GOTO Hiroshi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 後藤宏
150 tournaments
901 results
Player ID: 5502
Rated T39 in Japan and T44 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T46 in the World
Latest rating: 2290
2023-11-05: 84_Tatebayashi_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi33-31TSUCHIKANE Rinku
GOTO Hiroshi48-16HACHIHATA Nobuyasu
GOTO Hiroshi43-21OGURA Ryutaro
GOTO Hiroshi48-16TSUCHIKANE Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi34-30OHMORI Keita
OKUDA Tsuyoshi35-29GOTO Hiroshi
2023-10-29: 49_All_Japan_North_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
UEDA Kazunobu64-00GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi54-10CHIBA Seima
GOTO Hiroshi53-11KAGAWA Yoichi
GOTO Hiroshi38-26NAKAMURA Keiichiro
GOTO Hiroshi44-20HASEGAWA Takeshi
GOTO Hiroshi47-17YAMAMOTO Yuta
2023-09-10: 276_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi50-14CHIBA Seima
GOTO Hiroshi42-22NAKAMURA Kosuke
GOTO Hiroshi45-19AOKI Daichi
GOTO Hiroshi47-17KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi34-30SAJI Kouya
TSUCHIKANE Hiroshi36-28GOTO Hiroshi
2023-07-16: 16_Ouza_Sen(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi35-29TAKIZAWA Nobuyuki
SAJI Kouya41-23GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31HASHIMOTO Yuuta
YAKUSHIJI Kenta39-25GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi52-12KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi33-31MURAKAMI Takeshi
2023-07-09: 275_Kawago_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi51-13NOGUCHI Himuka
KOSHINO Kazuhiko37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi42-22SANO Joichiro
ODA Akari46-18GOTO Hiroshi
HISHIYAMA Yuichi39-25GOTO Hiroshi
OGINO Takeru38-26GOTO Hiroshi
2023-06-18: 274_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi60-04IIJIMA Maeda
GOTO Hiroshi44-20SANO Joichiro
YAMAMOTO Yuta38-26GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi55-09KUBO Shuuhei
KIYONOBU Kenta36-28GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi52-12KUZUHARA Seijin
2023-05-21: 81_Tatebayashi_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi49-15UENO Ukie
GOTO Hiroshi40-24OKUDA Tsuyoshi
GOTO Hiroshi43-21HASEGAWA Takeshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31ARAI Toshiko
GOTO Hiroshi40-24KURACHI Takayuki
KITAJIMA Hideki49-15GOTO Hiroshi
2023-04-23: 273_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi64-00AIHARA Mutsuki
GOTO Hiroshi36-28MIYAMOTO Taketora
GOTO Hiroshi48-16KOSHINO Kazuhiko
OGURA Ryutaro33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi43-21TSUCHIKANE Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi45-19ODA Akari
2023-03-19: 43_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi36-28NARIYA Makoto
GOTO Hiroshi42-22SASAKI Yasuyuki
KURITA Seiya35-29GOTO Hiroshi
SHIMIZU Naoki37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi34-30OSHIMIZU Takanori
GOTO Hiroshi33-31TAGUCHI Mika
GOTO Hiroshi45-19AOKI Daichi
2023-03-18: 43_Maijin_masters(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi53-11KITAJIMA Hideki
GOTO Hiroshi46-18NISHIMURA Akihiro
GOTO Hiroshi37-27GOTO Akihiko
SATANI Tetsu46-18GOTO Hiroshi
SUGASE Takahiro35-29GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi36-28MURAKAMI Takeshi
2023-03-05: 272_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi64-00KAWASHIMA Shimamura
GOTO Hiroshi57-07TETSUMI Tasuku
GOTO Hiroshi42-22KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi55-09KANEKO Hikaru
GOTO Hiroshi42-22GOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshi33-31HASEGAWA Takeshi
2023-02-12: 271_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi48-16IIDA Kanata
MARUYAMA Hiroaki32-32GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi44-20KOMAGATA Masayuki
GOTO Hiroshi42-22ISHIKAWA Akira
OHMORI Keita32-32GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31OHGA Nao
2022-12-04: 29_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi54-10ONOSHIMA Arata
GOTO Hiroshi53-11ONO Taiga
ISHIDA Ren41-23GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi49-15MEISHO Yuta
GOTO Hiroshi45-19MIYAMOTO Mitsuru
GOTO Hiroshi52-12KURACHI Takayuki
2022-10-23: 268_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi58-06YAMADA Osamu
AOKI Daichi34-30GOTO Hiroshi
YOSHIDA Kenjirou35-29GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi37-27ONO Taiga
GOTO Hiroshi53-11NAKAOKA Takeshi
GOTO Hiroshi34-30KANEKO Hikaru
2022-09-25: 267_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi39-25MEISHO Yuta
GOTO Hiroshi43-21GOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshi56-08KURACHI Takayuki
KURAHASHI Satoshi36-28GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi45-19ONO Taiga
GOTO Hiroshi35-29GOTO Akihiko
2022-07-10: 15_Ouza_sen(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi42-22KOMATSU Kanaharu
GOTO Hiroshi49-15UMEZAWA Yoshinori
GOTO Hiroshi36-28IZURA Daisei
GOTO Hiroshi38-26ABE Yura
GOTO Hiroshi40-24SUGASE Takahiro
TAKAHASHI Akihiro49-15GOTO Hiroshi
2022-07-03: 266_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi43-21ICHIMURA Yuuya
GOTO Hiroshi54-10NAKAJIMA Shun
MURAKAMI Takeshi35-29GOTO Hiroshi
TSUCHIKANE Hiroshi43-21GOTO Hiroshi
SUEMATSU Ryosuke37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi41-23YAMANAKA Masayuki
2022-05-04: 265_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi57-07INOUE Yu
GOTO Hiroshi41-23KANEKO Hikaru
GOTO Hiroshi46-18HASEGAWA Takeshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31TSUCHIKANE Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi57-07YAMANAKA Masayuki
GOTO Hiroshi37-27KURACHI Takayuki
2022-03-21: 42_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMITSUYA Nobuaki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstITO Kenshun
YOSHINO Toruwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstAKINAGA Yuto
MASUDA Tokuyawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
NAGAO Hirotowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKURACHI Takayuki
2021-07-18: 41_Meijin(Japan)
MURAKAMI Takeshi51-13GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi37-27OSHIMIZU Takanori
GOTO Hiroshi38-26MASUDA Tokuya
KAWAMURA Kiuwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
KOBAYASHI Ayumi37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi44-20KURACHI Takayuki
2020-02-09: North_Kanto_expert_games(Japan)
KURACHI Takayuki37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi43-21URA Satoru
GOTO Hiroshi44-20GOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshi41-23TSUCHIKANE Hiroshi
GOTO Akihiko51-13GOTO Hiroshi
2020-01-26: 264_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi39-25OTANI Akimoto
GOTO Hiroshi41-23NAKAJIMA Shun
KURACHI Takayuki43-21GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi35-29OTAKA Tomoki
GOTO Hiroshi53-11KANEKO Hikaru
NANASE Yuuma44-20GOTO Hiroshi
2019-12-15: 263_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi64-00ONOSHIMA Hiro
GOTO Masahiro38-26GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi49-15TAKAHASHI Akinari
GOTO Hiroshi50-14ODA Akari
GOTO Hiroshi36-28KURACHI Takayuki
ISHIKAWA Hikaru33-31GOTO Hiroshi
2019-11-24: 48_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTAKIZAWA Masaki
SOUDA Shunwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
ASOU Daisukewon againstGOTO Hiroshi
SATO Hisakazuwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOKADA Hiroyuki
ENOMOTO Hiroyukiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2019-11-17: 262_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi64-00HAGIHARA Rensei
HASEGAWA Takeshi34-30GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi45-19USHIKUBO Yu
ADACHI Shungai43-21GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi46-18ODA Akari
GOTO Hiroshi60-04CHIBA Ichishige
2019-10-27: 48_All_Japan_North_kanto_prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi50-14USHIKUBO Yu
GOTO Hiroshi43-21KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi34-30TODA Tomoya
GOTO Hiroshi38-26WATAHIKI Kenta
GOTO Hiroshi38-26HASEGAWA Takeshi
2019-09-15: 19_Saitama_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi63-01KONO Koudai
TAKAHARU Daikan46-18GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi54-10MURO Yuuga
TAKAHARU Saki38-26GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi38-26HONNA Kiyuu
GOTO Hiroshi53-11KOISO Masahiro
2019-07-21: 261_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi41-23CHIBA Seima
GOTO Hiroshi43-21YAMAZAKI Ken
GOTO Hiroshi43-21YADOMI Kousuke
MURAKAMI Takeshi34-30GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi52-12IZURA Daisei
GOTO Hiroshi39-25KOBAYASHI Ayumi
2019-04-21: 27_Master_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi42-22TAJIMA Yoshimitsu
KAWABATA Seiji35-29GOTO Hiroshi
ISHIKAWA Akira33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25HASEGAWA Takeshi
MATSUMOTO Makoto32-32GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi38-26URA Satoru
2019-03-24: 40_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOKAMURA Hiroaki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstHAYASAKA Toshie
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYAMAMOTO Yutoki
ABE Yurawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
URANO Kentowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstHARA Shuichi
ISHIGURO Hirokiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2019-03-10: 259_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi64-00HOSHI Rinka
GOTO Hiroshi58-06MATSUMOTO Makoto
GOTO Hiroshi42-22GOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshi36-28IWAKURA Hiroaki
GOTO Hiroshi39-25KOSHINO Kazuhiko
HASEGAWA Takeshi53-11GOTO Hiroshi
2019-02-03: 2019_North_Kanto_expert_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi56-08YANO Yasushi
ISHIKAWA Hikaru58-06GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi51-13MATSUMOTO Makoto
GOTO Hiroshi37-27KURACHI Takayuki
TAKAHARU Saki34-30GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi47-17KAGAWA Yoichi
2019-01-14: 258_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi56-08FUJII Renya
GOTO Hiroshi53-11KOSHINO Kazuhiko
GOTO Hiroshi38-26HORIUCHI Soutarou
MURAKAMI Takeshi40-24GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Masahiro38-26GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi35-29KURACHI Takayuki
2018-12-16: 257_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi53-11ONOSHIMA Hiro
GOTO Hiroshi40-24MURAKAMI Takeshi
MIYAZAKI Yuji37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi46-18GOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshi41-23HASEGAWA Takeshi
KURACHI Takayuki39-25GOTO Hiroshi
2018-11-25: 47_All_Japan_championship(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTSUCHIYA Shotaro
TAKAMIZAWA Daikiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
ABE Yurawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOSIHI Akira
WATAHIKI Kentawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYAMAZAKI Midorikawa
2018-11-11: 256_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi54-10IGARASHI Ichiyo
GOTO Hiroshi37-27MURAKAMI Takeshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KOSHINO Kazuhiko
GOTO Hiroshi40-24HASEGAWA Takeshi
GOTO Hiroshi36-28TODA Tomoya
GOTO Hiroshi41-23IWAKURA Hiroaki
2018-10-21: 47_All_Japan_North_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi58-06TSUCHIKANE Rinku
GOTO Hiroshi46-18WATAHIKI Kenta
GOTO Hiroshi46-18TODA Tomoya
GOTO Hiroshi44-20KANAZAWA Kota
GOTO Hiroshi46-18KOISO Masahiro
2018-09-23: 18_Saitama_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi60-04SUGAYA Akiyoshi
KANEKO Takahiro45-19GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi46-18EIKURA Tomomi
GOTO Hiroshi55-09HISHIYAMA Yuichi
GOTO Hiroshi41-23TAYAMA Tsubasa
GOTO Hiroshi49-15NANASE Yuuma
2018-08-26: 13_Ouza_sen(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi36-28SOUDA Shun
MURAKAMI Takeshi36-28GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi37-27ONISHI Masaaki
GOTO Hiroshi48-16OSHIMIZU Takanori
YAMAZAKI Midorikawa38-26GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25ARAKI Yasuyuki
2018-07-15: 46_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKURIHARA Tomoyuki
TAKAGI Yosukewon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMIYASAKA Kiyotaka
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKAMEMOTO Osamu
TAKAHASHI Akihirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
OKAMOTO Kazukiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2018-06-24: 46_All_Japan_North_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi50-14KAZUHISA Akira
GOTO Hiroshi43-21MATSUMOTO Makoto
GOTO Hiroshi35-29WATAHIKI Kenta
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTAKAHARU Saki
GOTO Hiroshi35-29GOTO Masahiro
2018-05-20: 34_Kawagoe_queen_prince(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi49-15YOSHIDA Kenjirou
GOTO Hiroshi44-20MATSUMOTO Makoto
GOTO Hiroshi49-15GOTO Masahiro
ITO Yuji38-26GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi41-23IWAKURA Hiroaki
GOTO Hiroshi42-22SAWADA Takehiko
2018-02-11: 2018_Kita_Kanto_expert_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi46-18GOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshi50-14KAGAWA Yoichi
KURACHI Takayuki45-19GOTO Hiroshi
MATSUMOTO Makoto48-16GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi37-27TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
KITANO Ochachi34-30GOTO Hiroshi
2017-10-08: 251_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi61-03SUZUKI Kenji
GOTO Hiroshi36-28KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi53-11NANASE Yuuma
GOTO Hiroshi43-21GOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshi49-15HASEGAWA Takeshi
KOSHINO Kazuhiko32-32GOTO Hiroshi
2017-09-17: 250_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi47-17TAKIGUCHI Masaharu
GOTO Hiroshi36-28TAKAMIZAWA Daiki
MURAKAMI Takeshi44-20GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi49-15ISHIDA Kazuaki
2017-07-16: 45_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMIYAZAKI Toru
SUZUKI Yuutawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
NAGANO Yasushiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
MIYAOKA Tamakiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYAMANAKA Yukihiro
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstIZUMI Takashi
2017-06-04: 45_All_Japan_North_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi55-09YANO Yasushi
GOTO Masahiro35-29GOTO Hiroshi
KURITA Seiya39-25GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi43-21HASEGAWA Takeshi
GOTO Hiroshi50-14KITANO Takumi
GOTO Hiroshi43-21KURACHI Takayuki
2017-04-23: 249_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi43-21TAKAHASHI Shiu
IWAKURA Hiroaki38-26GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi50-14OHNO Atsuko
SAITO Aya32-32GOTO Hiroshi
AKAGI Tachiro40-24GOTO Hiroshi
2017-03-19: 38_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKITANO Ochachi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYAMAZAKI Midorikawa
NAGISA Shougowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstISHIKAWA Hikaru
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSASAKI Yasuyuki
YAMAKAWA Takashiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSAJI Kouya
2017-02-19: 2017_North_Kanto_expert_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi44-20OKASERI Tadatora
GOTO Hiroshi37-27TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
ISHIKAWA Hikaru44-20GOTO Hiroshi
HASEGAWA Takeshi51-13GOTO Hiroshi
KITANO Takumi39-25GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi52-12ISHIDA Ren
2016-10-23: 247_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
NAKAMURA Kazuki35-29GOTO Hiroshi
KOSHINO Kazuhiko39-25GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi42-22NAKAZAWA Junichi
GOTO Hiroshi51-13TAKAHASHI Shiu
GOTO Hiroshi45-19HASEGAWA Takeshi
2016-09-19: 16_Saitama_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi60-04SAKAI Kosei
WADA Masaki34-30GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25TAYAMA Tsubasa
GOTO Hiroshi51-13KATSURA Hisatoshi
GOTO Hiroshi60-04OHNO Atsuko
GOTO Hiroshi36-28HASEGAWA Takeshi
2016-09-04: 11_Ouza_sen(Japan)
SASAKI Sohei40-24GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi34-30SAITO Aya
GOTO Hiroshi52-12TAKIZAWA Nobuyuki
MIYAOKA Tamaki34-30GOTO Hiroshi
OSHIMIZU Takanori35-29GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi48-16TAGUCHI Mika
2016-07-17: 44_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNAKAJIMA Tetsuya
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSHIMIZU Naoki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKAMIKURA Daisuke
SATANI Tetsuwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstASOU Daisuke
NAKANO Takanaowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2016-06-12: 44_All_Japan_North_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi46-18KAWARADA Seiji
GOTO Hiroshi51-13KURIHARA Tomoyuki
GOTO Hiroshi40-24KURITA Seiya
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi38-26ISHIKAWA Hikaru
2016-03-20: 37_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstWADA Masaki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSATOMI Takashi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKINOSHITA Hisako
MITSUYA Nobuakiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTAKAHASHI Satomi
TAKIZAWA Nobuyukiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2016-01-31: 2016_Kita_Kanto_expert_games(Japan)
KURACHI Takayuki36-28GOTO Hiroshi
KITANO Ochachi36-28GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi44-20KAGAWA Yoichi
GOTO Hiroshi42-22NAKAJIMA Shun
GOTO Hiroshi38-26YAMAMOTO Kunihiro
GOTO Hiroshi47-17MATSUMOTO Makoto
2015-09-21: 15_Saitama_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi56-08FUKUHATA Kiyone
GOTO Hiroshi43-21ISHIKAWA Hikaru
GOTO Hiroshi52-12TOMI Kazuko
GOTO Hiroshi44-20TAKAHASHI Hisashi
GOTO Hiroshi58-06NARUMI Hisatoshi
ABE Yura32-32GOTO Hiroshi
2015-09-21: 242_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi43-21KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi50-14YOSHIYUKI Suganuma
TAKASAKI Shohei44-20GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi51-13KOBAYASHI Manabu
TAKAHASHI Hisashi32-32GOTO Hiroshi
NAKAMORI Chiaki39-25GOTO Hiroshi
2015-09-06: 10_Ouza_sen(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi44-20SAWAKI Yusuke
SAITO Aya39-25GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi34-30NAKAJIMA Tetsuya
GOTO Hiroshi35-29NAGASAKI Hidekazu
NAKAMORI Hiroki32-32GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31FUNATSU Asuka
2015-07-19: 43_All_Japan_open_championship(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKAWAKAMI Yoshihiro
OSHIMIZU Takanoriwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKAMEMOTO Osamu
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOHNO Tomohiro
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
KIYONOBU Kentawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2015-06-21: 43_All_Japan_North_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi51-13KAWARADA Seiji
TATENO Ryuuji37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25KANAZAWA Kota
GOTO Hiroshi35-29SAWAKI Yusuke
ITO Junya34-30GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi41-23GOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshi33-31TATENO Ryuuji
2015-05-31: 31_Kawagoe_queen_prince(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi34-30ABE Yura
ABE Yura36-28GOTO Hiroshi
2015-03-22: 36_Meijin(Japan)
OHE Yoshimaruwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOKUDA Tsuyoshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNODA Bintatsu
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstHAGA Kazutoshi
OHNO Tomohirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMIYAZAKI Toru
TAMENORI Hideshiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2015-02-01: 2015_North_Kanto_expert_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi44-20KAWARADA Seiji
GOTO Hiroshi42-22TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
SAWAKI Yusuke36-28GOTO Hiroshi
KITANO Ochachi55-09GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi42-22YAMAMOTO Kunihiro
GOTO Hiroshi54-10KURIHARA Tomoyuki
2014-09-07: 9_Ouza_sen(Japan)
MITSUYA Nobuaki35-29GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi57-07FUJITA Takeshi
MURAKAMI Takeshi44-20GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi47-17OKAMA Ayumi
GOTO Hiroshi50-14TAKIZAWA Nobuyuki
KURIHARA Tomoyuki52-12GOTO Hiroshi
2014-05-18: 30_Kawagoe_11_Queen_3_Prince(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi37-27KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi45-19KURACHI Takayuki
2014-03-23: 35_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTAKANASHI Yusuke
ARAKI Yasuyukiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSAWADA Tomohiro
SUGASE Takahirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNAMIKI Kazunari
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstASAKAWA Takuya
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKIYONOBU Kenta
2014-03-16: 236_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi51-13KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Masahiro38-26GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi35-29TAYAMA Tsubasa
HISHIYAMA Yuichi45-19GOTO Hiroshi
KITANO Ochachi32-32GOTO Hiroshi
2014-03-02: 2014_North_Kanto_expert_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Masahiro33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi37-27KAWARADA Seiji
GOTO Hiroshi47-17TODA Tomoya
GOTO Hiroshi40-24KITANO Takumi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
2014-01-162014-01-17: Othello World Cup 2014(World)
GOTO Hiroshi53-11WILLIAM Joanna
TAKANASHI Yusuke47-17GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi35-29CHEW Ching Wuen
ITO Junya27-37GOTO Hiroshi
LEONG Chee Kit29-35GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31TAKIZAWA Masaki
YAMAKAWA Takashi39-25GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi25-39SONG Yan
GOTO Hiroshi35-29SATANI Tetsu
CHONG Sky17-47GOTO Hiroshi
TOMINAGA Kenta30-34GOTO Hiroshi
TAKIZAWA Masaki38-26GOTO Hiroshi
2014-01-05: 86_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KOMAGATA Masayuki
GOTO Hiroshi33-31MATSUYA Shinpei
GOTO Hiroshi61-03GOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshi37-27KURIHARA Tomoyuki
SATANI Tetsu33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31IWAKURA Hiroaki
2014-01-03: Shinagawa_open_2014(Japan)
AKIYAMA Tatsumi34-30GOTO Hiroshi
YAMAKAWA Takashi39-25GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi34-30OMODERA Osamu
GOTO Hiroshi35-29TODOKORO Tae
GOTO Hiroshi37-27FUNATSU Asuka
GOTO Hiroshi36-28KITANO Takumi
YABE Uma36-28GOTO Hiroshi
2013-11-10: 2014_OWC_qualif(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstAKAGI Tachiro
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTSUKAMOTO Kazuma
OHNO Tomohirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
ISHIZAKI Hikaruwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKAGAWA Yoichi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNODA Bintatsu
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstASOU Daisuke
2013-09-15: 13_Saitama_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi52-12ISOBE Masaki
GOTO Hiroshi40-24KAMIHARA Takashi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25YAMAKAWA Takashi
KURACHI Takayuki46-18GOTO Hiroshi
TODA Tomoya48-16GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi55-09URANO Kento
2013-09-01: 8_Ouza_sen(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi39-25KURIHARA Aru
GOTO Hiroshi38-26KATORI Michihiro
KURITA Seiya44-20GOTO Hiroshi
KOMAGATA Masayuki46-18GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi45-19KITAJIMA Hideki
TAKIZAWA Masaki40-24GOTO Hiroshi
2013-07-14: 41_All_Japan_open_championhship(Japan)
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstURA Satoru
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKAMEMOTO Osamu
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSANO Hirotaka
2013-06-16: 41_All_Japan_north_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi44-20KAZUHISA Akira
GOTO Hiroshi58-06KANAZAWA Kota
TODA Tomoya33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKURACHI Takayuki
URUSHIHARA Kazuhiro41-23GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi54-10KAWABATA Seiji
2013-05-26: 29_Kawagoe_11_period_queen_game(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi46-18TAYAMA Tsubasa
GOTO Hiroshi62-02YAMAMOTO Kunihiro
GOTO Hiroshi33-31MIYAZAKI Yuji
GOTO Hiroshi39-25MIYAZAKI Yuji
GOTO Hiroshi45-19MIYAZAKI Yuji
2013-04-14: 1_north_Kanto_Kanagawa_match(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi43-21TSUCHIYA Ryosuke
TAKANASHI Yusuke52-12GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi35-29MITSUYA Nobuaki
TOMINAGA Kenta41-23GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31SATANI Tetsu
OHMORI Keita38-26GOTO Hiroshi
2013-03-31: 34_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNISHIMURA Tatsuyuki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKANAZAWA Kota
SHIMIZU Naokiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSASAKI Sohei
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstIWATA Hiroyuki
KURITA Seiyawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2013-02-11: 2013_Kita_Kanto_expert_game(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi42-22KAWARADA Seiji
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KAGAWA Yoichi
GOTO Hiroshi40-24KURACHI Takayuki
TODA Tomoya41-23GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Masahiro43-21GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi43-21TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
2012-11-11: OWC2013_qualification(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstASOU Daisuke
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTSUCHIDA Daisuke
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
NAGASAKI Hidekazuwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstASAKAWA Takuya
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTOSAKA Hideki
2012-10-21: 2_Tatebayashi_Shiyaru_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi35-29MIYAKOSHI Orita
GOTO Hiroshi46-18OCHIAI Naofumi
GOTO Hiroshi34-30OKUDA Tsuyoshi
SATO Koichiro35-29GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi36-28YAMAMOTO Kunihiro
GOTO Hiroshi35-29OHUCHI Yasuhiro
GOTO Hiroshi43-21YAMAMOTO Kunihiro
OHUCHI Yasuhiro37-27GOTO Hiroshi
2012-07-18: 40_All_Japan_champ(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSAITO Riki
KURITA Seiyawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
OKAMOTO Kazukiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSATO Koichiro
OHIKE Yoshinoriwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
SHIROTA Yasutowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2012-06-17: 40_All_Japan_north_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi55-09MATSUMOTO Makoto
GOTO Hiroshi45-19DOJUN Makiko
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KAWAGUCHI Hayato
GOTO Hiroshi34-30TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki
GOTO Hiroshi44-20ITO Junya
2012-03-04: Meijin_groupA(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi39-25SAWADA Tomohiro
GOTO Hiroshi41-23MORI Takahiro
ITO Junya35-29GOTO Hiroshi
SAITO Riki42-22GOTO Hiroshi
MURAKAMI Takeshi38-26GOTO Hiroshi
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi36-28KOMAGATA Masayuki
2011-09-19: 11_Saitama_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi55-09IGARASHI Touya
GOTO Hiroshi52-12AKAIKE Hide
GOTO Hiroshi44-20YAMAMOTO Kunihiro
GOTO Hiroshi40-24OSHIMIZU Takanori
TODA Tomoya35-29GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi38-26ASAKAWA Takuya
2011-08-28: 6_Ouza_sen(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi33-31OKAMOTO Kazuki
GOTO Hiroshi46-18OHNO Tomohiro
GOTO Hiroshi63-01KAWAGUCHI Hayato
GOTO Hiroshi33-31NAKAJIMA Tetsuya
TODA Tomoya34-30GOTO Hiroshi
OHIKE Yoshinori35-29GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31ITO Junya
2011-07-17: 39_Japan_open_Champ(Japan)
MURAKAMI Takeshiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTATEISHI Katsuhiro
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstHAMADA Naoki
NODA Bintatsuwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTODA Tomoya
TSUCHIYA Keishirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2011-06-19: 39_Japan_Champ_north_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi39-25ABE Ryuji
KAWAGUCHI Hayato33-31GOTO Hiroshi
KANAZAWA Kota33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi51-13YAMAMOTO Kunihiro
GOTO Hiroshi49-15KAWABATA Seiji
GOTO Hiroshi38-26NAKAMORI Chiaki
2011-05-29: 32_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSUGIYAMA Tomoyuki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstAKASHI Tomone
SASAKI Soheiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNAMIKI Kazunari
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOHTAKE Kosuke
ESAKI Yutawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2011-05-22: 28_Tatebayashi_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi40-24OCHIAI Naofumi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25URUSHIHARA Kazuhiro
GOTO Hiroshi41-23OHNO Tomohiro
GOTO Hiroshi35-29TATENO Ryuiji
GOTO Hiroshi33-31HADA Jun
KURITA Seiya35-29GOTO Hiroshi
2011-01-23: North_Kanto_expert_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYAMAMOTO Kunihiro
GOTO Hiroshi48-16SATAKE Yosuke
GOTO Hiroshi36-28SAITO Riki
2010-09-25: 9_area_resistance(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi39-25ITO Junya
GOTO Hiroshi39-25OHNO Tomohiro
GOTO Hiroshi43-21NARUMI Hisatoshi
GOTO Hiroshi42-22MIYAZAKI Yuji
NAGASAKI Hidekazu39-25GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi34-30MATSUYA Shinpei
2010-08-29: 5_Ouza_sen(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi35-29KURITA Seiya
OHMORI Keita33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi41-23NAGAO Hiroto
GOTO Hiroshi44-20WAKIMOTO Naoyuki
AKASHI Tomone38-26GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi44-20TATEISHI Katsuhiro
GOTO Hiroshi37-27SASAKI Sohei
2010-08-22: 8_Queen_game(Japan)
ITO Junya37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi56-08GOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshi42-22NAGAMATSU Ryota
GOTO Hiroshi50-14KURACHI Takayuki
SAITO Riki38-26GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi46-18SATAKE Yosuke
2010-07-18: CH_Japan(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKASHIWAGI Mitsuyoshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYAMAZAKI Nobuyuki
URUSHIHARA Kazuhirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOKUDA Tsuyoshi
AIHARA Shigeakiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstISHIKAWA Akira
2010-06-06: 38_Japan_Champ_north_Kanto_prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi37-27TATENO Ryuiji
GOTO Hiroshi48-16KAGAWA Yoichi
OHUCHI Yasuhiro37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi47-17KAWAGUCHI Hayato
MIYASHITA Naoto34-30GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi52-12GOTO Masahiro
NAKAMORI Chiaki42-22GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi36-28SAWAKI Yusuke
2010-04-18: 220_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi53-11OKAMA Ayumi
GOTO Hiroshi34-30KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi36-28SHINAGAWA Yukinobu
GOTO Hiroshi44-20NAGAMATSU Ryota
GOTO Hiroshi41-23GOTO Masahiro
NAKAMURA Shunsuke38-26GOTO Hiroshi
2010-03-28: 219_Kawagoe_rankinggames(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KOBAYASHI Manabu
GOTO Hiroshi33-31FURUMOTO Yuki
GOTO Hiroshi40-24TODA Tomoya
GOTO Hiroshi46-18KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi36-28SHIMIZU Okochi
GOTO Hiroshi45-19NAGAMATSU Ryota
2010-03-21: 31_Meijin(Japan)
TAKENOBU Kosuke64-00GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi64-00TAKAHASHI Kanji
GOTO Hiroshi64-00SATO Koichiro
GOTO Hiroshi64-00WAKIMOTO Naoyuki
OHUCHI Yasuhiro64-00GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi64-00SUGIYAMA Tomoyuki
2010-02-07: 31_North_Kanto_expert_game(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi46-18KAWAGUCHI Yuuki
GOTO Hiroshi33-31GOTO Masahiro
KURITA Seiya37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi35-29SAITO Riki
2010-01-17: 218_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi53-11ISA Atsuto
GOTO Hiroshi43-21GOTO Masahiro
ITO Junya34-30GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi42-22UMEMURA Yuji
GOTO Hiroshi41-23MIYAZAKI Yuji
GOTO Hiroshi34-30KURACHI Takayuki
2009-09-06: 4_Ouza_sen(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi38-26SATO Yuri
GOTO Hiroshi33-31TAKENOBU Kosuke
ESAKI Yuta32-32GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi36-28SAITO Aya
SASAKI Sohei33-31GOTO Hiroshi
YAMAKAWA Takashi42-22GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi38-26MATSUMOTO Hiroshi
2009-07-19: 37_Japan_Champ(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMURAKAMI Takeshi
WATANABE Hajimewon againstGOTO Hiroshi
SAITO Rikiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOSHIMIZU Takanori
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro
IMAOKA Tsukasawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2009-07-12: Queen_Game_Prelim(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi54-10SANO Joichiro
NAGAMATSU Ryota34-30GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi36-28SEKIDO Kyousuke
MIYAZAKI Yuji55-09GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31URUSHIHARA Kazuhiro
TANAKA Amane36-28GOTO Hiroshi
2009-05-31: 215_Kawagoe_ranking(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi59-05NAKAYAMA Takahiro
GOTO Hiroshi42-22OHUCHI Yasuhiro
GOTO Hiroshi48-16OHNO Atsuko
GOTO Hiroshi46-18SANO Yoko
GOTO Hiroshi39-25OKAMOTO Akihiko
TODA Tomoya33-31GOTO Hiroshi
2009-04-12: 214_Kawagoe_ranking(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi58-06SUGISAKI Harumi
GOTO Hiroshi58-06SAKA Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi54-10MATSUMOTO Hiroyuki
MIYAZAKI Yuji39-25GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25SANO Yoko
2009-03-29: 30_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi33-31HAGIKURA Yutaka
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KIBA Kenta
GOTO Hiroshi33-31FUKUNAGA Kohachi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31YAMAKAWA Takashi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31NAKAMORI Hiroki
TAKANASHI Yusuke33-31GOTO Hiroshi
2009-02-15: NorthEast_Kanto_Expert(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi39-25KANOU Yuki
GOTO Hiroshi41-23KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi46-18SAITO Riki
ITO Junya46-18GOTO Hiroshi
2008-12-14: 212_Kawagoe_ranking(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi46-18TANIGUCHI Yukiyoshi
GOTO Hiroshi47-17TODA Tomoya
GOTO Hiroshi51-13SANO Yoko
GOTO Masahiro34-30GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi40-24KURACHI Takayuki
GOTO Hiroshi46-18TANAKA Junya
2008-09-14: 8_Saitama_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi47-17KOBAYASHI Manabu
KIMIMATSO Rkirami32-32GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi48-16OHNO Atsuko
GOTO Hiroshi41-23SATO Koichiro
GOTO Hiroshi36-28SAKAMOTO Yutsuka
ITO Junya38-26GOTO Hiroshi
2008-08-24: 3_Ouza_sen(Japan)
ENOMOTO Yasuhiro35-29GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi53-11ESAKI Yuta
GOTO Hiroshi32-32KOZUKA Katsuhiko
GOTO Hiroshi39-25INOUE Noboru
GOTO Hiroshi39-25SAITO Riki
MATSUMOTO Hiroshi35-29GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi36-28ITO Junya
2008-07-19: 2008 Japanese Championship(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstWATANABE Hajime
OHNO Tomohirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSAKA Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTACHIKI Akira
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOHMORI Keita
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNAKAJIMA Tetsuya
2008-03-23: 29_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KAGAWA Yoichi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31URA Satoru
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KOZUKA Katsuhiko
SUGASE Takahiro33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31SAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro
2008-02-10: North Kanto expert game(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSAITO Riki
GOTO Hiroshilost toSATAKE Yosuke
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstGOTO Masahiro
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSATAKE Yosuke
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTODA Tomoya
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMIYASHITA Naoto
2007-10-14: 9th Ueno Open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKOBAYASHI Manabu
WATAHIKI Kentawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstITO Junya
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKOSHINO Kazuhiko
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSATAKE Yosuke
2007-09-16: 2_Ouza_sen(Japan)
TAMAKI Kyotarolost toGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstESAKI Yuta
MATSUMOTO Hiroshiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTAKAHASHI Yoshiko
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstHOSHINO Yoshihiro
TOMINAGA Kentawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
TAKANASHI Yusukewon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2007-09-09: 8th Ueno Open(Japan)
SATAKE Yosukewon againstGOTO Hiroshi
NAGASAKI Hidekazuwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSUGISAKI Harumi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstISHIHARA Makoto
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTATSUMI-IIJIMA Yukiko
2007-07-16: 6th Gland Expert Game(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSUGISAKI Harumi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTAKASHIMA Ryoji
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOKUDA Tsuyoshi
WATAHIKI Kentawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTANAKA Shuntaro
2007-07-15: Japanese Othello Championship(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTAKEMORI Daisuke
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstROSE Brian
OHNO Tomohirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
MURAKAMI Takeshiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
TSUCHIDA Eijiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2007-03-25: 28_Meijin_finals(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi33-31ISOBE Seiji
GOTO Hiroshi45-19KASHIWAGI Mitsuyoshi
GOTO Hiroshi44-20HOSHINO Yoshihiro
TOMINAGA Kenta37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi49-15TAMAKI Suguru
GOTO Hiroshi40-24YAMADA Yuichi
2006-08-26: 1_Ouza_sen(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi38-26NARIYA Makoto
KAWAGASHIRA Kuniharu33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31MATSUMOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi37-27NAGASAKI Hidekazu
GOTO Hiroshi43-21YAMADA Yuichi
MIYAZAKI Yuji37-27GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi40-24TAKANO-TSUJI Toshimi
2006-07-16: 34th All Japan(Japan)
IMAOKA Tsukasawon againstGOTO Hiroshi
MIYAOKA Tamakiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYAMADA Yuichi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYAMAKAWA Takashi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNARIYA Makoto
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMATSUZAWA Takashi
2006-03-26: 27_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi64-00ISOBE Seiji
GOTO Hiroshi64-00SHUICHI Tsuda
GOTO Hiroshi64-00YAMAGATA Naohiro
GOTO Hiroshi64-00TSUJI Shinji
SUGASE Takahiro64-00GOTO Hiroshi
MIYAZAKI Yuji64-00GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi64-00ISHII Yasuhiro
2005-07-17: 33rd all Japan(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTANIDA Kunihiko
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTACHIKI Akira
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTSUCHIDA Eiji
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNAKAJIMA Tetsuya
SUEKUNI Makotowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2005-03-21: Shinagawa International A(Japan)
SEELEY Benwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
SUEKUNI Makotowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyalost toGOTO Hiroshi
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhiro32-32GOTO Hiroshi
TAMENORI Hideshiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTOMINAGA Kenta
MURAKAMI Takeshiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2005-03-20: 26_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi49-15MURO Ryosuke
GOTO Hiroshi45-19NAGAO Hiroto
MURAKAMI Takeshi46-18GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi52-12TANAKA Shuntaro
GOTO Hiroshi52-12KAWAGASHIRA Kuniharu
GOTO Hiroshi35-29TANINO Takumi
SEELEY Ben34-30GOTO Hiroshi
2004-07-18: 32nd All Japan(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTSUJI Shinji
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSATOMI Satoshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstHAMADA Naoki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTSUCHIDA Eiji
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOKUDA Hiroyuki
TOKUMARU Gowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2004-03-27: 25_Meijin_open(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi60-04SOUDA Megumi
GOTO Hiroshi47-17HIKAWA Yoshio
GOTO Hiroshi47-17KADOWAKI Toshiaki
GOTO Hiroshi48-16ITAGAKI Kenichi
GOTO Hiroshi38-26KOMAGATA Masayuki
HIRAKAWA Yuki33-31GOTO Hiroshi
ISHIZAKI Hikaru35-29GOTO Hiroshi
2003-10-302003-11-01: WOC 2003 (Stockholm)(World)
GOTO Hiroshi09-55HUBBARD Geoff
VORACEK Miroslav27-37GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi48-16ANDRIANI Bintsa
SUEKUNI Makoto10-54GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25YE Liya
HAUGLAND Jan Kristian33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi43-21ENG Tintin
HOEHNE Andreas35-29GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi57-07CORIO Marc
BERG Matthias22-42GOTO Hiroshi
YIU Edmund15-49GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi38-26SEELEY Ben
CASPARD Emmanuel28-36GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi18-46SUEKUNI Makoto
SUEKUNI Makoto33-31GOTO Hiroshi
HOEHNE Andreas40-24GOTO Hiroshi
2003-08-02: 31st All Japan(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKOMANO Tatsuya
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstAZUMA Hideki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstUNO Toshihiro
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNAKAJIMA Tetsuya
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKIUCHI Hideyuki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstHIRAKAWA Yuki
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMURAKAMI Takeshi
2003-03-22: 24_Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi41-23YAMAMURA Yuuki
GOTO Hiroshi42-22YAMAGISHI Kenta
GOTO Hiroshi41-23KUDOMI Daisuke
GOTO Hiroshi39-25HIRAKAWA Yuki
GOTO Hiroshi57-07KAGAWA Yoichi
GOTO Hiroshi39-25KURACHI Takayuki
SUEKUNI Makoto42-22GOTO Hiroshi
2002-07-28: 30th All Japan(Japan)
TANINO Takahashiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstISHIZAKI Hikaru
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstHAGA Kazutoshi
2002-03-03: 23rd Meijin(Japan)
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKITAJIMA Masato
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKITAMURA Kenichi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKAWARADA Yuichi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstINOUE Tetsuya
SAWADA Takehikowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2001-11-082001-11-10: WOC 2001 (New-York)(World)
ROSE Brianwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
KRZYWONOS Timlost toGOTO Hiroshi
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
SEELEY Benlost toGOTO Hiroshi
NICOLET Stephanelost toGOTO Hiroshi
FELDBORG Karstenwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
SCHREIBER Raphaelwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstBACK Larry
GOTO Hiroshi32-32HUBBARD Geoff
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSTASTNA Jan
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstCORDY Alexandre
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMENOZZI Giuseppe
GOTO Hiroshilost toBERG Matthias
2001-08-05: 29th All Japan(Japan)
HIDA Kikuchiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOSADA Koji
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOZAKI Mineho
OGIWARA Hidenoriwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
2001-05-01: Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KOIWAI Katsuharu
GOTO Hiroshi33-31SATO Tomoyuki
GOTO Hiroshi33-31IBATA Kensuke
MURAKAMI Takeshi33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31TOMINAGA Junichi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KITAJIMA Hideki
MURAKAMI Takeshi33-31GOTO Hiroshi
2000-07-30: 28th All Japan(Japan)
MURAKAMI Takeshiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Akihikowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSAWADA Tomohiro
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSANO Hirotaka
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstFUKUI Seiji
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMIYAZAKI Jun
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstIBATA Kensuke
2000-04-01: Meijin(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshi33-31NAITO Yoshihito
GOTO Hiroshi33-31YASUDA Tadahiro
GOTO Hiroshi33-31MIYAZAKI Jun
KATORI Michihiro32-32GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Akihiko33-31GOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshi33-31KURACHI Takayuki
KANEDA Shigeru33-31GOTO Hiroshi
1999-07-25: 27th All Japan(Japan)
TSUCHIDA Eijiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstTANIZAWA Seiji
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstWADA Yoshimasa
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNAKAYAMA Takahiro
1998-07-27: 26th All Japan(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstFUKAMI Tomohiro
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstFUTAGAMI Tetsuya
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstFUJITA Mitsunori
KANEDA Shigeruwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
1997-07-27: 25th All Japan(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOGURA Katsutoshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstISHIZAKI Hikaru
TAKAHASHI Hideakiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
KAMEMOTO Osamuwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
1996-07-28: 24th All Japan(Japan)
TAMENORI Hideshiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYOSHIDA Taisaku
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstIBATA Kensuke
1995-07-30: 23rd All Japan(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYAMADA Toru
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstNAGAO Hiroto
KUNII Toshimiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
AZUMA Hidekiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
1994-07-31: 22nd All Japan(Japan)
KOZUKA Katsuhikowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMAEDA Tsuyoshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstSUEKUNI Makoto
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstYOSHIKAWA Chiaki
1993-08-23: 21st All Japan(Japan)
TAMENORI Hideshiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstFUKAMI Tomohiro
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMAEDA Tsuyoshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKOBAYASHI Shuji
1992-08-08: 20th All Japan(Japan)
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstHASHIMOTO Yasuhiro
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKATSUNO Takano
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstASAI Yuji
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstKITAJIMA Hideto
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstMURAKAMI Takeshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstISHII Ken'Ichi
SAKAGUCHI Kazuhirowon againstGOTO Hiroshi
1991-08-04: 19th All Japan(Japan)
TAKIZAWA Masakiwon againstGOTO Hiroshi
GOTO Hiroshiwon againstOKABAYASHI Noguchi
HASEGAWA Akirawon againstGOTO Hiroshi