-07: 2008_Akashi_Open(Japan)
KURODA Takuji34-30SHIROGANE Tetsuya
KURODA Takuji41-23UENO Kakuya
KURODA Takuji49-15ASANO Yuki
SUGASE Takahiro45-19KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji34-30UNO Toshihiro
2008-08-17: 66_Hamamatsu_meeting_A(Japan)
IWASAKI Masaaki46-18KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji43-21MIZUNO Keigo
KURODA Takuji34-30YUKA Takaaki
TANAKA Atsushi35-29KURODA Takuji
2008-07-27: 4_Nishinomiya_Open(Japan)
KURODA Takuji56-08TAKAHASHI Hiroki
2008-06-22: 3rd Nishinomiya Open(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstUEDA Asahi
KURODA Takujilost toHONDA Naoto
KURODA Takujiwon againstSAKANE Yoshito
KURODA Takujilost toOKAWA Chieko
KURODA Takujiwon againstWATANABE Hideki
KURODA Takujiwon againstSAITO Kojiro
2008-06-14: 2008 Ibaraki preliminary(Japan)
KURODA Takujilost toSATO Takuma
KURODA Takujiwon againstKATO Keisuke
KURODA Takujiwon againstOHTAKE Kosuke
WAKIMOTO Naoyukiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstAKITA Takuma
TSUCHIDA Eijilost toKURODA Takuji
TAKIZAWA Nobuyukiwon againstKURODA Takuji
IZUMI Takashiwon againstKURODA Takuji
2008-05-25: 2nd Nishinomiya Open(Japan)
MIYATA Koheilost toKURODA Takuji
MASUDA Ayawon againstKURODA Takuji
OKAMOTO Kazukiwon againstKURODA Takuji
MAEDA Masaruwon againstKURODA Takuji
2008-04-27: 1st Nishinomiya Open (Japan)
NISHIMINE Satoruwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstMIYATA Kohei
KURODA Takujiwon againstOKAMOTO Misaki
WATANABE Hidekiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstKASAI Yuta
KURODA Takujiwon againstNAKANISHI Toshiaki
2008-03-16: Hyogo expert game 2008(Japan)
NOIRI Hisayasulost toKURODA Takuji
SUGASE Takahirowon againstKURODA Takuji
MORINAGA Syoulost toKURODA Takuji
KITAGAWA Kanyawon againstKURODA Takuji
HIRABAYASHI Eijiwon againstKURODA Takuji
2008-02-03: 8th Hyogo tournament(Japan)
NISHIMINE Satoruwon againstKURODA Takuji
OKAMOTO Kazukiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstOBAMA Satomi
KOBAYASHI Ritsukowon againstKURODA Takuji
NOIRI Hisayasulost toKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstIMANAKA Ro
2008-01-12: 35th challenge cup advanced(Japan)
KOBAYASHI Kasawon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstKAWAGUCHI Hayato
SATAKE Yosukewon againstKURODA Takuji
WATANABE Hideakiwon againstKURODA Takuji
OKUDA Tsuyoshilost toKURODA Takuji
TAKEISHI Takuyawon againstKURODA Takuji
2008-01-03: Shinagawa Open 2008(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstOHSUMI Naoto
KURODA Takujiwon againstTAKAHASHI Kanji
ISHIKAWA Akirawon againstKURODA Takuji
TANIDA Kunihikowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstOHNO Atsuko
ISAKA Tomoakiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KITAJIMA Masatowon againstKURODA Takuji
2007-07-15: Japanese Othello Championship(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstSAITO Tadayuki
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstTSUCHIDA Daisuke
TOKUDA Naoyawon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstTAKIZAWA Nobuyuki
MATSUZAWA Atsushiwon againstKURODA Takuji
2006-07-01: 26_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
KURACHI Takayuki34-30KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji37-27ENOMOTO Yasuhiro
KURODA Takuji33-31SAWAKI Yusuke
IIJIMA Takamune35-29KURODA Takuji
TAKEDA Kyokowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji41-23MORI Takahiro
2006-06-11: 222nd Kyoto Open(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstOKAMOTO Kazuki
KURODA Takujiwon againstMORINAGA Syou
KIMURA Keigowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstNAKANO Takao
FUNAKOSHI Shogowon againstKURODA Takuji
SUEKUNI Makotowon againstKURODA Takuji
2005-10-30: 7_large_Endo_open(Japan)
SUKO Masayuki49-15KURODA Takuji
OHUCHI Yasuhiro36-28KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji35-29SHIMIZU Kouichi
KURODA Takuji44-20OKI Chikara
KURODA Takuji37-27YOSHIYUKI Shingo
2005-03-20: 26_Meijin(Japan)
KURODA Takuji41-23KOMAGATA Masayuki
UMEZAWA Yoshinori49-15KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji34-30YABUSAKI Satoshi
SAWADA Tomohiro54-10KURODA Takuji
KAMIO Mamoru33-31KURODA Takuji
KURACHI Takayuki43-21KURODA Takuji
2004-07-03: 3_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
TANIDA Kunihiko46-18KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji57-07OHUCHI Yasuhiro
KURODA Takuji39-25SATAKE Yosuke
KURODA Takuji39-25KIUCHI Hideyuki
KURODA Takuji48-16KASHIWAGI Mitsuyoshi
TOMINAGA Kenta44-20KURODA Takuji
2004-06-16: 198th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstHAMAGUCHI Kazuhiko
KURODA Takujiwon againstTANINO Takumi
KURODA Takujiwon againstIO Hideo
TAMAKI Suguruwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstMIYAZAKI Toru
SUGASE Takahirowon againstKURODA Takuji
2004-03-27: 25_Meijin_open(Japan)
KURODA Takuji42-22MIZUNO Keigo
NISHIDA Keita34-30KURODA Takuji
KAGAWA Yoichi62-02KURODA Takuji
SATOMI Satoshi34-30KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji40-24TSUCHIKAWA Noriaki
KURODA Takuji55-09OGURI Kenji
2003-03-22: 24_Meijin(Japan)
KADO Naoki34-30KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji58-06TAKAHASHI Hisashi
SAWADA Takehiko41-23KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji35-29ITABASHI Kunihiro
OTATE Ashihara38-26KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji43-21INOUE Tetsuya
SATO Tomoyuki42-22KURODA Takuji
2002-08-25: 2nd Anti Resistance Game(Japan)
UNO Toshihirowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstSUDOU Mai
KURODA Takujiwon againstMATSUMOTO Hiroyuki
NOBUKAWA Hirokiwon againstKURODA Takuji
NAGAO Hirotowon againstKURODA Takuji
ESAKI Ichiwon againstKURODA Takuji
2002-04-28: 36th Himeji Meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstSUGAI Katsumi
OKIKAWA Tauruwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstISEDA Katsuya
2002-03-03: 23rd Meijin(Japan)
ARAKI Yasuyukiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstKAWAGASHIRA Kuniharu
KURODA Takujiwon againstTAKASHIMA Ryoji
KURODA Takujiwon againstTERADA Junya
KURODA Takujiwon againstHOSHI Ryuichi
TAKENOBU Kosukewon againstKURODA Takuji
2002-01-27: 33rd Himeji Meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstISEDA Katsuya
KURODA Takujiwon againstYOKOYAMA Chiaki
KURODA Takujiwon againstKINUGAWA Kotaro
NOBUKAWA Hirokiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KUBO Sadahikowon againstKURODA Takuji
2001-12-23: 32nd Himeji Meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstKONAMI Hiroshi
MIKI Toshikazuwon againstKURODA Takuji
KONAMI Shujiwon againstKURODA Takuji
2001-05-01: Meijin(Japan)
KURODA Takuji33-31KOSHINO Kazuhiko
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya33-31KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji33-31SATO Tomoyuki
TERADA Junya33-31KURODA Takuji
KAGAWA Yoichi33-31KURODA Takuji
KURODA Takuji33-31TOBARI Masakazu
2000-07-30: 28th All Japan(Japan)
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhirowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstKUDOMI Daisuke
FUJISAWA Shunsukewon againstKURODA Takuji
2000-06-11: 152nd Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstYAMADA Hideyuki
SUZUKI Shinichiwon againstKURODA Takuji
UNO Toshihirowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstOKUDA Masashi
KURODA Takujiwon againstTARU Eiichi
1999-11-07: 10th Kansai championship(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstSASAKI Sohei
KURODA Takujiwon againstTATSUMI Atsushi
FUJISAWA Yosukewon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstUNO Toshihiro
TANAKA Norihirowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstNOBUHITO Yoichi
1999-07-25: 27th All Japan(Japan)
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstKURODA Takuji
HARA Shuichiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KAGOTANI Hirotowon againstKURODA Takuji
1997-06-21: 25th Hokuriku All Japan preliminary(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstHAYAKAWA Shinji
ICHIKAWA Yukinoriwon againstKURODA Takuji
ITOI Kojiwon againstKURODA Takuji
OKUDA Masashiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstYOSHIMURA Osamu
TAKAGAKI Takeshiwon againstKURODA Takuji
1997-05-03: 9th Kyoto Open(Japan)
SUZUKI Yasuhirowon againstKURODA Takuji
NAKAZAWA Hirofumiwon againstKURODA Takuji
TOJO Atsushiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstUENO Mitoshi
KURODA Takujiwon againstYOSHIMURA Osamu
KURODA Takujiwon againstMATSUI Takashi
1996-11-10: 111th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
UENO Koheiwon againstKURODA Takuji
UENO Mitoshiwon againstKURODA Takuji
FUJIKURA Katsuyawon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstTARU Eiichi
KURODA Takujiwon againstSUZUKI Takao
1996-10-13: 110th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstSUZUKI Tomoaki
HARA Shuichiwon againstKURODA Takuji
MIYAZAKI Toruwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstTARU Eiichi
FUKUI Seijiwon againstKURODA Takuji
1996-08-11: 108th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstYOSHIMURA Osamu
IO Hideowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstYOKOYAMA Chiaki
UNO Toshihirowon againstKURODA Takuji
SUZUKI Shinichiwon againstKURODA Takuji
1996-07-14: 107th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstHIRAI Rinko
KURODA Takujiwon againstSONOZAKI Rie
KURODA Takujiwon againstMIYAZAKI Toru
KURODA Takujiwon againstWADA Masanori
KURODA Takujiwon againstSONOZAKI Hiromichi
1996-06-09: 106th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
YOKOYAMA Chiakiwon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstHIRAI Toshimitsu
YOSHIMURA Osamuwon againstKURODA Takuji
IO Hideowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstHIRAI Rinko
1996-05-12: 105th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstYOKOYAMA Chiaki
IBATA Kensukewon againstKURODA Takuji
TAKAHASHI Manabuwon againstKURODA Takuji
MAEDA Masahirowon againstKURODA Takuji
KURODA Takujiwon againstISOBE Ayuko
1996-04-14: 104th Kyoto Meeting(Japan)
KURODA Takujiwon againstTATSUMI Atsushi
KURODA Takujiwon againstIKEBE Yasunobu
KURODA Takujiwon againstOKUDA Masashi