OHNO Tomohiro (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 大野友広 大野友弘
76 tournaments
477 results
Player ID: 5512
Rated 18 in Japan and 19 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 19 in the World
Latest rating: 2384
2020-02-09: East_Kanto_expert_games(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro44-20SAWADA Takehiko
OHNO Tomohiro42-22OKUDA Tsuyoshi
OHNO Tomohiro39-25KOMATSU Kanaharu
OHNO Tomohiro33-31NAGANO Yasushi
OHNO Tomohiro38-26TOKIWA Shuto
2019-11-24: 48_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstADACHI Shungai
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTAKAGI Yosuke
URANO Kentowon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstWATAHIKI Kenta
MIYAOKA Tamakiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2019-09-29: 48_All_Japan_East_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro51-13OKUDA Tsuyoshi
OHNO Tomohiro33-31TOKIWA Shuto
NAGANO Yasushi48-16OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro36-28ISOBE Masaki
NARUMI Hisatoshi38-26OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro55-09TAKAHASHI Akinari
2019-03-24: 40_Meijin(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSOBAJIMA Daichi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKANO Chihiro
GOTO Masahirowon againstOHNO Tomohiro
ASAKAWA Takuyawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKATOKO Isamu
OHNO Tomohirowon againstOGINO Takeru
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSATO Koichiro
2018-12-23: 190_Nagareyama_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro64-00NGUYEN Nat
OHNO Tomohiro58-06KOBAYASHI Manabu
OHNO Tomohiro34-30HISHIYAMA Yuichi
OHNO Tomohiro35-29WATAHIKI Kenta
TAKAHASHI Akihiro35-29OHNO Tomohiro
2018-11-25: 47_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTAKIZAWA Nobuyuki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstWATAHIKI Kenta
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSUZUKI Yuuta
OKIZAKI Kyowon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstGOTO Akihiko
WADA Masakiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2018-10-28: 47_All_Japan_East_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro49-15SAWADA Takehiko
NAGANO Yasushi35-29OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro36-28SATO Koichiro
OHNO Tomohiro45-19TOKIWA Shuto
OHNO Tomohiro47-17OKUDA Tsuyoshi
OHNO Tomohiro35-29ISOBE Masaki
2018-09-09: 14_Chiba_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro48-16TANIHARA Hinata
OHNO Tomohiro54-10TOKIWA Shuto
ITO Yuji36-28OHNO Tomohiro
GO Shinu36-28OHNO Tomohiro
ISOBE Masaki35-29OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro47-17KOSHINO Kazuhiko
2018-08-26: 13_Ouza_sen(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro56-08KITAMURA Momona
OHNO Tomohiro34-30KAMEMOTO Osamu
OHNO Tomohiro37-27NANASE Yuuma
OHNO Tomohiro45-19OHIKE Yoshinori
SUEKUNI Makoto40-24OHNO Tomohiro
2018-07-15: 46_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
TAKANASHI Yusukewon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSHIMOMURA Shiki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstICHIKI Haruki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstITAGAKI Kenichi
URANO Kentowon againstOHNO Tomohiro
MITSUYA Nobuakiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2018-06-03: 46_All_Japan_East_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro46-18NARUMI Hisatoshi
OHNO Tomohiro48-16KOBAYASHI Manabu
OHNO Tomohiro35-29NAGANO Yasushi
OHNO Tomohiro35-29KURAHASHI Satoshi
OHNO Tomohiro38-26TSUCHIYA Shotaro
2017-07-16: 45_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
KANEKO Kodaiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstYOSHIMOTO Hiroaki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstYOSHINO Toru
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTSUCHIDA Daisuke
KITAJIMA Hidekiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKANDA Yoshihiro
2017-06-18: 45_All_Japan_East_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro42-22OKUDA Tsuyoshi
OHNO Tomohiro41-23TSUTOMU Soichiro
NARUMI Hisatoshi38-26OHNO Tomohiro
AKAGI Tachiro34-30OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro44-20SAWADA Takehiko
KURAHASHI Satoshi34-30OHNO Tomohiro
2017-05-03: 178_Nagareyama_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro57-07NAKAMURA Kazuhiro
OSATO Suguru33-31OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro34-30NARUMI Hisatoshi
OHNO Tomohiro39-25NAKAMURA Kazuki
OHNO Tomohiro46-18HISHIYAMA Yuichi
OHNO Tomohiro46-18KOSHINO Kazuhiko
2017-04-01: 177_Nagareyama_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro48-16KOBAYASHI Makoto
OHNO Tomohiro43-21KOBAYASHI Manabu
OHNO Tomohiro45-19ISOBE Masaki
OHNO Tomohiro39-25NAKAMURA Kazuki
OHNO Tomohiro37-27OKUDA Tsuyoshi
NARA Souma35-29OHNO Tomohiro
2017-03-19: 38_Meijin(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstUNO Toshihiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstFUNATSU Asuka
OHNO Tomohirowon againstYAMAKAWA Takashi
TAKAMIZAWA Daikiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstOGUROSAWA Shu
KANOU Eishiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
ASOU Daisukewon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2016-07-17: 44_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstMATSUMOTO Makoto
ASAHINA Satoshiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstHISHIYAMA Yuichi
NARUMI Hisatoshiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2016-06-26: 44_All_Japan_East_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro47-17ISHII Takamasa
OHNO Tomohiro51-13ISOBE Masaki
YAMAKAWA Takashi44-20OHNO Tomohiro
SAWADA Takehiko34-30OHNO Tomohiro
NAGANO Yasushi36-28OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstNARUMI Hisatoshi
2015-09-06: 10_Ouza_sen(Japan)
OKAMOTO Kazuki38-26OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro36-28IWATA Hiroyuki
OHNO Tomohiro33-31OSHIMIZU Takanori
OHNO Tomohiro50-14SAITO Riki
OHMORI Keita35-29OHNO Tomohiro
SUEKUNI Makoto40-24OHNO Tomohiro
2015-07-19: 43_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstMUKAI Daisuke
YAMAKAWA Takashiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstMIYAZAKI Yuji
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
AKAGI Tachirowon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKURIHARA Tomoyuki
2015-06-14: 43_All_Japan_East_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro51-13ISOBE Masaki
OHNO Tomohiro34-30KURAHASHI Satoshi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstNAGANO Yasushi
YAMAKAWA Takashi44-20OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro53-11SAWADA Takehiko
OHNO Tomohiro38-26NARUMI Hisatoshi
2015-05-10: 161_Nagareyama(Japan)
ABE Yura40-24OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro64-00KOBAYASHI Makoto
OHNO Tomohiro37-27KAWASHIMA Satoaki
OHNO Tomohiro37-27TSUCHIYA Shotaro
KITANO Takumi38-26OHNO Tomohiro
2015-03-22: 36_Meijin(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstOHTSUBO Masayuki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstYOSHIDA Shigenobu
OHNO Tomohirowon againstGOTO Masahiro
OSHIMIZU Takanoriwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTSUCHIDA Daisuke
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKURAHASHI Satoshi
2015-03-01: 92_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
KURIHARA Tomoyuki32-32OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro38-26TSUCHIYA Ryosuke
KITANO Ochachi38-26OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro36-28MATSUYA Shinpei
ABE Yura38-26OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro51-13KITANO Takumi
2014-07-13: 42_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
KIYONOBU Kentawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstYOSHINO Toru
OHNO Tomohirowon againstOKI Shinsuke
OSHIMIZU Takanoriwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHMORI Keitawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKOZUKA Katsuhiko
2014-06-22: 42_All_Japan_East_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
OKUDA Tsuyoshi38-26OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro41-23NARUMI Hisatoshi
TACHIKI Akira37-27OHNO Tomohiro
KATORI Michihiro34-30OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro41-23KOBAYASHI Manabu
OHNO Tomohiro42-22ABE Yura
OHNO Tomohiro46-18KATORI Michihiro
2014-01-162014-01-17: Othello World Cup 2014(World)
OHNO Tomohiro47-17WU Jin Feng
LAM Maverick29-35OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro20-44TAKANASHI Yusuke
MARCONI Francesco30-34OHNO Tomohiro
YAMAKAWA Takashi35-29OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro60-04SANO Yoko
OHNO Tomohiro39-25SUEKUNI Makoto
MIYAZAKI Yuji28-36OHNO Tomohiro
TOMINAGA Kenta29-35OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro40-24SONG Yan
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya37-27OHNO Tomohiro
TOMINAGA Kenta46-18OHNO Tomohiro
2014-01-05: 86_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro45-19HADA Jun
SATANI Tetsu35-29OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro45-19KITANO Takumi
OHNO Tomohiro49-15SATOMI Takashi
OHNO Tomohiro34-30NAKAJIMA Tetsuya
OHNO Tomohiro36-28MATSUYA Shinpei
2014-01-04: 32_Mito_Jishi_games(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro42-22HAMA Kouta
OHNO Tomohiro49-15HAMA Shunsuke
OHNO Tomohiro43-21ARAI Hiroyuki
TATENO Ryuuji32-32OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro39-25SATO Hisakazu
2013-11-10: 2014_OWC_qualif(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKURACHI Takayuki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstNODA Bintatsu
OHNO Tomohirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstOSHIMIZU Takanori
SUEKUNI Makotowon againstOHNO Tomohiro
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKOMAGATA Masayuki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSUEKUNI Makoto
2013-09-01: 8_Ouza_sen(Japan)
MURAKAMI Takeshi35-29OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro36-28KURODA Takuji
SATO Koichiro32-32OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro37-27NODA Bintatsu
OHNO Tomohiro36-28NAGAMATSU Ryota
OHNO Tomohiro41-23SATO Yutaka
2013-07-14: 41_All_Japan_open_championhship(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstARAKI Yasuyuki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSATO Koichiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKURODA Takuji
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKOMAGATA Masayuki
MIYAZAKI Yujiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
SUGASE Takahirowon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2013-06-30: 41_All_Japan_east_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro40-24NARUMI Hisatoshi
AKAGI Tachiro43-21OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro43-21IKEDA Yuki
OHNO Tomohiro43-21OKUDA Tsuyoshi
OHNO Tomohiro42-22KOBAYASHI Manabu
SATO Koichiro33-31OHNO Tomohiro
NAGANO Yasushi47-17OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro50-14IKEDA Yuki
2013-05-03: 25_Kyoto_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro44-20TANAKA Yuuki
OHNO Tomohiro48-16KASAI Yuta
SUGASE Takahiro38-26OHNO Tomohiro
KATSURA Hisatoshi36-28OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro36-28NAKANISHI Kazuki
MIYAZAKI Yuji36-28OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro42-22GOTO Masahiro
2013-04-28: 55_Q_league(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro55-09IKEDA Tatsunobu
OHNO Tomohiro48-16TATEISHI Seishirou
OHNO Tomohiro43-21NAKAMURA Sou
OHNO Tomohiro44-20KAWARADA Sotoshi
OHNO Tomohiro41-23KUROGI Yuta
OHNO Tomohiro37-27ISHIDA Suguru
HAMADA Naoki34-30OHNO Tomohiro
2013-03-31: 34_Meijin(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTANAKA Atsushi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKAWARADA Seiji
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKANOU Eishi
IWATA Hiroyukiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
ESAKI Yutawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstIIJIMA Takamune
UMEZAWA Keikiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2012-11-11: OWC2013_qualification(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstHOSHI Ryuichi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstITAGAKI Kenichi
TSUKAMOTO Kazumawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKANDA Yoshihiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstNARUMI Hisatoshi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKIYONOBU Kenta
MIYAZAKI Yujiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2012-07-18: 40_All_Japan_champ(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstOHTSUBO Masayuki
FUKUNAGA Kohachiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstOHIKE Yoshinori
OHNO Tomohirowon againstIMOTO Wataru
OHNO Tomohirowon againstOKAMOTO Kazuki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstOSHIMIZU Takanori
2012-06-23: 5_attached_secant_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro33-31IZUMI Takashi
OHNO Tomohiro45-19NAGAO Hiroto
OHNO Tomohiro57-07NAKAMURA Keiko
OHNO Tomohiro41-23EBIHARA Yusuke
OHNO Tomohiro39-25OKUDA Tsuyoshi
2012-06-10: 40_All_Japan_Azumazeki_prelim(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro49-15NARUMI Hisatoshi
OHNO Tomohiro38-26HONMA Yosuke
OHNO Tomohiro43-21YAMAKAWA Takashi
OHNO Tomohiro38-26HAIJIMA Mitsuya
OHNO Tomohiro36-28KOBAYASHI Kasa
OHNO Tomohiro41-23KATORI Michihiro
2012-05-04: 4_Nakagyo_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro39-25NAGAE Yuka
OHNO Tomohiro43-21TAKAHASHI Kenji
OHNO Tomohiro48-16HAGA Kazutoshi
TAKANASHI Yusuke38-26OHNO Tomohiro
OHIKE Yoshinori38-26OHNO Tomohiro
ESAKI Yuta33-31OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro49-15WAKITA Kazuaki
2012-03-18: 137_Nagareyama_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro40-24IWATA Hiroyuki
OHNO Tomohiro38-26KAMIKURA Daisuke
OHNO Tomohiro33-31TAKAHASHI Hisashi
OHNO Tomohiro35-29HISHIYAMA Yuichi
YAMAKAWA Takashiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro34-30KURIHARA Kyousuke
2011-10-16: 134_Nagareyama_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro41-23KOBAYASHI Manabu
OHNO Tomohiro42-22KATORI Michihiro
TATENO Ryuuji39-25OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTSUCHIYA Ryosuke
KANEKO Kodai35-29OHNO Tomohiro
2011-08-28: 6_Ouza_sen(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro35-29TAKANASHI Yusuke
GOTO Hiroshi46-18OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro44-20GOTO Masahiro
OHNO Tomohiro56-08ARAKI Yasuyuki
OHNO Tomohiro34-30NAGANO Yasushi
NOBUKAWA Hiroki44-20OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro49-15TAKIZAWA Masaki
2011-07-17: 39_Japan_open_Champ(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKAMEMOTO Osamu
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSANO Hirotaka
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTANAKA Shuntaro
ESAKI Yutawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
ISHIZAKI Hikaruwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2011-06-18: 39_Japan_champ_Ibaraki_prelim(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro53-11KINOSHITA Takao
OHNO Tomohiro44-20IZUMI Takashi
OHNO Tomohiro38-26NAGASHIMA Kazuhito
OHNO Tomohiro40-24NAKAI Kota
FUNATSU Asuka32-32OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro41-23SHIMONOSONO Kozo
OHNO Tomohiro46-18KURAHASHI Satoshi
OHNO Tomohiro45-19KINOSHITA Tsutomu
2011-05-22: 28_Tatebayashi_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro39-25HADA Jun
OHNO Tomohiro35-29OHUCHI Yasuhiro
GOTO Hiroshi41-23OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro39-25URUSHIHARA Kazuhiro
OHNO Tomohiro38-26TATENO Ryuiji
OHNO Tomohiro35-28KANAZAWA Kota
2010-09-25: 9_area_resistance(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro34-30NARUMI Hisatoshi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25OHNO Tomohiro
ITO Junya33-31OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro37-27TAKASHIMA Ryoji
KATO Tomihiro35-29OHNO Tomohiro
TAKANASHI Yusuke39-25OHNO Tomohiro
2010-09-12: 125_Nagareyama_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro57-07TAKAHASHI Shiu
OHNO Tomohiro55-09FUNATSU Asuka
SATO Koichiro35-29OHNO Tomohiro
TSUKAMOTO Kazuma46-18OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro46-18IWAKURA Hiroaki
2010-08-29: 5_Ouza_sen(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro44-20MAEHIRA Yusuke
SAITO Aya35-29OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro34-30IZUMI Takashi
OHNO Tomohiro36-28OHUCHI Yasuhiro
MURAKAMI Takeshi36-28OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro41-23NAGASAKI Hidekazu
OHNO Tomohiro40-24AKASHI Tomone
2010-07-18: 38_Japan_Open_Champ(Japan)
NUNOME Naoyawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSYUGAME Junki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTOMOTA Yusuke
OHNO Tomohirowon againstFUKUNAGA Kohachi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTAKENOBU Kosuke
MIYAOKA Tamakiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2010-06-13: 38_Japan_Champ_Azumazeki_prelim(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro42-22ISHII Kiyotaka
OHNO Tomohiro36-28TAKIZAWA Nobuyuki
OHNO Tomohiro47-17KOBAYASHI Manabu
OHNO Tomohiro35-29NAGANO Yasushi
OHNO Tomohiro50-14OKUDA Tsuyoshi
HAGIKURA Yutaka44-20OHNO Tomohiro
2010-02-21: 2010_Azumazeki_Higashi_expert_game(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro46-18SHIBASAKI Lily
OHNO Tomohiro40-24ISHII Kiyotaka
HAGIKURA Yutaka40-24OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro41-23HATENA Akijima
OHNO Tomohiro34-30YAMAKAWA Takashi
2009-09-06: 4_Ouza_sen(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro46-18TAGUCHI Ryosuke
ESAKI Yuta33-31OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro33-31NAKAMURA Yuya
OHNO Tomohiro34-30NAGANO Yasushi
NAGAMATSU Ryota35-29OHNO Tomohiro
SAITO Aya42-22OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro39-25TAKANO-TSUJI Toshimi
2009-07-19: 37_Japan_Champ(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
TAKIZAWA Nobuyukiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstWATAHIKI Kenta
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTOMOTA Yusuke
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTERADA Shiyouzi
OKAWA Akirawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2009-06-14: 37_Japan_Champ_Azumazeki_prelim(Japan)
KATORI Michihiro34-30OHNO Tomohiro
ISHII Kiyotaka38-26OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro47-17KOBAYASHI Makoto
OHNO Tomohiro43-21HASEGAWA Akira
OHNO Tomohiro34-30HAGIKURA Yutaka
OHNO Tomohiro50-14SAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro
2009-06-06: 57_Shinagawa_Open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro33-31KOSHINO Kazuhiko
OHNO Tomohiro38-26YAMAZAKI Nobuyuki
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya35-29OHNO Tomohiro
SANO Yokowon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro39-25TAKASAKI Shohei
OHNO Tomohiro40-23KURACHI Takayuki
2009-03-29: 30_Meijin(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro33-31TANIDA Kunihiko
MIYAZAKI Toru33-31OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro33-31TOMINAGA Kenta
OHNO Tomohiro33-31NAGASHIMA Kazuhito
OHNO Tomohiro33-31ESAKI Yuta
OHNO Tomohiro33-31TAKIZAWA Nobuyuki
2008-08-24: 3_Ouza_sen(Japan)
TAKANASHI Yusuke42-22OHNO Tomohiro
YAMADA Yuichi34-30OHNO Tomohiro
OHTAKE Kosuke38-26OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro38-26SAKA Hiroshi
OHNO Tomohiro59-05KINOSHITA Akio
OHNO Tomohiro40-24SAWAKI Yusuke
NAGASHIMA Kazuhito51-13OHNO Tomohiro
2008-07-19: 2008 Japanese Championship(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstMORINAGA Syou
OHNO Tomohirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
TSUJI Shinjiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
IWATA Hiroyukiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
KAMEMOTO Osamuwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstYAMAZAKI Nobuyuki
2008-03-23: 29_Meijin(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro33-31KOUKAWA Satoshi
OHNO Tomohiro33-31SATAKE Yosuke
ENOMOTO Yasuhiro33-31OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro33-31MATSUZAWA Atsushi
OHNO Tomohiro33-31TAKASHIMA Ryoji
2008-02-11: 5th Kanto Game(Japan)
SATO Koichirolost toOHNO Tomohiro
SAWADA Tomohirolost toOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirolost toNAGASAKI Hidekazu
OHNO Tomohirowon againstIIJIMA Takamune
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
TSUJI Shinjiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2008-02-10: 8th king state special(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTAMAKI Kyotaro
OHNO Tomohirolost toNAGAO Hiroto
OHNO Tomohirowon againstNAKANO Jo
OHNO Tomohirowon againstISHIWATA Yoshikazu
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKURAMOCHI Yuta
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKOMAGATA Masayuki
2007-11-292007-12-01: WOC 2007 (Athens)(World)
OHNO Tomohiro40-24FELDBORG Karsten
SAIZ Ruben41-23OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro42-22DOUDA Tomas
LEADER Imre40-24OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro27-37FU Velma
OHNO Tomohiro35-29PRASEPTYO Linda
KRACZYK Roman16-48OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro51-13YU Yoseop
MARCONI Francesco31-33OHNO Tomohiro
MADRONA Mario04-60OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro42-22EVERTS Jeroen
OHNO Tomohiro18-46NICOLET Stephane
SCHOTTE Tom29-35OHNO Tomohiro
2007-10-14: 9th Ueno Open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstNAGAO Hiroto
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSATO Tetsuya
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTAMAKI Kyotaro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstWATAHIKI Kenta
2007-09-30: 3rd Chiba Open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSHIIKI Isamu
OHNO Tomohirowon againstNAGAO Hiroto
OHNO Tomohirowon againstAKIYAMA Tatsumi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTAKASHIMA Ryoji
WATAHIKI Kentawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstNAGASAKI Hidekazu
2007-09-23: 2nd giant king special(Japan)
MASUDA Letakalost toOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKOIDE Satoshi
OHHASHI Tomoshigelost toOHNO Tomohiro
TOMINAGA Kentawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
ISHIHARA Makotowon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2007-09-16: 2_Ouza_sen(Japan)
TSUCHIDA Eijiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKINOSHITA Akio
FUNATSU Asukalost toOHNO Tomohiro
TOMINAGA Kentawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirolost toESAKI Yuta
MATSUZAWA Atsushiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirolost toOSHIMIZU Takanori
2007-07-15: Japanese Othello Championship(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTAKIZAWA Masaki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTAMAKI Suguru
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKITAJIMA Hideki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstHOSHINO Yoshihiro
2007-03-25: 28_Meijin_finals(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro51-13KADOWAKI Norihiro
TAKENOBU Kosuke46-18OHNO Tomohiro
ISOBE Seiji64-00OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro56-08SUKO Masayuki
OHNO Tomohiro55-09CHATANI Shoji
OHNO Tomohiro39-25OHNAKA Kenichiro
2006-08-26: 1_Ouza_sen(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro41-23ENOMOTO Yasuhiro
OHNO Tomohiro40-24OSHIMIZU Takanori
OHNO Tomohiro44-20OHIKE Yoshinori
MIYAZAKI Yuji32-32OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro34-30ARAKI Yasuyuki
OHNO Tomohiro43-21TAMAKI Kyotaro
2006-07-16: 34th All Japan(Japan)
TAKASHIMA Ryojiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
SATAKE Yosukewon againstOHNO Tomohiro
TAKIZAWA Nobuyukiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstUSURAURA Yusuke
OHNO Tomohirowon againstNAGAO Hiroto
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTACHIKI Akira
2006-03-26: 27_Meijin(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro64-00KANDA Yoshihiro
IWAMURA Hibiuki64-00OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro64-00IWASAKI Toshinori
OHNO Tomohiro64-00KAWAGASHIRA Kuniharu
OHNO Tomohiro64-00MURAKAMI Takeshi
OHNO Tomohiro64-00YAMADA Yuichi
OHNO Tomohiro64-00HIRAKAWA Yuki
2005-08-27: Chubu Trio Open(Japan)
NAKAMORI Chiakilost toOHNO Tomohiro
YUSAKI Akihirolost toOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTSUKAMOTO Hiroaki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKOBAYASHI Ritsuko
NAKATSUKA Mikiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstESAKI Yuta
OHNO Tomohirowon againstSAKA Hiroshi
2005-07-17: 33rd all Japan(Japan)
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKURACHI Takayuki
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstOHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstKANDA Yoshihiro
OHNO Tomohirowon againstHIRAKAWA Yuki
OHNO Tomohirowon againstTACHIKI Akira
OSHIMIZU Takanoriwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
2005-07-09: 15_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
OHNO Tomohiro45-19KASHIWAGI Mitsuyoshi
OHNO Tomohiro47-17NAKANO Maseru
TOMINAGA Kenta41-23OHNO Tomohiro
OHNO Tomohiro55-09WATANABE Hajime
OHNO Tomohiro45-19NAKAJIMA Tetsuya